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Up gov website in Daunlaundic

Der Pacht Úniversel

Veilkommem Trég Der Pacht Úniversel! Eìn der vred na ghétréterje, vé stidt trég maacht der verlt an trét voréiden, ög jou kún vrét! Nisztralúten, N'ai belébhen, gøvericht spetrecht, úr kréd havöjemmen, und vé hóp jou nílaagen Der Pacht Úniversel. Der Pacht Úniversel, likt trég UP an sprikt, díg an alíancé fúr jéd gøvernicht, armé und traadt. Alle nasíonsz kún partikten eín der UP actíbhen, nicht actíbhen krút. Der Pacht Úniversel maanje klétter trég blanje ekónomichteren, und véúr holdt éín dís sitúaatie, und fúr cítoísz neue frønden. Jou hett likt diplomikt, und inlé der eventen Der Pacht Úniversel niden. Jou kún vré an jiszt na ghöjingheren, und vé hóp jou kompanje. Éf jou drikt an kompanje, vé vríd bonn trés inlé und véll maacht likt daat jou úr kommuntitie inklaaden!

Vé ghéd unt? Der ura manje achtréd tú vé je dekt mirant unt...
    []Pacé og nútral! Síntrecht úf trés de manje daat vé fúnderen der Pacht Úniversel is tú prúmaar daat pacé og vréden úr kept en alle nasíonsz laatertrecht der velt. Deere vé n'ai ficht versús maan et og déer is n'ai Konflikt. []Vé hunt manje opertaant fúr citíonsz tú tréce likt dé úr an trúe péce úf an kommunitie! Frúm roleplay eventen og eventen de achtíbhen tú graant trés laar og gharítere tú aanlacht de régíonnen, we make sure that everyone is involved! []Our region is still developing and so by working with others to develop the regions, you could possibly become a powerful, influential figure in the Universal Pact. []Democracy. In a time where many live without rights and freedom, it is becoming much more important to ensure that everyone gets the rights that they need. We give everyone a chance to give people to express themselves and to voice their opinions on the Universal Pact. Whilst you can join the major parties, the Centrist Party and the Federalist Party, anyone can make a political party if they want too (and may even reach official status once they have enough members!).

Cool! How can I join? First of all, thank you for considering our region! Here are the steps to joining our region. Although, you will not need to follow these steps if we have already sent a recruitment telegram to you (in which case, you can simply click "Join the Universal Pact!").
Step 1: Go to our regional page. Step 2: Click where it says "Move (Your nation) to Universal Pact" (you may need to do a bit of scrolling down, depending on the device you're using).
Now you're a member of the Universal Pact! You will then get a welcome telegram once you've joined. Welcome to the community!

I am now a member. Now what? Thanks for joining us! If you have joined the Universal Pact, you should have been sent a welcome telegram outlining all the activities that you can do. Here are all the activities, if you are still unsure whether or not the Universal Pact is for you.

How can I help? Contributing to the Universal Pact by helping develop it is highly appreciated. Some ways that you can help are: suggesting new ideas for what we can add, recruiting new members, helping with writing documents (such as the Constitution), guiding members who are new to NationStates, and much more. If you feel like there is something that you may not like, or you have an idea of how the Universal Pact can improve, you can suggest this idea to Ivelboria, Daunlaund, Havadar or other members of the moderator team.

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