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Welcome to the Universal Pact!

The Universal Pact

Welcome to the Universal Pact!
In the face of conflict and dividedness, we strive to work together to make the world a better place, and you can help too! Anyone can join, regardless of ideology, government type, or any other category, and we hope you enjoy being here as a member of the Universal Pact. The Universal Pact, abbreviated to UP for short, is an alliance and a union of an agreement between nations to share free trade, military services, and government. All nations may also participate in the annual UP Olympic Events, as well as several other roleplay and sports-related events. The main purpose of this pact is to help those economically or politically struggling, and we're there to help you out in such a situation, and for people who want to meet new other people. Nations can also get to know each other and develop their diplomatic relations, and enjoy the events that the Universal Pact gets to provide to you. You can be a part of a group of nations which cooperate to better each other, and we hope you join. If you do decide to join, we would be very happy to have you and will make sure that you are included in the community!

Why join us?
There are lots of reasons as to why you should consider us...
  • Peace and neutrality! One of the main reasons that we founded the Universal Pact is to guarantee that peace and freedom are maintained in all countries around the world. Therefore we hardly ever fight against each other or engage in interregional war and conflict.

  • We give plenty of opportunities for members to really feel like they are a true part of the community! From roleplay events and sporting events to fun games and helping to develop our region, we make sure that everyone is involved!

  • Our region is still developing and so by working with others to develop the region, you could possibly become a powerful, influential figure in the Universal Pact.

  • Democracy. In a time where many live without rights and freedom, it is becoming much more important to ensure that everyone gets the rights that they need. We give everyone a chance for people to express themselves and to voice their opinions on the Universal Pact. Whilst you can join the major parties, the Centrist Party and the Federalist Party, anyone can make a political party if they want too (and may even reach official status once they have enough members!).

Cool! How can I join?
First of all, thank you for considering our region! Here are the steps to joining our region. Although, you will not need to follow these steps if we have already sent a recruitment telegram to you (in which case, you can simply click "Join the Universal Pact!").

Step 1: Go to our regional page.

Step 2: Click where it says "Move (Your nation) to Universal Pact" (you may need to do a bit of scrolling down, depending on the device you're using).

Now you're a member of the Universal Pact! You will then get a welcome telegram once you've joined. Welcome to the community!

I am now a member. Now what?
Thanks for joining us! If you have joined the Universal Pact, you should have been sent a welcome telegram outlining all the activities that you can do. Here are all the activities, if you are still unsure whether or not the Universal Pact is for you.

◆ Nations in the region can trade military vehicles and weapons between each other and can use these to help aid and support other fellow members who are under war and conflict.

◆ In our regional roleplay server, people usually hold roleplay events where conflicts and war break out (yes, we do not encourage war and conflict in the region but it is allowed).

◆ We have all sorts of sports events for those who are really into sports! From the several Summer and Winter Olympic and Paralympic events to the Universal Pact Football Cup and even being able to host events, there are plenty of ways to participate in the sports sector.

◆ We have the UP Broadcasting Corporation Chronicle, abbreviated to UPBCC, which has a LinkDiscord server for those interested, run by our citizens of the Universal Pact. They are always looking for keen journalists and contributions. You could either join the UPBCC or maybe start your own and record news topics of your interest!

◆ Have an interest in roleplay? We have a fully dedicated LinkDiscord server for roleplay for those of any technology level (if you are new to NationStates, this is basically how technologically advanced you are; ie. FT means Future Tech, PMT means Post Modern Tech, MT means Modern Tech, and PT being Past Tech). We value roleplay as it is a great way for members to get involved and socialise with each other.

◆ The moderation team is always willing to look at peoples' suggestions about what could be done to improve the region. We've taken different people's opinions about the region and considered them. Your ideas could become a reality in the region and may better it too!

◆ Those who are active and helpful within the UP society have a chance of being nominated to become a part of the UP moderation team, have Vice Delegate status within the political party you're in, etc.

◆ We have a main LinkDiscord Server where people from all over NationStates, regardless of what region you're from, can socialise with each other and meet other members and nations. Although rare, we may also nominate people to become secondary or server moderators (server moderators being more powerful) if we believe they have contributed a lot into the regional community and have the skills and qualities of a moderator.

◆ Once in a while, our political parties will start holding campaigns and debates with each other and citizens can observe and voice their opinions on certain issues and topics (such as elections). All citizens are entitled to express what they think of policies and other political sectors. Again, we want everyone to be as involved and as free as possible.

◆ If you particularly like meeting other nations, socialising and establishing diplomatic relationships, then you can engage in other embassy regions' RMB (regional message board) and chat. With over 60 different embassies already established in 60 different regions, there are plenty of nations that your nation can socialise and roleplay with.

◆ Once in a while, there are different diplomatic and other events where you can represent our region.

How can I help?
Contributing to the Universal Pact by helping develop it is highly appreciated. Some ways that you can help are: suggesting new ideas for what we can add, recruiting new members, helping with writing documents (such as the Constitution), guiding members who are new to NationStates, and much more. If you feel like there is something that you may not like, or you have an idea of how the Universal Pact can improve, you can suggest this idea to Ivelboria, Daunlaund, Havadar or other members of the moderator team.

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