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Release from the East Wallenburgian Cabinet of War: Response to the Condemnation by Youssath

From the Office of the Chief Representative of the Sister Republics of Wallenburg to the World Assembly
1943 RN Leptikost 11

By the authority of the Cabinet of War of the People's Republic of Wallenburg, and by the authority of the Joint Committee on External Affairs of the Sororal Republican Council, the Office of the Chief Representative to the World Assembly issues


and notice of Wallenburgian policy on furthering foreign compliance with international law. During the time allocated for the delegations of member states to discuss and submit Votes on the Security Council resolution to commend Auralia, hereafter referred to as the voting period, an ambassador from Youssath made several grossly inappropriate statements about the World Assembly, its staff, and representatives sent to it by member states. In addition, the ambassador from Youssath flaunted their government's noncompliance with international laws, in an effort to mock the World Assembly and all its members that dutifully follow the letter of international law. While this behavior is abnormal and reprehensible, it normally would not merit the degree of attention this Office gives this particular incident. However, the Youssathian government has not only failed to retract the statements of their representatives, but has chosen to attack the Deputy Representative to the World Assembly, Mr. Artur Holt, in an official public document. It has also condemned the Sister Republics of Wallenburg and a prominent regional ally to Youssath, The Kingdom of Prydania. This incredibly shortsighted action by the Youssathian Foreign Ministry serves only to humiliate the people it governs on the world state and burn bridges with fellow member states.

I - Establishment of Facts

Statements by the Youssathian Foreign Ministry:

In detail, the Youssathian Foreign Ministry document released to the public, hereafter referred to as the release, accuses Deputy Representative Artur Holt of "unprofessionalism and misconduct" during the voting period and demands withdrawal of his statements, and an apology to the Youssathian government. The release similarly addresses Prydania and their Ambassador Sonny Koefed. The release attempts to justify its claims and demands, also claiming that the Youssathian government expects "all SC ambassadors and representatives alike to be in their best conduct representing their nation." This, as an examination of the exchange between the Youssathian ambassador and the other relevant representatives will show, ought to merit condemnation of the behavior of the Youssathian ambassador far stronger than that of our own deputy or our Prydanian colleague.

The release also "officially denounces" the government of Wallenburg, and threatens to deliver "fire and fury" to any member state that enacts economic sanctions against Youssath as is required by the Administrative Compliance Act. Such statements are plain-faced threats against the sovereignty and security of not only the Sister Republics of Wallenburg, but also all member states in full compliance with World Assembly law. Such language is completely unacceptable, and renders the field of international diplomacy more dangerous. This Office shall examine this matter in its address to the Youssathian Foreign Ministry.

Dialogue by the Deputy Representative:

The Deputy Representative Artur Holt, known to the Office as an accomplished military officer, a shrewd diplomat, and a trusted friend, is known to serve the interests of the Sister Republics of Wallenburg well in Security Council matters. In addressing previously inconspicuous member states, Deputy Holt often gathers research items such as publicly available official documents to educate himself on them. From this very practice Deputy Holt discovered quickly that the Republic of Youssath openly violates multiple World Assembly resolutions, and therefore is a rogue state in the context of World Assembly matters. This Office and the government it represents hold that no member state that violates its promises to the World Assembly should receive serious consideration of any opinions their representatives may have on World Assembly legislation. Only those member states willing to comply with international law should have input on that law. To the extent that Deputy Holt expressed any negative sentiments regarding Youssath or its ambassador, he (1) accurately identified the noncompliant status of Youssath, (2) expressed this Office's stance on the rights of noncompliant states, (3) accurately noted that Youssath and its ambassador are not of great importance on the scale of the international community, and (4) refused to declare war on Youssath.

This assessment of Deputy Holt's statements during the voting period finds that he has represented this Office acceptably. While the Youssathian Foreign Ministry has the right to object to recognition of such facts as its broad noncompliance and statements of opposition to such behavior, my Office has an equal right to dismiss those objections. Were Deputy Holt to have truly shown some degree of "unprofessionalism and misconduct" during the voting period, this Office would enthusiastically retract his statements and take measures to encourage better relations with the Republic of Youssath. However, the record shows no evidence of "unprofessionalism and misconduct" on the part of Deputy Holt, whereas such evidence does exist for a different actor in the voting period.

