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2030.07.26 news

Warmest day on record, climate summit to be held

Yesterday was the warmest day on record in Snofjogur and most of Europe. Temperatures in Anaborg reached a record high of 22 °C in the early afternoon, and several parts of southern Europe reached 53 °C in the sun, breaking the previous European record of 49 °C, held by the Spanish city of Málaga and established in Summer 2029. The week has seen routine highs of more than 50 °C across south and central Europe.

But scientists fear these records will continue to change in the near future. Despite titanic efforts by nations such as Snofjogur, Iceland and Sweden to halt global warming, the temperature record has been broken every year since 2024 in Snofjogur and almost every year in that period in continental Europe. The sea ice surrounding the Snofjogurish isles has decreased at an alarming rate this year and, should the melting rate continue, will disappear completely by late August for the first time in recorded history. The sea level has risen by almost 3 m since the 1950s, which has profoundly affected many nations, especially island nations in the Pacific Ocean and low-lying, easily floodable nations such as Brazil and Egypt.

Citing an urgent need for the world to follow the example of northern-European eco-friendly nations, the Snofjogurish parliament has called for an international climate summit to be held in Kyrrvatn in mid-August. In addition, several representatives of the Sector of the Environment, the Sector of Economics & Finance and the Sector of Foreign Affairs have proposed placing severe economic sanctions on nations that fail to reduce their carbon footprint by this time next year, but such a policy would first need to pass a voting session in parliament.