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DATE: 2051, September 7

SNN Canada: ''A folk metal group in Greater North releases a new album, which incorporates various indigenous historical stories in its music. As for question of where they get their funds from, the leader of the group responds evasively. ''Genres like metal can't be made mainstream for long, as in such cases, there will be various splinter genres, because metal itself was born as a need of change from the 50s music, which had dominated SC for decades before. While Tom can put messages to our audience in songs, or give us funds, state ultimately can't completely control metal, unlike with genres like country music.'' Meanwhile, in The East, a coal miner gets arrested for singing ''Sons of Liberty'', and ''Which side are you on'' in his house. ''Remember - Archon sees all!'' The chief of SCPS Quebec's department laconically comments on the situation.''
(see on page 2)

SNN Europe: ''An artist in Iberia (One of European Federation's regions) interrogated for posting ''too lewd'' fanart in SC's internet art site, and might even face some years in prison. ''We don't have nsfw tag there because we don't want such perversions anywhere in SC's internet, and a god-fearing region like Spanish State has no tolerance for such deviants.'' One of the senior police officers say. The art section of Ministry of Entertainment has warned, that ''any other artists like this in the future will be registered as ''outcasts'' in the register'', and Falangists have already started to flag the ''decadent'' art in site. However, some users in the site have been reported to complain about things like ''lack of artistic freedom'', and ''freedom of expression''. Meanwhile in Lone Star, a jacobin pastor has condemned the artist, and blames the moderate republicans.''
(see on page 4)

SNN Central America: ''A new musical bar club opens up in Hispaniola island, which is supposed to offer a relaxing experience with various local pieces of music. ''Some seem to forget, that even in the most totalitarian countries, people still do things like hanging out with their friends with a pint of beer, experiencing their first love, go to musical festivals, and sightseeing. Our club is perfectly fit for the tourists as well, if they want to experience an authentic Caribbean cultural atmosphere.'' Club's owners say. During the first weeks, there has been reported a big interest about the club, and it has had many visitors. Kian Kirk - the Main Secretary, and Prime Minister of SC has said, that ''he would want to visit it someday''.''
(see on page 6)

SNN Africa: ''Development of a mysterious weapon, called as ShadowClaw (LinkDeeeefinitely not a NX ShadowClaw), started in SC's Liberia. Nothing much is known about the weapon, but it is reported to be smaller, and lighter than traditional crossbows, and also reported to ''shoot knive-like projectiles'', instead of arrows, and also is reported to be ''semi-automatic'', which means, that it is way faster. In comparison, it is also way quieter than most of the firearms, which is an another advantage for stealth. Exact material used for projectiles is unknown, but some think, that ''the tip of the projectiles is either made out of a sharp diamond, or obsidian''. While military experts keep debating the weapon's usefulness, SC's Pan-African congress has already congratulated the development of the weapon. ''See, bright minds are everywhere!'' One of Chad's military commanders says.''
(see on page 8)

SNN India: ''All the SNN sees nowadays is shiny guns, power armor, a soda bottle, and the foreign vibe, yet there are other cultures around, which have interesting traditions, yet they get unnoticed.'' An old monk in SC's Tibet complains about the situation, in which, according to his words, ''youth is more interested in what a foreign dragon offers, than what we have in our serene land'', and argues, that ''there must be a massive movement to promote the cultures of small regions, as in the long run, they will not survive without aid, even if their representatives have seats in UCN HQ''. The regional Tibetan government plans to eventually set up various tourist attractions during the religious festivals, and also teach next generations in an ''interactive way''. However, the government hasn't specified, what exactly it means with ''interactive''.''
(see on page 10)

SNN Japan: ''SC's Great Lakes main Institute signs a contract with The Daitōryō - the leader of Northern Isles, about the possibilities of human cloning. ''We plan to transport some equipment to both Hokkaido, and Sakhalin, and eventually set a research station over there''. The Institute keeps insisting, that the technology is still experimental, and that ''civilian'', and ''soldier'' clones are only in prototype level. While human cloning is not a new concept for SC, for Institute's base in Hokkaido, only the Ainu DNA samples seem to be used for cloning, which other governors find ''weird'', to say the least, while some suspect mischievousness from a ''secret group within Hokkaido Reconstruction Authority''. Meanwhile, Great Lakes Institute considers making a similar deal with Maori parties in SC's New Zealand.''
(see on page 12)

SNN Turkestan: ''SC's Kazakhstan plans to organize the ''Steppe Cultural festival'', with aim of promotion of the Turkic culture, and Tengriism as well in the process. Along with contests like traditional archery shooting on a horseback, and the traditional boxing, there are planned to be new disciplines like biathlon with a laser rifle, or motor racing. Meanwhile in Nukus, the Uzbeks living in Khiva Region complain about ''repression'' from the Karakalpak president, although Karakalpakstan autonomy takes up only a small part of the whole Khiva region, and Karakalpaks themselves are the minority. However, the issue has already created issues with schism in the local Basmachi branch.''
(see on page 14)

SNN China: ''Ministry of Health complains, that ''the current warlord rule, and bureaucratic blot of the Blue Shirts Society hinders vaccine distribution for people in need''. The statistics aren't too impressive either - the percentage of people vaccinated in some provinces is still only around 60%, or even lower, and diseases like rabies still remain a significant threat in Chinese Commonwealth. Meanwhile on the other side of the continent, The Elder of Pacifica has started to draft a military plan for forcibly striking at an anti-vaxxing community, which has repeatedly ignored Pacifica's laws, and warnings on further situation escalation. While most of the force is going to consist from regular troops, some paladins are expected to aid the operation as well.''
(see on page 16)

Written by Marie Beck, Reporter for the Silver News Network
Created by Ashweald

DATE: 2051, October 9

SNN UMA: ''Connor Perry, and Congress of Rockies passes a new law, which will switch the education from the traditional English Latin alphabet to the Deseret alphabet, a.k.a Mormon script. ''Both will probably be used in Rockies, but I plan for Deseret Alphabet to eventually become the dominant one.'' Connor broadcasts in a radio speech. However, resistance to the new alphabet has sprung up in former New Mexico and Colorado, where influence of Mormonism is way lower. Switch of the scripts is estimated to cost ''quite a lot'', but the economists of Rockies don't reveal the exact numbers. Meanwhile, SC's technicians replace the old static pictures in UCN's HQ in New York with small screens, which animate the leader portraits as if they were in an old TV screen, Linkkinda like this.''
(see on page 4)

