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Houses of Lezra

House of Habsburg-Lezra

This house is for anyone supporting unity across Lezra mainly through diplomatic means. However, we may have to use other means to secure unity. We also want to grow Lezra to be a significant region in all of NationStates.
"If we can bring around the unity and support of all of the Empire, it shall be one of our main strengths! It is a necessity for us."
- Karl I of Austronta

Lords Description
There is a peerage system for individual people from each member nation. One leader from each nation will start off as a Duke. The Archduke is a Duke that is elected by the group of Dukes to represent the house. However, a Duke cannot be demoted to a Count unless there is a vote to do so. Other influential people from each nation can become Counts.

The Archduke is the representative of the house.

A duke is a representative of a nation. The Dukes have the opportunity to vote on important House issues.

Counts are more symbolic than anything.

On the first Saturday of every second real-world month, each member nation will have the opportunity to vote for who the Archduke will be. Austronta will have to be notified by telegram about nations who want to run for the position. Each candidate has seven days to campaing for the position.

Lord Recruitment
If you are active in Lezra, send a telegram to Austronta and tell him your leader's name and any other influential from the nation that could be a Count and you'll be set.

Lord Titles

Franz Wilhelm, Interim Duke of Austronta

Franz Wilhelm, Interim Duke of Austronta


Member States

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House of RagnarebÝrgen

To view crest:
(Danish Royal Crest)

FŁr immer stehen wir, Vorbilder fŁr alle, Meister unserer Zukunft, RagnarebÝrgen fŁr immer! Lezra fŁr immer!

This house serves as a group of people who have a belief in a strong yet benevolent government and proposes bills as such. RagnarebÝrgen will work to increase the RP Council and work to keep Lezra a strong figure in World politics, pursuing embassies and protecting regions in need. I have a belief that we can become more than we are and ascend to a state of power.
The House of RagnarebÝrgen has the goal of a strong centralized government with a select few positions. We may strive to pass certain bills as well as work to hold seats in the Senate.

Lang Lebe Lezra!

The Santland/Santec scotia

Governing System:
Elections for Nomin take place 5th of every IRL month.
Post-Nomin will serve as a guidance officer and help the Nomin understand their duties.
Viceroy is second in command, and is the runner up in Nomin election.

Current Officers:
Nomin: The Santland
Viceroy: NON
Post-Nomin: NON

The Santland

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