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Imperial Foreign Office release: Diplomatic recognitions


Diplomatic Release

ELENAVILLE The Governor-General for the Dominion of Vrama, Arthur Mortimer, the 1st Earl of Charleroi, has informed the Imperial Foreign Office to publish recognition, thanks, and gratitude to the following states:

Moreover, the Dominion has proof in the captured Vraman archives of a heinous plot by the former government of Vrama to commit terrorist, piratical, and genocidal acts in the foreign jurisdiction of Morover. Furthermore, it demands that the rebel terrorists who proclaim themselves to represent the oppressive government that formerly controlled the Dominion and its people under a iron boot and the cowardly members of the puerile xenophobic junta which supported it, surrender themselves to the jurisdiction of the World Assembly or to the rightful government of Vrama.

Furthermore, with the full support of the Colonial Council of Vrama, the Government of Vrama requests the assistance of the aforementioned states to quickly and immediately support police actions to be undertaken under the provisions of the World Communities Act 1913, the Crimes Against the Person Act 1735, the Universal Jurisdiction Act 1903, and the Colonial Criminal Procedures Act 1877. In the interim, the Dominion announces that it is exercising power under the Colonial Criminal Procedures Act 1877 to prosecute the deposed former Madi of Vrama, Aryan Shakra, for the aforementioned terrorist, piratical, and genocidal crimes in person at the Middlesex Guildhall's court for the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council. Under the provisions of section 85 of the Colonial Criminal Procedures Act 1877, the Dominion also announces that it is requesting the participation of certain high contracting parties in the soon-to-commence trial.