Dialogue by the Youssathian ambassador:

The Youssathian ambassador, whose identity remains unknown to this Office, regularly reacted to Deputy Holt with demeaning and hostile language directed at the Deputy and the World Assembly on a broader scale. Among such statements are:

  • insults referring to Deputy Holt as "foolish", a "nitwit", a "warmonger", and "breeding vermin",

  • a reference to the World Assembly as a "weak and inefficient bureacuratic supranational organization that does nothing but merely sends sweet letters to noncompliant and 'creative compliant' nations",

  • attempts to provoke war between the Sister Republics of Wallenburg and the Republic of Youssath, regardless of the Deputy's lack of authority to declare war.

In addition to this highly unprofessional and insulting language, the Youssathian ambassador abruptly and pointedly removed themselves from the chamber on two occassions not to conduct any urgent business, but to make a point of their distaste for Deputy Holt and the World Assembly in general. Clearly, this behavior is unbecoming of any ambassador, especially one in the position of representing a government that has already insulted the World Assembly and its membership in official statements, including:

  • a condemnation of "the World Assembly Compliance Commission and the Administrative Compliance Act, stating that they are 'failed legislation and serve as a medal of honors against national sovereignty'",

  • inaccurate and regardless unacceptable insults describing the World Assembly as "nothing more than a bureaucratic inefficient and corrupted organization, serving the interests of a 'clique of nations' without appropriate representation",

  • a condemnation of "the General Assembly for its global intervention on basic national laws," arguing that "no useless nations from the other side of the world can dictate what we do", thereby simultaneously insulting every voting member of the World Assembly.

Given this record of hostility toward the World Assembly and its members, the Youssathian Foreign Ministry would do well to present an ambassador capable of defending their government's actions, and of maintaining civility when interacting with the delegations of member states. Instead, the Youssathian ambassador directs insults and threats at this delegation, and brags about the noncompliance of the state they represent. This does not represent Youssath positively, especially when the Youssathian Foreign Ministry "reaffirms its ambassador's statements during the Security Council session on Jul 24 2019 as the official stance of this Government". The Youssathian ambassador merits condemnation from not only the various parties offended by their antics, but by their own Foreign Ministry, according to the very standards set in the release, and yet their Foreign Ministry outrageously doubles down on the ambassador's statements.

Record of noncompliance by the Republic of Youssath:

As this Office has already made clear, the Republic of Youssath openly violates several World Assembly resolutions, and thus constitutes a rogue state among a body of otherwise compliant members. As Deputy Holt explained to the Youssathian ambassador during the voting period, member states that violate World Assembly resolutions are subject to fines by the Independent Adjudicative Office as established in the Administrative Compliance Act. They are also subject to "the strongest sanctions available" from member states, should they refuse to pay the fines as assessed by the Independent Adjudicative Office. A review of official statements reveals that the Republic of Youssath falsely asserts a right not to comply with international law according to the terms of the so-named "Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties", a document unknown to this Office and with no jurisdiction over the World Assembly. In reality, the process of joining the World Assembly requires member states to agree to comply in full with its active resolutions. As the World Assembly explains in its reader-friendly introduction to its operations, "The World Assembly is the world's governing body. It's your chance to mold the world to your vision, by voting for resolutions you like and scuttling the rest. However, it's a double-edged sword, because your nation will be affected by any resolutions that pass. (Unfortunately you can't obey the resolutions you like and ignore the rest.)" No nation can join without consenting to full compliance with World Assembly law. It is the determination of the Sister Republics of Wallenburg, therefore, that any state presuming itself to be a member of the World Assembly but openly ignoring its obligations to international law when they become inconvenient or undesired is a member not in good standing, and therefore possesses none of the rights or privileges normally guaranteed to member states.

The Republic of Youssath conveniently catalogs its violations by resolution, allowing for a wide, if not exhaustive, view of the scope of this noncompliance. Youssathian violations are as follows:

  • GAR #348, Convention on Ceasefires, requires member states to honor ceasefire agreements and armstices, and to participate in peace negotiations in good faith. It must be assumed from Youssathian refusal to comply that their government wishes to retain the "right" to violate armstices on a whim, presumably to further aggressive campaigns of conquest and atrocity.