SNN Central America: ''Test of a self-driving Ford Nucleon car started in Havana City - it is expected to assist busy Taxi drivers. While nuclear powered cars are nothing new in SC, a self-driving one is something not seen before, and many of the citizens are skeptical of the outcomes. ''Who knows, what would happen, if it would crash somewhere? Would its engine explode, and the entire square get irradiated?'' One of the recruits of Caribbean Revolutionary Army says. While the Ford Central America assures, that ''no major risks are present with the cars'', a lot of people remain skeptical. Meanwhile, Chan Chan by Buena Vista Social Club has reported to remain one of the most popular Central America's songs for 7 decades. While traditionalists like the news, some argue, that ''the slow change of popular music is also a part of the general lack of progress socially''.''
(see on page 6)

SNN Africa: ''As Toyota company gets restored as a Ring of Fire's branch of SC's megacompany car manufacturers, production of new cars has began once again. The President-Governor of Chad region orders about 100,000 models of Toyota Hilux, mostly for army, and government officials. (Technicals are very popular between the new regions of Silver Commonwealth, particularly between those in Disputed Zone, as technicals are often cheaper, and require less fuel than tanks, which means, that developing regions can afford more of them. Also, at peace time, technicals can also be used as civilian transports as well. Also, albeit tanks are stronger than technicals in an open field battle, technicals are more effective in asymmetrical warfare, along with surprise effect). As of now, however, the most popular cars in SC still are the old 50s, or retrofuturistic - Chevrolet Bel Air, Volga, GAZ, Wolkswagen, etc.''
(see on page 8)

SNN Siberia: ''Siberian region's census results have shown a pretty rapid growth of both indigenous, and robot population in the Siberian Commonwealth's region, while orthodox Christianity seems to be declining, along with the European population in the Commonwealth since the two robot - Aykhan's, and RBHU-3's, takeover. ''I personally see the religious decline as an absolute win for the Technocrat Party'' Aykhan says. Census also shows, that the atheist percentage has been gradually increasing in the Siberian Commonwealth in general, and making it as one of the ''most atheistic'' places in the Commonwealth. However, there also has been a spike in the Shamanism - after the change in the indigenous religion's structure by Tom's missionary advisors, and creating a more centralized Shamanist ''church'', the conversions of Christians to Shamanism have increased. ''Now the tables have been turned.'' RBHU-3 laconically says about the situation.''
(see on page 12)

SNN Middle East: ''A Baluch governor's call for Greater Baluchistan gets rejected in UCN's (United Commonwealth Nations) international court. ''This proposed ''Greater Baluchistan'' spans over the borders of two Commonwealths, and would mean redrawing the borders, which inevitably would end up favoring either side, leaving the other bitter. However, as a compromise, we could set relatively more loosened borders between the ethnic regions, which are located in different Commonwealths, in order to not create a situation, where a group is split in two because of that. It's a compromise, sure, but the best solution overall.'' UCN's judge says. However, neither Indian, or Middle Eastern Commonwealth's leaders have been too satisfied about the decision. Meanwhile, local Azeri forces in Baku arrest a group of people for an attempt to ''rob a newly set history museum months after SC's arrival'', but just because the buyer reported the thieves to police. ''We not only need to sink more money in, but we must also need to get our spending priorities right.'' A member of SC's police's department says.''
(see on page 14)

SNN Europe: ''President-Governor of Serbia demands to declare Belgrade as the new capital of Balkan Commonwealth, instead of the current one - Bucharest. ''Belgrade has been rebuilt after the nuclear blast, and is full with life again, so it means, that we are completely ready to be the capital region of the Balkans. Belgrade is also strategically located, so...'' President-Governor of Serbia writes in his proposal. While ZBOR congratulate the decision, Legionary Romania denies to give up its status as capital region of the Balkans. Meanwhile, Tom and Kayden suggest to make a referendum about this issue between members of all Parties in Balkans, while the Duce of the Holy Social Republic of Italy (Mediterranean Coast) hopes for a peaceful resolution. ''Bucharest is, and will remain the capital of Balkans, and there will be no ''referendum'' between the members of Balkan parties, as there is no need to.'' Iron Guard's leader writes in an official statement.''
(see on page 16)

SNN Canada: ''A man arrested for having a flag of the Dominion of Canada, and bicolor with maple leaf in his possession after neighbor informant reports. ''While maple leaf symbolism itself isn't illegal there, the difference between the old world's, and SC's Canada's flag is still noticeable, and based on previous evidence, we can assume, that it was related to possible pro-democratic opinions. After all, while the old world's US 50 stars flag can also symbolize the national pride of megastates, and is still widely displayed, it has also been used by underground pro-democratic groups, so its legacy is definitely controversial. Also, the Dominionist old world flag is definitely a democratic, and thus banned symbol'' The SC's police prefect of Ontario region says.''
(see on page 18)

SNN Turkestan: ''Vote of recognizing Pamiri people as a separate ethnic group in SC's Turkestan ends with controversy, as Tajik autonomy's leaders consider Pamiri languages as ''a dialect of Tajik language, and thus not in a need for their own region''. However, the vote of the regions ends with 2-3 (With most of Kazakh, Turkmen, and Uyghur party's members of the Turkestan Commonwealth being for, and politicians of Khiva and Samarkand being against - mostly the Uzbek, and Tajik members), resulting in Gorno-Badakhshan being split from the Tajik region as its own separate autonomy. However, completion of the process is still expected to take years, including switching from Tajik administration to local one. ''Tajiks themselves are a minority, just like Karakalpaks and Chuvash, so they aren't in position to deny a homeland for other nationalists.'' Turkmen party's leader says''
(see on page 20)

