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Visas are compulsory for citizens of foreign countries unless your nation is connected by free association or the nation you’re from participates in our visa waiver program.

Travel Visa
The Travel Visa is necessary is you want to visit in Liechtenburg for tourist purposes, you can stay for a maximum of one month using this visa. You must apply for a visa and if you have an acquaintance or contact in the nation there will be higher odds dor you being accepted a visa. Furthermore if you come from nations like Iraq or Afghanistan there will be much lower odds you will be allowed entry, opposite for nations allied with us.

Work Visa
The Work Visa allows any foreigner to work for anyone in LB for a limited amount of time, of course you need the correct qualifications if you wish to work for specific jobs like nurse.

Study Visa
The Study Visa allows any college student who wishes to study in LB for college do so. You will still need a travel visa if you wish to study. The study visa is also needed if you want to study for further education.

Family Visa
The Family Visa allows any family member to live with their family in LB for a limited amount of time, this visa mostly caters for other ethnicities so say if you come from India you’ll have a higher chance of being accepted to stay with family because of our high relations.

Immigration Visa
The Immigration Visa allows a foreigner to live in LB forever.

Transit Visa
The Transit Visa allows anyone to stay in LB for a week so they can transfer to another nation, most tourists who are alone prefer this one as it's the easiest to get.