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Democratikan Embassy Policy

Official Embassy Policy

Regions must have a reason for seeking to establish embassies with the Democratika, such as historical cooperation, cultural ties between the two regions, or seeking to establish a formal alliance. Regions must also fulfill the following criteria:

  • Have more than 40 members,

  • Maintain a decent standard of activity,

  • Not openly endorse hateful ideologies such as fascism,

  • Not be affiliated with any regions hostile towards the Democratika,

  • Respect the freedom of opinion and maintain some form of democracy,

  • Not have any history of open conflict against the Democratika,

  • Not be a raider region,

  • Be willing to deploy an ambassador to the Democratikan Discord Server post embassy construction,

  • Be willing to accept a Democratikan ambassador post embassy construction.

Exceptions to the above criteria can be made if a region is deemed to be a vital Democratikan partner and ally.

If you believe that your region has met these criteria and would like to establish embassies with the Democratika, telegram any Government Member and send us an embassy request. We will respond in the next two to three business days.

The Kingdom of Candanadium