Written by Marie Beck, Reporter for the Silver News Network
Created by Ashweald

DATE: 2051, November 21

SNN UMA: ''Megastates Dog Breed Association (MDBA) confirms tightening of selective breeding/artificial selection after an inspection of dog breeders in Trinity Megastate (Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming). ''While every dog breed has their own health problems, such breeds, which have inherent issues like blindness, and flat nose to the point they have issues with breathing, shouldn't be allowed to remain in SC, as even animals must be ready to survive in case if they would have no owners. While purebreds are seen in a favorable light by Tom, mutts are often more healthy, and have less genetic issues. After all, unlike in the old world, our primary target for dog breeding is to have helpers for hunters, police, elderly, and soldiers, a.k.a the created breed must have a practical purpose, otherwise it has no place there.'' MDBA's spokesman says. ''As for cats, I guess, that their task is to stay behind the frontlines, and catch things like mouses and rats, as they are way harder to train for tasks than dogs, and their nature doesn't fit much into a collectivist doctrine anyways.'' Two soldiers add, while resting on their concussion rifles and AWPs. However, MDBA has also sparked criticism, especially from regions like SC's Mexico, where dogs like chihuahua are very beloved.''
(see on page 2)

SNN China: ''Refugees from Eastern Manchuria (Ring of Fire) continue to flock into Western Manchuria ever since the Manchu ethnonationalists, under the endorsement of Onoue Misao, and the rest of Ring of Fire's leadership, have started to exile Han peoples out of Eastern Manchuria's territories. ''Solution is quite simple - we will import robots from Siberia and Ring of Fire to compensate at least partially for the manpower losses, and encourage emigration of Tungusic peoples and Manchus from other parts of China in fields, where robots can't replace humans, like in psychology.'' The leader of Eastern Manchuria announces in a radio speech - a young man with winter coat and a general's hat. ''The influx of people in western Manchuria is putting a pressure on us - a single region can't feed all of the masses coming in, and problems are only going to increase. Hence, Chinese Commonwealth must solidarize on this issue.'' Zhong Ru, the leader of Western Manchuria, says. Shanxi and Beijing have accepted to house some of the people, while the President-Governor of Mongolian Khanate has refused to do so, saying that ''Mongolia is a Mongol land, and that our union with Chinese Commonwealth is an artificial decision in the first place, not made by us''.''
(see on page 4)

SNN Africa: ''Pan-Africanist wing uncovers evidence of secret Renier's plan to bring in more settlers from Europe in Southern African region, in exchange of land, and jobs at places like energy sector. ''South Africa, and Zimbabwe should attract more Dutch immigrants, Kalahari Territory - Germans, Mozambique and Angola would experience an influx of Portuguese, Zambia would be left for Belgians, Madagascar and isles around Southern Africa - for French, and at last - Malawi for British.'' is written in the uncovered document. It has caused discontent between lots of other governors of African Commonwealth, even between the Liberian Freemasons of Ivory Coast region, which usually are on National Party's side - situation is particularly heated in places, where Boer state company branches have monopoly on resource extraction, like methane extraction from Lake Kivu. Although the regional governors get a share from both the money and extracted methane, a lot of Pan-Africanist wing's members consider Renier to be ''exploiting regions north of Angola-Congo line for resource gain''. At the same time, Ossewabrandwag announces testing of a new variant of hydrogen bomb in Kalahari territory - and this test is not the only one in SC's world, as various data show, that nuclear testing is still actively ongoing around SC, particularly in its ''Second World'' (Territories of former two superstates).''
(see on page 6)

SNN Siberia: ''First undead troopers raised from graves by a German mage soldier deployed in Siberia, to assist the robot police in the robot city Sector-1 (Norilsk in the past). ''All of them have a soulless, empty stare, and the clank of their steps echoes in the walls of city. I have heard, that they have already stopped a few lawbreakers with their iron crosses, and atompunk German equipment. Personally, they are even more unnerving than robot soldiers, because unlike with robots, with which you can at least chat with, undead have only silence. And loud, angry screams, if you piss them off/break law.'' One of the humans living in the Robot city says. The Bürgerwehr (People's Army's) mage has also arrived in Sector-1, to oversee the usage of the undead as cops. ''To be honest, undead still need their masters to control them, as they start with little self-control.'' The mage says. ''We have taught them a few commands, most being related to war/work in police, and while they can follow them, they don't understand, why they were told to do so. Right now, developing a better AI would probably be easier than give undead more intellect, and they don't even have self-awareness yet. As for safety, as long as any acolyte is around, they should be easy to control''.''
(see on page 8)

SNN Middle East: ''Construction of a ''Mega-car city'' completed in Assyrian autonomy, Levant Region - it consists from hundreds of various vehicles, and some of them are large enough to be connected with small hermetic pipes, thus making it possible to move between cars without needing to climb out of a car, and creating a ''house'' with ''rooms'' - it could be useful during a war scenario, or when environment is contaminated. Also, it is possible for such city's inhabitants to change their location quickly if needed - only lots of fuel are required. The design is considered to be a ''modernized form of the past nomad camps'', while some even believe it to be a design for preparations ''for possible apocalypse'', or ''a possible comeback of creatures like jinn and shaitan, or just irradiated beings like ghouls and other mutants''. However, most of SC's officials dismiss those claims as conspiracies, despite the presence of mythological beings and magic in SC's world. Meanwhile, Magna Arabia finishes integration of the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Yemen into the unitary Arab Region, along with Kuwait. Integration still hasn't finished in Oman and Jordan, as SCPS intelligence suspects the activity of United Monarchist Alliance in those regions. If not put under control, this might pave a way for three way civil war, with Baathists, Wahhabis, and Monarchists clashing out. Iraq is still likely to remain like a buffer on Euphrates, as the relations between members of Middle Eastern Commonwealth often aren't the best, including the autonomies within regions. (Transcaucasia).''
(see on page 10)