  • GAR #354, AI Coexistence Protocol, guarantees synthetic sapient life the same rights under the law as their organic counterparts and prohibits the construction of autonomous self-replicating machines. While the details of noncompliance are unclear here, it is certain either that Youssath intends to retain synthetic people as a permanent underclass of inhabitants or to risk lives all across the international community in pursuit of potentially cataclysmic nanite swarms.

  • GAR #355, Rights of Sapient Species, guarantees all species of sapient life equal rights under the law, as best as can be managed given differences in biology. As with AI Coexistence Protocol, this signals an effort to oppress any nonhuman sapient life within the jurisdiction of Youssath, purely on the basis of not being the government-desired species.

  • GAR #356, Landmine Safety Protocol, sets in place regulations to dramatically reduce the number of civilian and post-war deaths inflicted by landmines. The refusal of the Youssathian government to comply with this resolution indicates nothing more than a desire to see as many innocent lives destroyed at its hands as possible.

  • GAR #358, Explosive Remnants of War, requires member states to demine or demarcate minefields, such that dangerous sites may be kept isolated from the public or cleared by member state action or assistance by the International Humanitarian Aid Coordination Committee. Once again, the requirements under this resolution are so minimal that the only material basis for refusing to comply is a desire to see innocents murdered by unexploded Youssathian mines.

  • GAR #389, Rights of the Quarantined, attempts to establish protections for the rights of quarantined individuals such that they are not abused or mistreated in the pursuit of containing epidemics. My Office has long opposed the resolution as it currently stands, due to several critical failures to actually achieve this goal, and certain wording that actually further endangers quarantined individuals. Youssathian noncompliance, is not rooted in this basis, although that would still not justify wholesale violation of its mandates. Rather, Youssath wishes to guarantee quarantined individuals no rights whatsoever in an appalling violation of sapient rights.

  • GAR #390, Compliance Commission, establishes the Compliance Commission to investigate and document noncompliance such as that already detailed above, and to be further detailed below. The only requirement of member states is to establish a liason point with the Compliance Commission, and to provide requested documents to the Compliance Commission, given their release does not impact state security. Refusal to comply with this resolution clearly stems from a desire to remain above the law, and to further Youssathian violation of other World Assembly resolutions.

  • GAR #399, Responsibility in Transferring Arms, widely blocks future World Assembly legislation on gun regulation, and prohibits the sale or transfer of arms to actors likely to use them for sapient rights violations or wars of conquest. Youssath violates this resolution to prop up warlords and stimulate wars of conquest, an entirely unacceptable violation of international law.

  • GAR #408, Ban on Secret Treaties, furthers the publication of treaties and prohibits secret agreements between states. That Youssath refuses to meet these mandates demonstrates a desire to maintain secret treaties despite their inescapable tendency to produce international instability and bloody conflicts.

  • GAR #419, Voting Equality for Freed Inmates, prohibits the disenfranchisement of previously imprisoned individuals solely on the basis of that prior incarcerated status. Disenfranchisement is a punishment and an illness on democracy, and for such a punishment to continue after an individual is presumably reintroduced to society is to hold citizens to the laws of their country while denying them the most basic political rights guaranteed to any other citizen in their country. Youssath must therefore seek to disenfranchise these individuals and further taint whatever exists of democracy within its borders.

  • GAR #430, Freedom of Religion, guards against prohibitions on faith or practices of worship, or requirements of faith or practices of worship. These protections, of course, act against the wills of the most totalitarian regimes in the world, whose taste for tyranny extends to control of thought when control of actions becomes too dull. It is in this totalitarian mindset that Youssath punishes religious worship wherever it is found, and monitors what religious organizations remain in its oppressed society. Where states such as the People's Republic of Wallenburg see to the elimination of faith by robust education and provision for the needs of society, the Republic of Youssath attempt to corral faith with force and injustice.

  • GAR #434, Preventing the Illicit Trade of Cultural Artefacts, places bans on the trade of stolen artifacts and establishes a robust system for returning such artifacts to their nation of origin. Noncompliance with this resolution necessarily mean that Youssath engages in the black market trade of stolen artifacts, either out of a desire to rob societies of their history or to profit off of harm to the culture of various nations.

  • GAR #436, Protecting Free Expression, places important initial protections on free speech, as is necessary to maintain even a modicum of political freedom. Youssath violates this resolution to stamp out dissent and free political thought, an outrageous policy coming from any state, but particularly revolting coming from a so-called republic.

