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Democratikan Embassy Policy

[b][i]Foreign Affairs Bureau of the Democratikan Executive Council
Official Embassy Policy[/size][/i][/b]


[b]Regions seeking to establish embassies with [region]the Democratika[/region] must:[/align]

[list][*]Have more than 30 members (exceptions can be made under specific circumstances),
[*]Not openly endorse hateful ideologies such as fascism,
[*]Not be affiliated with any regions hostile towards the Democratika,
[*]Not have any history of open conflict against the Democratika,
[*]Not be a raider region,
[*]Be willing to deploy an ambassador to the Democratikan Discord Server post embassy construction,
[*]Be willing to accept a Democratikan ambassador post embassy construction.[/list][/b]


[align=center][b]If you believe that your region has met these criteria and would like to establish embassies with the Democratika, telegram the Head Ambassador [nation]Splootan[/nation] and send us an embassy request. We will respond in the next two to three business days.[/b][/align]


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