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[i]Well... I have no clue what to say anymore[/i][/center][hr][b]Name:[/b] Nope, not going to tell. 
[b]Also Known As:[/b] In forums, you can refer to me as SC, or Silver.
[b]Title, Pronouns:[/b] General-Secretary of F7, bow down to me! [size=50]jk[/size] On a more serious note, not really any. As for pronouns... He/him, I guess?
[b]Occupation:[/b] Being a some rando student
[b]Nationality:[/b] Latvian
[hr][b]Ethnicity:[/b] Latvian
[b]Sexuality:[/b] Aroace, I guess
[b]Age:[/b] Is it really the best thing to tell to strangers in internet?
[b]Gender:[/b] Cis male
[b]Political compass:[/b] [url=]-6.0, -3.28[/url]
[b]8Values:[/b] [url=]There[/url]
[b]MBTI type:[/b] Pointless, really
[b]Siblings:[/b] Only child
[hr][b]Ideology:[/b] Social Democracy, I guess?
[b]Party:[/b] N/A
[b]Political Wing:[/b] Center-left to left
Pretty much an atheist. ([strike]Although I have some sympathy for pagans.[/strike])[/center][hr][b]Likes:[/b] Vaporwave, winter, browsing reddit, nostalgic cartoons, coffee, potato chips, Kazakh dombra music (And other traditional music!), thinking how life was like in early 2000s, metal music, Central Asia, Yiddish language, mapping videos.
[b]Dislikes:[/b] Summer, evangelicals, heat, modern pop, kaiserboos and wehraboos, litter, alcohol, smokers and vaping, low-effort F7 posters.
[b]Hobbies:[/b] Reading history magazines and books in library, hiking, finding out more about abandoned railway stations, origami, NS worldbuilding, checkers. And computer, [i]lots[/i] of computer.
[b]Personal ''anthem'' (or mood song, rather):[/b]

Howdy! If you are one of the F7 veterans, you might know me very well already. If not, then I will introduce myself - I am that introverted guy, who spends more time indoors than outside, and used to be that staunch anti monarchist guy, but has just mellowed down from lack of energy. As you might see, worldbuilding is a thing which I like with passion, and I am also that guy, who formats almost every of their posts in F7. I don't feel comfortable with revealing my age at all, so let's just say that I am Gen Z. (As of lately, I cringe at most of my older works here in NS, including a lot of SC's lore. Yeah, not the most proud about them right now.)

In my free time, I usually watch lots of youtube, mostly video game playthroughs, or just listen to music. I also love to read science fiction, and magazines, as scientific, and historical magazines can enrich your knowledge, and give a wider spectrum on happenings across the world. That said, although I love to read books as well for the same reason, I read them mostly in library, as some of them nowadays cost pretty much.

Does my nation represent my views? Well, no, obviously. Otherwise, I would be a bit more than a psycho... My IRL views are rather center-left, with keynesian economics. As for social matters, I have a feeling, that I have become more liberal over the years, although in some cases, I might still find myself to be conservative in some stances. In fact, I don't think, that I can make a nation, which would 100% represent my views, as I am there mostly for RP, not to insert my views in a nation/character, or both. [strike]I had a whole armada of puppets back in the past, but all of those have either CTEd, or on verge of CTE[/strike], as I find it easier to focus on one project rather than to spread the effort across multiple accounts (Also easier if  you have other stuff to do and don't have much time for worldbuilding). Really, didn't took too long to start cringing at my warrior cats nation. Right now my only other nation is [nation]Karakalpak Republic[/nation], [strike]which also ICly is a proxy of this nation through multiverse in WA.[/strike]

I also really like the early 2000s vibe, when it comes to music. In my opinion, it is interesting to be born in the first years of a new millennia, as it is a period of massive change, and sometimes I still find myself curious, of what it was like to live back then. Also, a lot of us will probably have heard stories about the interwar period (30s) from our Great-Grandparents, and a lot of those, who experienced it are still alive. Still, I wonder, what stories will the Grandparents/Great-Grandparents tell to the next generations? What will be the cultural trends after 10-20 years? What memes will the next generations make? Those questions I find interesting to think about.

Right now I don't really have any favorite history figure in particular. ''Never meet your heroes, because they're sure to disappoint you'', after all.

[size=150][u][b]First steps in NationStates[/b][/u][/size][/font][hr][font=Georgia]

I first found out about NationStates in 2015 from a mapping channel (Yes, Mapping was one of my favorite things before I joined NationStates, as I was interested about maps, politics, fiction, and geography way before I joined NS [strike]Check out [url=]VoidViper[/url] - he is a pretty good Canadian mapper[/strike]), but I didn't made my first nation until about 2016, and it wasn't that impressive, if compared to my current main - it was without any factbooks, without a custom flag, and I pretty quickly lost both my interest, and forgot the password. I made a couple of other nations as well (Mostly based around IRL cultures), but my first serious project was [nation]Zombie Swarms[/nation] (R.I.P) - a nation of very intelligent zombies, which have formed a state in Central Asia. ([strike]I also disown most of my posts from that period, as looking back, I was still kinda immature back then, and my political views have changed a bit.[/strike])

Fast-forward to 2017, and I made [nation]Xibei-San-Ma[/nation]. At first, it was another one of my half-assed nations, but as time went on, I started to put a surprising amount of effort in there, which I never had felt before. It was also the period, when I was very interested about Chinese Warlord Era, and when my socialism phase kicked in the strongest. When I later turned into a socdem again, I changed Xibei to a social democratic state, before eventually letting it fall into abyss, as I felt, that I had lost interest in it. Afterwards, a weird trip of SC's collapse AU and anthro nations followed, which I gladly disown today (Those were the dark days - perhaps Fox Shogunate and other ''IRL nations but with anthros'' ideas weren't that good). Right now, [nation]Karakalpak Republic[/nation] is my most recent project. As for how I got idea for this nation, let's just say that it was from a HOI4 video with ''always war'' mod where the end result was similar to 1984.