  • GAR #440, Administrative Compliance Act, enacts monetary penalties for noncompliance. Obviously, Youssath cannot accept this. It violates this resolution by refusing to pay its fines, which I imagine would totally exhaust the Youssathian treasury and its capacity to borrow money from other entities due to the sweeping, fully intentional, and ever-increasing nature of its noncompliance.

  • GAR #442, Circulation of World Assembly Law, disseminates World Assembly law to the inhabitants of all member states, and merely requires that member states make publications of World Assembly law publically available, and not stymie the tasks of the World Assembly Law Dissemination Service. Unsurprisingly, a state with no love for individual freedom or respect for international law violates this resolution so that its inhabitants cannot fully learn the extent of their oppression, and so that their legal rights are not known to them.

  • GAR #443, Preventing the Execution of Innocents, prohibits the exercise of capital punishment in all circumstances. The Wallenburgian republics have long criticized this encroachment, and yet they comply fully with its mandates. Since the passage of GAR #443, not a single individual has been executed by the state within Wallenburgian jurisdiction. Youssathian noncompliance represents an insult to all member states upholding their promise to the World Assembly.

  • GAR #457, Defending the Rights of Sexual and Gender Minorities, while a flawed resolution, generally guarantees equal rights to individuals often oppressed on the basis of their sexual orientation. Youssathian noncompliance finds its basis in a backwards opposition to gay marriage and various other free activities by homosexuals that are simultaneously considered entirely normal or acceptable by heterosexuals.

  • GAR #467, Affordable Transgender Hormone Therapy, sets dangerous medical mandates, requiring member states to allow permanent, dangerous hormone therapies on demand. Even in its opposition, however, Wallenburg complies with these mandates out of honor, integrity, and the desire to remain respected by its fellow member states. Youssath does not do this because it has no honor, nor integrity, and because it expects member states to show it respect even if it shows them none.

The evidence against the Republic of Youssath is unshakeable: it is a rogue state, in violation of so many resolutions that calling it a member state would not accurately reflect its circumstances. It keeps a delegation in the World Assembly and votes on our resolutions, and demands to be treated as an equal to members, and yet wishes to exist outside of the World Assembly. Based on the abominable results of such a contradictory position, this Office is inclined to grant the Republic of Youssath neither. This Office holds it to the responsibilities a member state has to the World Assembly, and denies it the rights it would enjoy as a member in good standing.

II - Address to the Youssathian Foreign Ministry

This office has found that the Youssathian ambassador to the World Assembly is of such poor character, and Deputy Representative Artur Holt is of such respectable character, that neither the ambassador nor the Youssathian Foreign Ministry merit an apology for any comments made in the voting period. Following the conclusion that all statements entered into the record as those of Deputy Holt are accurate and respectful, this Office will not retract any of them. For the purpose of clarity, this Office explains that this decision is not reached flippantly nor enthusiastically.

Citing the stated Youssathian Foreign Ministry standard "expecting all SC ambassadors and representatives alike to be in their best conduct representing their nation," this Office charges the Youssathian ambassador with failing to meet their Ministry's own minimum expectations. The Youssathian ambassador has verbally attacked and mocked representatives from member states. The Youssathian ambassador has insulted and belittled World Assembly staff and the World Assembly itself. The Youssathian ambassador has insulted member states for complying with international law as the actions of their government doubly insult compliant states through Youssathian violation of those laws. In response to this behavior, this Office and, by extension, the Sister Republics of Wallenburg, expect a formal apology by the Youssathian ambassador for their statements in the voting period, and expect a full retraction of these statements by the Youssathian Foreign Ministry.

This Office further recommends that the Youssathian Foreign Ministry seriously reconsider the individuals it chooses to represent its government abroad, especially to a body as dedicated to civil rights and liberties as the World Assembly. While member states doubtless will show the Republic of Youssath little leeway regardless of its representation, given its broad noncompliance, more adept and astute diplomacy would serve its World Assembly delegation well.

