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Farewell The United Federations

I would like to take the opportunity to say goodbye to this wonderful region, TUF, and its founder [nation]Vooperia[/nation]; who introduced me and brought me to this game, without him, I would've never found this game that I thoroughly enjoy nowadays.

I am saying goodbye to [region]The United Federations[/region] on the 28th of July , 1 year and 18 days since I joined and 50 days after the commencing of my delegacy of this region, I am leaving hopefully for [region]10000 Islands[/region], a region I believe will be fit for me.

I just cannot remain in TUF for more; the region is just a step above being completely dead with just over 10 nations that have sent messages in the RMB in the last 2 weeks, the region's founder has declared that he doesn't care about the region anymore but is unwilling to give it up, as a delegate with only poll and communication permissions, I could not achieve any of my ideas for the region because I simply did not have enough permissions, the region has been in decline for the past 7 months and doesn't seem to be slowing down. I have also developed an rp different from the region's rp.

I will take the time to thank the following nations for all the great times we spent together, most of whom have moved to [region]Urana Firma[/region], following [nation]Vooperia[/nation]'s declaration. [nation]Dabberwocky[/nation], [nation]Nekinn[/nation], [nation]The Flyin[/nation], [nation]Musta Monia[/nation], [nation]Germany-Austria[/nation], [nation]Republic of Austrilsia[/nation], [nation]Trucc land[/nation], [nation]Roblox Corporations[/nation], [nation]Alterae[/nation], [nation]Shipgod[/nation], [nation]Greater Siberia-Mongolia[/nation], [nation]The Great Imperator Jeffrey[/nation], [nation]Coryanhafflaruda[/nation], [nation]Kerbal Kind[/nation], and finally [nation]Bytestormia[/nation].

And finally, goodbye The United Federations.