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Times of Vrama: Selected articles

Times of Vrama
20 July 1919 AE

An aerial photograph taken of Aryan Sahah, now renamed Elenaville, 30 minutes ago.

A Colonial Mounted Police traffic photograph in Cantapore, the Southern Capital

A Colonial Mounted Police photograph in Pavana.
Daily update on military activities
CANTAPORE – In accordance with the Colonial Mounted Police's duties under section 57 of the Colonial Administration Act 1877, the Colonial Mounted Police have conducted a cursory examination of the claims made by the self-proclaimed government of Vrama and associated forces of (1) a coup d'ιtat by some person named Ranja Pat, (2) the establishment of a separatist state in the South, (3) a unilateral proclamation of a separate state centred on the region of Pavana, and (4) the claim of independent action by the Crown Prince of the genocidal murderous old regime.

The Colonial Mounted Police found no evidence to support these accusations and condemn these claims, not out of humanitarian interest or institutional pique, but out of our commitment to verisimilitude. In fact, the Colonial Mounted Police simply had a few of their officers walk outside their police stations to take some photographs.

It seems woefully unlikely, from the current display of events, that a coup has occurred in a city currently characterised by peace and the watchful maintenance of order by the Colonial Mounted Police under the administration of a civilised society. It is unlikely, moreover, that there could be any major uprising in the hinterland, given the reports of Colonial Mounted Police units; peacekeepers under the control of Tinfect, Berlania, and Separatist Peoples; and the Imperial Anglican Army of general amity and concord of the populace's freedom from their former oppressive government. If it were in fact the case that a major uprising in the hinterland had occurred, most of the cities pictured at right would be unable to secure food supplies and would be engulfed in food riots or other civil unrest. That is not the case.

Prosecution of junta leaders for genocide commences
ELENAVILLE – The Colonial Mounted Police also have it on the good authority of the Imperial Metropolitan Police for the Home Islands and the Crown Prosecution Service that the prosecutions against Aryan Shacra and Rama Sahcra, who are currently residing in the Lawman Corporation owned and operated Derbyshire Memorial Prison annex at the Newgate Prison Complex, has entered its discovery phase. They face charges of attempted genocide against the nations of Morover and United massachusetts.

A person who has been categorically identified to be the Prime Minister of old despotic junta, Ranja Paht, has, however, been discovered in a prisoner of war camp outside Elenaville. While the Colonial Mounted Police attempted to transfer this person to the jurisdiction of the Home Islands for prosecution, we must regretfully announce the junta leader's death in an instigated riot as a result of shiv wounds to the chest area. As the Colonial Mounted Police do not carry shivs, but rather carry the much more sophisticated bayonet, an investigation has been launched into discovering the murderer.

Actions under the Forced Disappearances Enforcement Regulation 1913
GREYHALL – Under petition of Gurvinder Singh, a Vraman barrister operating pro hac vice on behalf of the Vraman Civil Liberties Organisation, and the action provisions of the GA Resolution Administrative Compliance Act – taking effect under the World Assembly Compliance Regulation 1917 – and the Forced Disappearances Enforcement Regulation 1913 in the Elenaville High Court, the Colonial Mounted Police must disclose that it does in fact currently hold the old despotic junta's Ministers for Justice, Defence, and Finance for questioning at an undisclosed location under satisfactory conditions for evidence gathering in an ongoing criminal proceeding and possible criminal prosecution. Mr Singh has been permitted as a good-faith actor, to verify the existence of these persons and the veracity of the Government's claims to their condition.

Terrorist plot foiled in Elenaville
ELENAVILLE – Recent activities against the main Buddhist monastery in Elenaville have been foiled by the Colonial Mounted Police. The target of the plot was a large public statue of the Buddha, but with the assistance of an intelligence cooperative between the Colonial Mounted Police, the Ministry of Intelligence, and certain liaisons from Tinfect, the dastardly attempt to destroy the statue and to blame the destruction on domestic religious minorities has been foiled.

The Governor-General has dispatched a platoon of guards under the 4th Regiment of Foot to provide longer-term security for the Buddha statute and the associated monastery. Other platoons have been dispatched to other major religious centres in the capital and in the provinces for the maintenance of law and order.

No nuclear weapons found
GREYHALL – Claims made by the pre-war junta of having nuclear weapons proved astonishingly strange as third parties reported the non-destruction of both Morover and United massachusetts. The claims became increasingly hard to believe as Anglican forces crossed the Vraman frontiers earlier this month and proclaimed the Dominion. After a detailed search of Vraman archives and territory by the Ministry of Intelligence and coalition forces, William D'Augibny, a spokesman for the Ministry, announced that in the opinion of coalition forces, "there exist no operational nuclear weapons under the control of the Vraman junta, and there never have".

However, he does note that there did exist a nuclear programme being run under the auspices of civilian reactor research at the University of Aryan Sahah. This programme has been shut down by Anglican forces and the materials have been sequestered in pursuance with the provisions of the GA resolution Safeguarding Nuclear Materials and the Nuclear Material Safeguard Enforcement Regulations 1916. The Ministry also believes that the Vraman junta had a credible threat to Morover and United Massachusetts in that they were planning to test their to-be-developed weapons on targets in those nations.

Anglican Army morale remains high
ELENAVILLE – While the main combat tasks for the Anglican Army have concluded with the overrunning of Vrama, morale of the troops remains high. Speaking under condition of anonymity so as to not contravene military press regulations, a captain of the Royal Telamachian Horse Guards noted to the Times, "I mean, we was all volunteers, when they told us what the government was doing around 'ere, we thought it our duty after seeing what had happened in Belgium". The Viscount Aislabie, speaking with authorisation from the Governor-General, noted that re-enlistment rates among the volunteers are high, with many military survey respondents marking that they sought stable employment and perhaps retirement in the colonies.