SNN Europe: '' ''Europe a Nation'' policy re-affirmed as the Kayden's European Federation's official doctrine, in light of the potential infighting between Catholics, Protestants, and Neo-Pagans in territories like Northern Europe, and potential spike of the partisan movements in the future. ''Our Blackshirt contingent must ensure, that this policy envisioned by Mosleyites gets actually enforced - the autonomy of regions surely has some borders in the end.'' One of the Briton army's commanders says. Stance on internet regulations has been re-affirmed as well. ''In first years, SC's internet was almost like wild west again, so in the Federation, all parties voted to put an article, which would curtail the chaos of internet, and most importantly - the minds of those youngsters''. An elderly member of the Portuguese integralists says. Meanwhile, SC's state car companies release blueprints of ''Trabant 2.0'' - a conceptual car, which would be a rework of the car used widely in Empire's central European territories before the collapse of the two superstates. ''Will it have a nuclear engine? Perhaps, perhaps... Right now, our main goal is to make it more efficient than the old model was, as the original model would be vintage for SC at best.'' One of the SC's American constructors says. However, some of car enthusiasts say, that ''the reworked trabant is so different, that it is almost an entirely different beast right now, just like SC's New Zealand's atompunk Bob Semple tank''.''
(see on page 12)

SNN Antarctica: ''Vostok becomes the second settlement in Antarctica to gain the status of ''city'' - having more than 500 inhabitants. ''Of course, Vostok is only a city by Antarctican standards, and for the rest of the world, Vostok is rather a large village, but it is still an achievement - no longer is the Halley Town the only Antarctican city!'' The Mayor of Vostok says in an interview. (Context: albeit Antarctica is bigger in size than Australia, it is the least populated of the 14 SC's Commonwealths, housing only a few thousand people, which means, that population divide is even wider than in SC's Australia - outside the towns, Antarctica is mostly an uninhabited desert. For this reason, some SC's politicians refuse to consider Antarctica a ''proper Commonwealth'', and still call it ''Antarctican Territory'', despite Antarctica having representatives and voting rights in UCN council. It also has its own internet domain, and even permanent shops - that said, price for data and food still remains abysmally high in Antarctica, even if compared to regions like former Disputed Zone. Most of Antarctica's inhabitants work either as fishermen along the coast, or in resource extraction sphere.)''
(see on page 14)

SNN Australasia: ''Bohol uprising in Tondo Republic suppressed by joint SC's American and Australian marine forces, which were stationed in the ports, and bases on the island. The initiators are suspected to be local ''religious/nationalist'' groups. ''We recognize the anti-colonial struggle of the Filipinos, and we understand their pain, but right now, it is not the correct time to infight - we must look past those events, and move forwards as a single unit - humanity.'' One of the high-ranked commanders from Megastates in Tondo Republic says in the SNN press release. However, the local activists report, that ''the events in Bohol were peaceful at first, and escalated only after Australasians opened fire'', and that ''the marines referred to locals in various pejorative words, and overall had a hostile altitude''. ''It is painfully obvious, how different is the SC's intelligentsia, and the grunts from prole class, which it sends to fight its wars. How there can be unity, when the house is divided not only in two, but in countless parts?'' One of the Filipino nationalists says. (Tondo Republic is a region within Australasian Commonwealth. While it has a high amount of autonomy, at the same time Tom has established lots of military bases for Megastate soldiers there as well, and some people consider it as a ''return of the colonial period''.)''
(see on page 16)

SNN Ring of Fire: ''Organized gold mining has started again in Magadan Region, which means, that practically all gold mines are overseen by government companies, and a some form of wage (Either monetary, or in form of goods) would be given to workers. It also means, that ''any gold mines privately owned by warlords, or other persons will be confiscated for the Ring of Fire's Magadan's region, and private mining operations (such as attempts of local hunters) are prohibited from starting again''. At first, a state company from Sendai, SC's Japan, was supposed to be responsible for mining the gold, but due of extensive resistance of such a decision from the locals, Tom formed a Magadan branch of one of the Megastate alloy producers to oversee the extraction process. At the same time, Magadan is constructing a new car factory for the increasing demand for cars in SC, especially the regional Ring of Fire's demand. While some question the idea of a ''car factory in a middle of frozen nothingness'', builders are optimistic about the plans. (While Tom, and a lot of SC's politicians try to encourage public transport, car manufacturing sector is still growing, due of increasing purchasing power of SC's society, and the fact, that usage of public transport is sometimes seen as a ''sign of poverty'', as it is the most used mean of transport for proles.)''
(see on page 18)

SNN Canada: ''Surveys taken by SCPS reveal an unsettling image - a significant percentage of SC's Canada's youth seem to be ''very depressed'', with the percentage being the highest in Greater North, along with percentage of illegal alcohol consumption, and smoking. Also, the depression percentage seems to be vastly different between communities with Western lifestyle, and in communities with traditional Inuit one. ''This is a very bad situation, as it is likely, that depression rates will increase with future generations, which means, that the workfolk will become less productive, and conscripts - less effective. We might even experience loss of manpower in form of... you know it.'' An elderly Lieutenant-General says with a cold tone in his voice - the old man has participated not only in Scramble for the World, but has also commanded SC's troops in various other battles, and also has a focus on extended societal studies. Meanwhile, on a less serious note, some Prairie's digital artist's drawing of The Party's mascot as a husky sparks heated SC's internet debate not only about artist possibly being a furry, but about that, if digital art is actually a good form of art. ''At Commonwealth's Realism, you have to put an immense amount of effort, but on digital art, every amateur can do ''well''!'' One of the members of debate says. ''Temple OS should automatically filter out fanart of anthros, change my mind.'' Another user adds.''
(see on page 20)

SNN India: ''Tamil uprising in SC's Dravidia contained, as the Tamil Autonomy's government has broken the siege of militants on Autonomy's capital, and now is starting to slowly push the militants back, with help from troops from other India's regions. As the coup attempt has been prevented, order slowly returns back in SC's Dravidia, and is estimated to be completely restored in a few weeks. However, Tamil militants still hold on in Sri Lanka, where Tamil Autonomy has less authority over the Tamil peoples, and Sinhalese units are less organized. Although the Sinhalese units have split the militant troops in different pockets, intense warfare is still going on. Meanwhile in Afghanistan, the Khan's (President-Governor's) government is preparing for a festival, in order to celebrate the anniversary of unification of the warring Baluch, Nuristani, Hazara, and other Afghan clans, and defeat of various opposing political elements to the leadership. Traditional musical instruments like Dutar, Dambura, Ghichak, and Zurna are planned to be used by musicians in their performances for the most part, although usage of some more modern things like electrical guitars, and synthesizers isn't out of question. The SC's troops stationed in there would perform various military demonstrations, mostly involving things like aerial demonstrations, and power armor exhibitions. ''In the end, we will have a pretty big feast as well. Of course, most important thing in the end is still the event itself!'' The leader announces in a radio speech. Some of SC's high-ranked commanders from Megastates stationed in Pushtun lands have also been invited to the anniversary.''
(see on page 22)

