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Trade Talks with Southern Vrama

The Kingdom acknowledges its willingness to open negotiations and trade talks with Southern Vrama.

101. The Most Sacred Kingdom hereby offers:

    A. The mutual establishment of a free trade zone between this Kingdom and Southern Vrama, whereby both nations shall be exempt from any tariffs on goods from either country;

    B. The nationals of both countries shall have the right to live and work in either country without the need for a visa;

    C. Nationals of Southern Vrama shall enjoy the right to travel, live, and work in this Kingdom and shall be exempt from the Foreigner Tax under COC Section 203.

    D. To pay Southern Vrama 300 million vrakma per year for economic assistance and development.

102. The offers above are conditional upon the following:

    A. That Southern Vrama recognise the full independence of the Most Sacred Kingdom of Vrama, and publish a statement on its Factbook to that effect;

    B. That it encourage Imperium Anglorum to cease and desist from claiming any sovereignty whatsoever over the Most Sacred Kingdom of Vrama, as consistent with General Assembly Resolution 2.

[Note: offers are made in dispatch for purposes of public record]