III - Address to the Prime Minister of the Republic of Youssath

The policies the Youssathian government engages in horrify any member state dedicated to the same principles as those of the World Assembly, and clearly violate its mandates. It is only by the apparent ambivalence of your international neigbors to these horrors, and the systematic oppression of its citizens internally, that the Republic of Youssath maintains its current government. Truly, the policies of the Republic of Youssath clearly stand opposed to international cooperation, political freedom, and civil rights and liberties. While nations not dissimilar to Youssath retain membership in the World Assembly, they more often attempt to argue compliance with World Assembly law, limiting their failures to comply to improper interpretations of specific obligations rather than loud and outright noncompliance. Of course, for any member state to believe such claims, noncompliant states simply cannot match the degree of illegal activity that Youssath engages in. Only through serious reforms can Youssath be imagined as a marginally compliant state, and only through total foundational changes can Youssath mend its standing with the World Assembly.

The Republic of Youssath ruins its international reputation by simultaneously asserting treaty rights and refusing to honor the terms of World Assembly resolutions and, by extension, its agreement with the World Assembly as made in the entry process. We expect that as the head of government, the office we address understands the full consequences of this, especially given this Office's prior exploration of Youssathian noncompliance, World Assembly compliance measures, and the behavior of self-interested nation-states. This Office recommends a radical departure from the Youssathian policy of noncompliance and oppression, and a serious consideration of the need to transition to full compliance or to resign from the World Assembly. The Youssathian government cannot maintain its current policies and still pretend to honor its commitments or to hold any meaningful status in the World Assembly.

IV - Demands from the Republic of Youssath

Of the several responsibilities of this Office, the promotion of compliance with World Assembly law takes priority over most others. Advising the Sister Republics of Wallenburg on effective and acceptable legislation to bring them into compliance requires many resources from this Office, especially when there exists a great practical obstacle to compliance or strong opposition to the principles of a World Assembly resolution. In truth, it would perhaps be easier for this Office not to facilitate compliance, and rather to encourage noncompliance where national opinions and tastes so incline the government. Certainly such a practice would prove popular among the electorate. However, the Sister Republics of Wallenburg, as respected nation-states, honor their international obligations, and observe the dangers in violating their promises to other nations whenever it suits their immediate national politics.

These dangers are no less true for the Republic of Youssath. By celebrating its noncompliance, Youssath permanently and ever-increasingly damages its international reputation, and antagonizes member states. Certainly, as a regime dedicated to the marginalization of various groups and the elimination of civil rights and liberties, Youssath would find its diplomatic options narrowed regardless, but enthusiastic violation of its international agreements only compounds this problem. This Office therefore recommends that Youssath choose either to resign its delegation to the World Assembly and thereby dissolve its ties with this international organization, or commit itself to a program of good-faith compliance.

Should the Republic of Youssath choose to remain in the World Assembly, the Sister Republics of Wallenburg are prepared to dedicate resources and personnel to bring Youssath into compliance with several resolutions and to begin the transition to compliance with others. In offering this agreement, this Office cites the recent history of the republican militaries bringing the Holy Republic of Wallenburg into compliance with the body of World Assembly law. This success came in spite of significant resistance from the populace and even the treaty government of West Wallenburg. A similar program could be developed with the Republic of Youssath, with the consent and assistance of its government.

Regarding the enormous fines levied against the Republic of Youssath, this Office is confident that many member states dedicated to the promotion of compliance, including the Sister Republics of Wallenburg, would be open to establishing borrowing agreements and coordinating payment plans to the World Assembly, such that in the long term Youssath can substantially reduce its debt to the World Assembly without causing a national economic crisis.

If the Republic of Youssath refuses to either resign or commit to good-faith compliance, the Sister Republics of Wallenburg will continue its sanctions against Youssath, and shall take into police custody any Youssathians suspected of violating World Assembly law, for prosecution before the courts of the World Assembly Judiciary Committee, within the limitations of World Assembly law. The Sister Republics of Wallenburg shall also boycott any businesses operating in Youssath or doing business with the Republic of Youssath.

The Sister Republics of Wallenburg hope for the Republic of Youssath to choose diplomacy and integrity by compliance with World Assembly law, but will not show Youssath undue respect or privileges should it refuse to improve its international image or honor its international agreements. This Office trusts that, despite poor representation in the voting period, the Republic of Youssath posesses among its officials the skills and diplomatic expertise required to rationally resolve its unsustainable international status.

Mikael Alex-Oliva Ogenbond

Chief Representative to the World Assembly
Wallenburgian World Assembly Offices