SNN Central America: ''SC's Baja Region planned to be tasked with organizing the first Commonwealth's Summer Olympic Games at some point. (Winter Commonwealth Olympic Games are planned to be organized in Greater North, as the cold there is good for that) However, both regions are not the wealthiest, and hence will require more funding from other regions/central government, or even a need to seek more unorthodox means of funding. ''While it is a honor to host such an event, as it is the first of such kind after the Scramble for the World, I am afraid, that the location wasn't the best, as there are more wealthy regions, which could fund the expenses, like SC's Brazil, or even The Valley (Mexico City).'' The President-Governor of Baja says. However, the date for the olympics is not scheduled yet, which means, that both regions have plenty of time to prepare. Meanwhile, in SC's Central America, the anti-atheist vigilantism has been on a rise, with prole groups often organizing raids in the countryside, often with approval from The Party/Elites. The Party also gathers rallies in major SC's cities, which consist mostly from the worker units. ''We all know, that army is our first, and primary line of defense. However, we also have a second line of defense - it's you. Yes, you - the common working prole, with faith in their heart, and amount of vigilantism a conscript just doesn't have.'' One of the preachers says in a mass, followed by a crowd of applauds, and raising of the firearms, while chanting religious texts.''
(see on page 24)

SNN South America: ''Popular car survey in South America was tasked out with finding some of the popular cars used by each of the regions in South American Commonwealth. So far, it seems, that Agrale Marruá SUVs are the most popular between Brazil's region civilians, while military variants are used in Amazon region both by civilians and soldiers, as those are seen as ''more reliable''. In Gran Colombia, Venirauto Turpial sedan is the most popular in urban regions, and has experienced various upgrades under SC's rule. Ford Ranger is the most popular car in La Plata, and Patagonia, while Jeep Cherokee is popular in SC's Peru-Bolivia, due of a need to traverse dirt paths. In Greater Guyana, Autobianchi A112 is popular, along with other vintage cars, although some of SC's manufacturers are already said to be working on a ''upgraded, cyberpunk version of it''. ''Of course, we only listed the most popular cars in the regions, not all of them, but from the gained statistics, we can also assume, that while vintage cars from 50s/80s are still very popular in SC, winds of change are still coming to SC's auto manufacturing, and the old models will undergo heavy competition with new cars from producers like Toyota, and Fiat in the future.'' The interviewer says - a young man in his 20ties, who seems to have a passionate interest about cars.''
(see on page 26)

SNN Turkestan: ''The output of crop production in preparation for winter ''lower than expected'', the SC's Kazakh ministry of agriculture estimates. ''Not even a year has passed since the Scramble for the World, but we all face issues with output already - we need more advanced farming techniques like the farmers in Megastates, better infrastructure, and better fertilizers. And in the end, what is the point of electricity access, when the supply of electric energy is unreliable?'' One of the farmers complains. Nomads in their yurts have also reported to experience problems with cattle as well. Meanwhile, reports have also shown Aral sea slowly starting to dry up - it is expected to affect not only Kazakh, and Karakalpak regions, but also the whole Central-Asia. ''There are lots of rusty pipes, through which we lose water, and agriculture is like a beast, which needs more and more, so... I predict, that in future, it will not be a beautiful sight seeing all those coastal towns like Muynak being abandoned, and ships rusting in the docks like ghosts of the past, along with return of the raiders in white desert sun.'' One of the locals says - an old fisherman with a white ayir kalpak (hat). (While not as dried out as in OTL, Empire still started to exploit Aral Sea's waters much more in 2020s, and it continued even after its collapse, with most of the users being local farmers, or warlords. During the years, quality of pipes has worsened, and rusting process has started in some, in combination with the desert's heat, and corrosion, thus leading to loss of water. By 2051, SC's Aral Sea is about in size of Aral Sea in 1971 OTL)''
(see on page 28)

Written by Marie Beck, Reporter for the Silver News Network

DATE: 2051, December 19

SNN UMA: ''The Midwest's local communes in territory of former Kansas vote to ostracize 30 persons out of the community, which were deemed as ''statists'' by the town's council - ostracization usually means a complete exile from the region. After National ''Anarchist'' takeover of the region, SC's Midwest has became really erratic, and using various unorthodox methods for keeping the order - secret police, and army units have mostly been replaced by SCPS vigilantes, and various militia units (Way stronger than usual anarchist militias, and basically could be considered as ''weaker ordinary military units''). Tyranny is still alive, though, just in form of Dictatorship of the Majority, and even the election system is very similar to SC's main one. In the end, even National ''Anarchists'' have absorbed a lot of the Party's totalitarianism. Meanwhile in a territory near the SC's Canada's Plains, the commanders and judges of vigilante units send 5 captured United Democratic Union's partisans to firing squad after voting about the method of execution. (United Democratic Union is a self-declared successor to Democrat, and Republican parties, which got banned by SC in 50s. It mostly operates underground, and tactics involve partisan warfare. Its contingent is very mixed - from social democrats and liberals, to demsocs, and even disillusioned conservatives. Forming date is unknown, but has been active about since 60s. Sometimes also called as ''radical centrists'' by SC's soldiers and politicians, due of their zealotry in the democratic cause. After the Reformist period (1980s-2020s), it has intensified its activities. Although mostly active only in the United Megastates, there are groups in SC's Canada, which claim allegiance to them as well - particularly in Alaska, and The East (Quebec) after the destruction of most of royalist partisan organizations. It is particularly active in eastern Pacifica (California) and New England, where most of the armed clashes took place. Most commonly used weapons - various automatic rifles, or pistols. UDU's logo is a Thompson Gun with initials ''UDU'' at the bottom.)''
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SNN China: ''Table tennis tournament in Chinese Commonwealth between the regions and autonomies ends, with an unexpected result
- Shanxi Clique wins the first place, as most of SC's sport commenters were betting on Beijing's victory. Beijing gets the second place, while Qinghai clique - the third. Mongolia scores the lowest, although it wasn't that big of a surprise, due of the Duan Lan's (President-Governor of Chinese Commonwealth) comments about Mongol sports. ''Mongolia's strong side is wrestling, or racing sports, and the table tennis there is more of a past time activity, than a sport, if compared to the south. Still, table tennis will remain a popular sport both in our Commonwealth, and in the Southern China''. The Shanxi's team will receive awards based on the rank, in which they participated. Meanwhile, new weather controlling machine prototypes developed by ex-RNGOC's scientists are tested in SC's Mongolia. While the iodide rockets, and planes are widely used not only in Chinese Commonwealth, but SC's Russia, and Megastates as well, their effectiveness is still disputed, and their failings have been documented multiple times by SC's scientists. ''Controlling nature to such extent is something, that pure technology still can't do.'' Argues the taoist mystic, who is also one of SC's China's religious leaders. For the last few decades, when spirits and gods have finally awoken after centuries of slumber, we should try to appease them instead, as unlike with this iodine tech, there is a significant chance, that they will grant our wish.''

