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The Srivijayan Consortium ☸ Passed Legislation

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An Interpolitical Roleplaying, FT: STL, Regional Alliance Based on the Ideals of Asian Neo-Nationalism and Futurism
Written and Founded by Founder The People's Federation of Pan-Asiatic States and Deputy Founder The Malay People's Jamahiriya of Samporna
TSC is both a Roleplaying Network and an Irredenta of nations with varying political views led by the Pan-Asiatic States, an Asian-bloc coalition struggling to maintain order amidst proxy wars, civil strife, and an ever-shifting balance of power between rival nations. LinkAre you ready to take your place among the Consorts of Asia?

List of Legislation Passed by the Asian Irredenta

All resolutions below are in-effect throughout the Consortium in perpetua until repealed by a counter-resolution.

Parliament IC Thread

Legal Code



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Voting History of Consortium Resolution


The Consortium Proclamation

The Consortium Proclamation is the first legislation passed by the Srivijayan Consortium, detailing the terms of the alliance's creation, citing:

  • The countries of the Srivijayan Consortium through mutual cooperation will ensure the stability of their region and construct an order of common prosperity and well-being based upon justice.

  • The countries of the Srivijayan Consortium will ensure the fraternity of nations in their region, by respecting one another's sovereignty and independence and practicing mutual assistance and amity.

  • The countries of the Srivijayan Consortium by respecting one another's traditions and developing the creative faculties of each race, will enhance the culture and civilization of the Orient.

  • The countries of the Srivijayan Consortium will endeavor to accelerate their economic development through close cooperation upon a basis of reciprocity and to promote thereby the general prosperity of their region.

  • The countries of the Srivijayan Consortium will cultivate friendly relations with all the countries of the world, and work for the abolition of racial discrimination, the promotion of cultural intercourse and the opening of resources throughout the world, and contribute thereby to the progress of mankind.

Pan-Asiatic States





Appointment of Aida binti Malikusalleh as Mayor of New Palembang City

Appoints Aida binti Malikusalleh, citizen of The Malay People's Jamahiriya of Samporna as acting Mayor of New Palembang City, and mandates that Aida binti Malikusalleh will serve a mandate of five (5) years following the passage into law of the proposal (August 1, 2019).





The Srivijayan Consortium 2020 Development Commitment

Adopts the following declaration as a precedent for further resolutions in the year 2020. The Consortium is advised to focus on comprehensive economic cooperation, protection of the common environment, and the ensurement of sovereignty for the developing world.

Pan-Asiatic States




The Srivijayan Consortium National Recognition Committee

Forms the National Recognition Committee to debate and consider international recognition and support of communities as nations.




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