[strike]Also, Fritz-Kola > Coca-Cola. One is underrated, and the other is overrated.[/strike]

[size=150][u][b]Ideology & Politics (And some less serious stuff too)[/b][/u][/size][/font][hr][font=Georgia][color=green][b]Pro:[/b] Republicanism (Not the Republican party, of course, but the system of government), social democracy, secularism, keynesianist economics, nordic model, LGBT+ rights, USA (Not as much anymore, leaning to ''neutral''), Baltic Union, patriotism, environmentalism, memes using political compasses (Not the subreddit itself), Ādaži chips (Best chips, lol), NATO.[/color]
[color=grey][b]Neutral:[/b] Liberalism, religion (Both Abrahamic, and paganic faiths), capital punishment (For some crimes), UK, EU, Kemalism, gun laws, democrats, national liberation movements, boomers (ex-soviet and eastern block ones), UN, furries.[/color]
[color=red][b]Anti:[/b] Theocracy, libertarianism, minarchism, anarchism, totalitarianism, laissez-faire, anti-vaxxers, neoliberal economics, fascism, communism, ''anarcho''-capitalism, reactionaries and far-right, GOP, corporatism, racism, USSR, PRC, ethnonationalism, nazism, ''benevolent'' dictatorship, neo confederates, ''centrists'', conservatives.[/color]

Politically, I am [strike]a proud anti-ancap[/strike] if not pessimistic, then at least cynical/nihillistic, which means, that I usually look at ideologies like libertarianism (right-wing), or anarchism with a big suspicion. From all systems, I generally support social democracy the most, but even it has flaws. As for ''benevolent'' dictatorship - I personally scoff at the concept itself, as dictatorship rarely remains ''benevolent'' after a single ruler's life-time. Also, both democracies and dictatorships have problems like corruption, but in a democratic system, you at least have the option to vote them out, while in a dictatorship your whole system is screwed if corruption reaches the upper echelons. As for social views, while I lean more liberal in this case, I care more about economical than social issues, tbf. TL;DR - not the most radical lad around, but there are issues I have a passionate opinion on.

As for conspiracy theories, I used to be very interested about them, and believed in some, but that period is over, and I don't believe in most of them anymore - for example, I don't believe in NWO, as I view it as ''ridiculous''. It implies, that world can be controlled in a some way, and that politics aren't just people wandering in the darkness. In reality, it is a complex process, which no group has a complete control over.

[b]Random test results:[/b]

[url=,47,19,50,53,84&l=EN]HEXACO results[/url]

[url=]Political compass[/url]

[url=]Libertarian test[/url] - 0%

[url=]Climate change test[/url]

[url=,50&l=EN]Left / Right Test[/url]

[size=150][u][b]Trivia & Facts[/b][/u][/size][/font][hr][font=Georgia][b]Current Favourite Song:[/b] I have multiple favorite songs currently, not only one. :P But well, I will list one of them - [url=]молчат дома - технология[/url]. And if you have time, check out [url=]Kurmangazy[/url] - he is a good Kazakh composer.
[b]Favourite Foods:[/b] Solyanka, dumplings, pizza, sandwiches, cookies!
[b]Favourite Beverages:[/b] Soda, milk, tea, hot chocolate, kvass.
[b]Favourite Bands:[/b] Skyforger, Nechochwen, Linkin Park, Northern Haze, Bermudu Divstūris.
[b]Favourite Movies (Haven't watched any really for the last few years, lol):[/b] Letters from Iwo Jima, Independence Day (1996 movie), Stalingrad (1993), Defenders of Riga, The Cabin in the Woods, Blizzard of Souls.
[b]Favourite Book Series (Yes, I do still read books!):[/b] Warrior Cats, Red Rising (Pierce Brown), Silo (Hugh Howey), Hunger Games, Shattered Sea (Joe Abercrombie).
[b]Favourite Video Games:[/b] Rainbow Six Siege, Fallout Franchise, Minecraft, Paradox games (Especially Hearts of Iron 4), Super Doomspire (Roblox). Ohh, and lots of Flash games as well.
[b]Favourite VG Genres:[/b] Real-time strategy (RTS), Tower defense, Casual games, Racing games, Shooter games.
[b]Favourite Youtubers:[/b] Conquering History Games, TheseKnivesOnly, Yan Xishan (Mapper), Optimus, Voidviper.
[b]Favourite TV Series:[/b] Muhtar's Return, Science of Stupid, Criminal Minds, The Walking Dead, Hawaii Five-0.
[b]Favourite Music Genres:[/b] Folk Metal, traditional music, rap music, vaporwave (Obviously), old country music.
[b]Favourite magazines (No tabloids!):[/b] Science Illustrated, GEO, Illustrated World History, Unknown History, ''Ir'' (Latvian newspaper).
[b]Very good cartoons, which I used to watch when I was younger:[/b] Yakari, Dogstar, Mouk, Dinosaur Train, VIPO.
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