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SNN Africa: ''A rapid decrease of the nomadic lifestyle reported in the African Commonwealth after the end of the Scramble for the World. ''During the disputed zone's warfare, many people in there fled from the cities, due of the frequently changing front lines, which often brought devastation to the infrastructure, and large parts of cities were destroyed. In such times, nomadic lifestyle was a better alternative. However, now when the Scramble has ended, regional governors have slowly started to rebuild those cities, but nomadism still persists due of insecurity about future. In the long term, nomadism is expected to stay stronger in areas, where it historically has had a big significance, however, like in Saharan desert, for an example'' The report on the situation by Egyptian Party says. Monrovia has grown in size particularly fast, as it often received more special attention from Supercomputer Tom, and the leaders of the other Megastates, and Ivory Coast's (Liberia's) army has become one of the strongest on the continent. Meanwhile, an inspection by SC's Congolese and South African soldiers reveals a terrible scene in various national parks of the Congolese Regions - damages on the rainforest and local wildlife have been reported. During the inspection, soldiers also stumbled upon a lot of poacher outposts, and Empire's army forts - they were built in the disputed zone by Russian Empire as a part of the Perpetual War, and after the collapse of the two superstates, have been often taken over by regional warlords, or criminal gangs. ''It is clear, that this region has fallen in lots of chaos. Now it's time to bring back order to it, and chase the non-government warlords away. And plant some trees while we're at it.'' Zaire's Reconstruction Authority's President-Governor says.''
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SNN Siberia: ''Railway transport from European Federation to Sector-1 restored. LinkWhite coke bottles as one of the first supplies sent to the Sector-1's human population (Unlike in OTL, White Coke became a common drink in Russian Empire - one of the three superstates in SC's timeline). While some are happy about regaining the supply of this drink (It had became rare in Siberia during the Years of Chaos), there are those, who would ''rather have seen more bread in wagons'' instead. Meanwhile, an author from Megastates has finished work on his science fiction story about a paladin and a soldier in power armor wandering through Siberia's tundra, taiga, ice deserts, and small towns/villages in order to escape the Sector-1, and warlordism of the region, in which Siberia has fallen after ever increasing tensions between robots, and humans. Spoilers: In the end, the two soldiers manage to reach the former Ring of Fire's territories in Magadan, but as the fusion cells start to run out, both soldiers finally surrender to the cruel cold, as they find a small hut, and fall asleep for one last time. While the book is not out yet in SC, some from SC's reviewers have been granted an ''early access'' to it. ''I think, that it pretty much sums up a large amount of themes for SC's science fiction - overall large amount of bleakness and dark vs gray morality, along with the conflict of machines against humanity, and unheroic death. Of course, the elements of various ideologies like futurism or traditionalism can also be felt through the work. While we overall don't have anything against dark stories, excesses of them can get boring quickly, and perhaps more positive stories are needed instead, especially for SC's soldiers and veterans.'' One of the critics says.''
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SNN Middle East: ''SC's Israel assumes the leadership of the Levant Republic faction from Syria. ''Mesopotamia can stay as Magna Arabia's meatshield, fortress, military outpost, or whatever Jareer needs to defend from their foes in North, if their leaders so wish, but we have different plans for Levant as an active player in Middle Eastern Commonwealth's politics. A nation, which is actually a contender in UCN.'' is said in the LEHI's announcement for Supercomputer Tom, and rest of SC's leaders. Kataeb is reported to have backed the new position, while Arab regions of Levant have expressed concerns about losing the lead, and the new disputes over that, which faction has a better claim on the Holy City. Magna Arabia hasn't issued a formal response, but judging from sources within its government, the takeover has been ''surprising, and not surprising at the same time''. Meanwhile, Autonomy of Sakartvelo of Transcaucasia starts a cultural revival campaign mostly focused on preserving the language, and cultural traditions of the region. ''During the Empire's times, a lot of priceless knowledge was lost, along with intelligentsia, as a lot of it found its fate at dark corners. During the times of The Chaos, when some part of the dreaded Disputed Zone's anarchy spread into the former superstate territories, and a terrible crisis broke out, an another terrible blow was dealt to the culture and traditions. Frankly, now we are trying to save what is left, and the ruling movement wants to prevent an another disaster again.'' The director of a chorus says.''
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SNN Europe: ''Italian Futurists get in conflict with the leadership of the Holy Social Republic of Italy (Mediterranean Coast), as Futurists want for the society to ''accelerate'', and do away with things like museums, or other relics of the past, while traditionalists prefer way slower change, obviously. ''I might appreciate the Futurist art and architecture, along with their emphasis on war, speed, nationalism, and dynamic, along with urbanization, and man's technical triumph over nature, but their rejection of the past, and tradition is something we staunchly oppose, and it shouldn't be encouraged too much. Besides that, most of Futurist poems are traditional anyways, with only the technology, and usage of terminology being different.'' The Duce (Sometimes called as Pope) says. In some SC's Italian cities, UCN (United Commonwealth Nations) peacekeepers have to be deployed, in order to prevent the clashes between Futurists and traditionalists, and the Duce's HQ in Vatican has been placed under more regular patrols from the Catholic battalions of Mediterranean Coast's army. (In SC's timeline, Vatican is a part of Rome, and not a microstate, but at the same time, Catholic church has more power in SC's Italy, which also owns Corsica, and parts of Mediterranean France, while not owning Istria peninsula, and South Tyrol. Reconstruction of the Holy See, and establishing of a some weird form of Republican Papal/Duce States has been only one of countless shenanigans pulled off by Tom in his timeline.) In the light of the various unexpected ''technical difficulties'' in regions, funding for UCN's peacekeepers has been increased, so more of those troops could be recruited, and new equipment could be bought, along with quicker deployment of them in problematic regions.''
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SNN Antarctica: ''Antarctican parliament to vote on opening the first ''Penguin Hunting season'' in SC, as the young penguins by this point have basically grown up already. ''Of course, there will be quotas, of how many penguins can be shot, so the population wouldn't go extinct. Also, hunting is supposed to be strictly for food purposes during a time of hunger - trophy hunting, and especially poaching is strictly not allowed.'' Quinton McDowell says in the executive house in South Pole Town - formerly the Scot-Amundsen base, which has been repurposed as a more administrative building, and has grown in size as well, with quite a few Geodesic Dome houses built around the base. (South Pole Town is likely to become the third official ''city'' in Antarctican Commonwealth, as by Antarctican standards, a ''city'' is a settlement with about 500 or more people). Meanwhile, plans of a small expansion of port docks, and a small helipad presented for the Belgrano II village, which is located on the Bertrab Nunatak. At the same time, works of building an ice road Vostok-South Pole have been put to halt, due of insufficient funding. Until the works start again, Vostok city will be continued to be supplied through motor sledges, or planes, when the temperatures are lower. But most importantly, Vostok, like other Antarctican ''towns'', will need to stock necessary material for winters, as done for decades before. (Roads are mostly built only to connect the deep inland towns with nearest village/town with naval base, and most of travel between coastal villages happens either through ships, or helicopters/zeppelins, as zeppelins don't require a specific airfield to land on. If someone wants to travel to an another coastal village by land, the best bet is an Off-road vehicle, or just walking through land.)''
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SNN Australasia: ''A construction of a town outpost started in the Northern Sentinelese island as a part of SC's Indochina's program to solidify its control over the island after SC's Australasian troopers moved in, and captured it. For now, it is not certain, what the administration will do with Jungles, now when there is no native control anymore. ''Theoretically it wouldn't be too hard to scour the jungles, if The Party really had a such desire, as the island isn't that big, but for now, there is no common consensus between its members. There are a few things, which we say for sure, though - there will be no large metropolises there, as the island simply couldn't sustain those.'' The secretary of the Iron Marshal says in a press release. The governor of autonomy of Andaman and Nicobar Islands has been appointed only recently, but already faces the common issues in other SC's regions - of how to deal with key supporters, and issues with modernization, for an example. There is also the matter about other indigenous peoples of the island - their numbers have shrank a lot in SC's world, and the downslide is expected to continue. Meanwhile, the Yiguandao members of Southern China of Australasian Commonwealth vote Shanghai as its permanent capital after a period, when Taipei was the ''temporary capital'' set up by SC's administration. ''The main problem with Chinese Commonwealth is, that it is basically the north split in various states, plus Mongolia. Southern China is more united in a way, despite the regional autonomy system put by SC, and we will triumph over the RNOGC's remnants, from which we split off decades ago.'' Yiguandao's leader says in a speech.''
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SNN Ring of Fire: ''By a small vote margin, Ring of Fire's officials approve the implementation of the new LinkPermanent Calendar, along with eventual dismantling of time zones, and replacing them with UTC, while keeping the old timezones as a reference sheet for schools, SCPS investigation bureau, military, and other public agencies. (The calendar plans to maintain synchronization with the solar year, and each date would fall on the same day of the week, with each 5 or 6 years having an extra week) Right now, the calendar has been implemented mostly in parts of the SC's First World as a ''collectivist alternative'' for the Gregorian calendar, but the switch still has caused some issues. While switch to the new calendar is required for all member Commonwealths, and is supposed to happen eventually, there is no particular date or deadline for that, which means, that the process might get delayed for years, or even decades, depending on the situation of new regions. In former Disputed Zone and Second World, Gregorian calendar still remains the dominating calendar, or the other regional calendars. In fact, not even all SC's First World's Commonwealths have completed the switch, with New Guinea being one of them. ''I think, that it perfectly shows the SC's dissonance - from one side, it puts an emphasis on how different the nations across the planet are, and that it isn't a monolith structure, yet at the same time it is so against differences and wants to make everything the same in places, where it doesn't like something - starting from the already mentioned war against timezones, different calendars, and cancelling the summer/winter time clock switch, to taking away the Tenno... It seems, that Tom enjoys reforging, and remaking cultures the way he likes, as if they would be something like plasticine and legos for him.'' SC's Japanese news reporter says.
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SNN Canada: ''One of the SC's state CEOs releases a book about professional etiquette, and how to act for both new workers, and veterans of a company, including things like suggestions for dresscodes (Business casual, Smart Casual, Formal, black tie, etc.), how to serve table for a feast (Including what snacks or food to offer at breakfast, dinner, or lunch), and how to organize various events - both diplomatical events, or a meeting between state CEOs, for an example. ''It seems, that in the revolutionary zeal, some of us have forgotten their manners and etiquette - even simple phrases like ''thanks'', ''goodbye'', and so on, not even talking about table manners - I know, that some of us prefer to not dine in fancy rooms like partisans, but no one has cancelled things like tabble manners. After all, Tom is all about preserving the traditions and all that stuff - why the same couldn't be applied for deteriorating manners, which need to be written down? I hope, that my book will help the SC's future generations.'' The author of the book says. Meanwhile, Archon Cousineau brings news from Wendigo (The Cthulhu of SC's world) - ''Heavens and hell have signed peace.''. ''P.S. Now both the hell and heaven are ''republics'' too. You can guess thrice, who did that.'' is written on the second side of the note. The message's implications still leave some puzzled, due of various religious systems existing in SC's world, along with various gods. It could also mean, that underworld and overworld rulers consider cooperation. ''Even so, I am sure, that after death, bad souls will go to hell, and good ones - to heaven.'' One of SC's pastors comments on the note.''
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SNN India: '' ''98% from the power restored... Systems active, it should be working by now.'' The SC's Indian Commonwealth's scientists with assistance from RNGOC's technical specialists re-activate a RNGOC's Cosmodrome near Dorsoidong Co lake in SC's Tibet. ''As Tibet was considered a part of RNGOC's ''Core'', yet being near the warfare zone, there were lots of RNGOC's secret facilities located, like ICBM launching pods, partially due of the Tibetan plateau being hard to access as well. The thin air could also be a good training ground for possible RNGOC's astronauts. Sadly, the RNGOC never launched a shuttle in space, at least not from this base. That said, the climate there has definitely preserved the prototypes well. At least they will be put to use in future, when we will start to explore the stars, with the aid of gods and various beings - Kali, Odin, Tengri, Yahweh, and others - I can feel it...'' The technical expert from Great Lakes Institute says. On the other hand, Tom brings the matter of setting up a homeland for Romani peoples for President-Governor of Indian Commonwealth as a part of his ''one homeland for all peoples'' policy, pointing northern India (Rajasthan, Punjab, etc.) as one of the candidates, due of their origins from those regions, and related ethnic groups living there. However, Tom's plans are complicated by Romani being a dispersed group, due of their long history of travelling - there is a significant percentage of them in Europe, and some of Tom's advisors point down to creating such an autonomy there. However, it is likely, that Tom will continue to discuss this matter for years to come, in order to get consensus between various SC's regional leaders.''
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SNN Central America: ''Ever since gaming first started in SC, PC has dominated that sphere for decades, and only keeps going, as most of companies produce them only in PC format, and even console games can be played on PC as well. Not only that, but PC can also be used for things like transferring info for work purposes from even places like Antarctica. Smartphones can still be used for things like sending text, phoning people, making quick notes, and taking photos. But what can a console be used for, asides from gaming? For research, sure, but computer does those things as well. So, the choice is obvious''. The CEO of SC's state electronics company of Central American branch reaffirms his stance on the whole matter of PC vs Console issue, and it is likely, that SC will continue to spend more money towards ''improvement of the computing machines and tablets, with consoles receiving the short end of the stick, or no part of the stick at all''. According to SCPS subsection unit's survey, ''PC dominates as the primary mean for gaming in former disputed zone and SC's Second World (Although gaming in general isn't one of the urgent priorities there in the first place), as it is way cheaper than console, and even in regions like North America, where there are more console gamers, PC still retrains the majority position. (In SC's timeline, a lot of console companies turned to making PCs, which meant, that there would be weird stuff like an PC XBOX, for an example, or Nintendo making computers after reorganization of them in SC's Ring of Fire, as a lot of gaming companies in former two other superstate territory became defunct either before, or right after the other superstate collapse.)''
(see on page 24)

