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by The Red Tape Singularity of Yegla Islands. . 225 reads.

Project Svetovid

Notice from the Ministry of the Interior

Viewing of this document is restricted to personnel with clearance
corresponding to or surpassing the following levels:


Unauthorized viewing will be logged, filed, and responded to using immediate
disciplinary action, irrespective of existing judicial systems or the Ministry Council.

Credentials Accepted, Access Logged

Project Svetovid

Sub specie aeternitatis, idonea bello

Stated Aims:

  • To assess threats to Yeglan national sovereignty and planetary integrity in the context of a multiversal setting

  • To develop appropriate countermeasures in response any such threats discovered

  • To augment Yeglan military capabilities to an acceptable, universal standard in the context of a multiversal setting


Introductory Statement:

We stand on the precipice of an entirely new frontier. Nevermind terrestrial borders, or even the ever-expansive vastness of space - this is it. The final test, so to speak. We have harnessed forces beyond common understanding, and have wrangled them into a scientific framework that allows for their study. We have mapped the earth and the stars. Now, we will set out anew, onto a journey far more hazardous than any before it. But the payoff will most certainly be worth the added risk. And this is where you come in. The best, brightest, most insidious minds in our humble little nation. A nation of thinkers, of scientists, but also of soldiers. That is good - we will need both, if we are to surmount this challenge. We must learn to combine scientific thought with military reasoning. To the countless horrors out there, we are likely but a speck. Empires spanning whole galaxies. World devourers. Creatures who to lesser men would be as gods. They don't seem to have noticed us as of yet - after all, why notice a speck of dust? We cannot rely on this to safeguard us any longer. If we are to grow as a nation, as a species, we must rise up to meet these threats. Become an adversary worth noticing, and then beat back all hope of conquest. In certamine es unitate, in unitate es virtus. Ladies and gentlemen, you are the vehicles of our growth, and the buttress that keeps our enemies at bay. Failure has long since ceased being an option.
-Dmitri Rasputin, Vozhd of Yegla Islands