SNN South America: ''SC's Patagonia signs a deal to purchase more quad bikes for military purposes from state vehicle companies in Megastates for military purposes, as a part of the attempts of modernization of its armed forces, and mounting machine guns on smaller vehicles. Quad bikes are supposed to make travelling between terrain like mountains easier, as even with a sliver of industry, and roads, Patagonian geography is still a challenge. Quad bikes are also supposed to be used for training of the special task units, which focus on defensive warfare - Patagonian war strategy is all about defense, due of lacking the manpower and technology to make strong pushes, along with having little of airforce and navy. However, a lot of SC's Patagonian soldiers still use horses as primary means for transport, and most importantly - some of them don't plan to switch to the quad bikes in near future, as horse still remains as a viable mean of transport, and horsemanship remains a symbol of status. Meanwhile, in Amazonian region, special indigenous battalions get deployed after the approval from the central government of South American Commonwealth in Rio De Janeiro, in order to root out the dissenters in rainforests, where they fled from one of the camps near SC's Manaus. As indigenous soldiers are better at navigating it than the dissenters, a lot of them get captured and shot by various indigenous parties. However, at the same time it is hard to scour the forests, due of them being very dense. President-Governor of Amazonas rejects the possibilty of burning the trees with napalm to reveal the hidden locations, saying, that ''the situation is pretty complicated, and we can't just burn the lungs of our planet''.''
(see on page 26)

SNN Turkestan: ''Most of Central Asian Commonwealth bans drug purchase and manufacturing from sources, which aren't government-affiliated as a part of the enforcement of SC's laws, which are a requirement of being a member state of SC. Central Asian Council of Leaders also debates the matter of death penalty as a punishment, as some of the younger members of the Council propose to if not abolish it, then at least restrict its use. However, it is not really done out of humanism, as they consider death penalty as ''wasted workforce'', and the ''easy way out'' - their proposed alternative to that is ''forced labor, lots of it''. Still, a lot of the old members of the council support death penalty as an ''eye for an eye'' principle. Meanwhile, state labor unions accuse the Turkestan's branch of ''United Colt Weaponry Company'' of paying the local workers less wages than in the SC's Western hemisphere. While many SC's party's members and middle class have praised the state company for renovating the old factories into new ones, suited for the PMT warfare, and ''giving jobs, along with modernization of the locals'', there are also plenty of SC's officials, who think, that they are ''trying to exploit the locals''. ''Kazakhs are paid less for a manufactured assault rifle, turbo plasma rifle, ripper, grease gun, or a vindicator minigun than the workers in South America for the same weapon. Situation with labor unions, while better than in the former disputed zone, is still bleak, and it's a common theme in most of the SC's Second World, not only Central Asia.'' Says the head of state labor unions in megastates. ''We are trying to make sure, that the weapons aren't too expensive for the soldiers of regional armies, and we also give the locals shelter, food, and most importantly - a stable job. Besides that, our state managers convert the wage for regional standards, so it wouldn't be too high.'' The state CEO responds.''
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