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Crops in Kemevsk (WIP)

A variety of crops are grown across Kemevsk. While most are food, some are used for other purposes.

Food Crops

The most common crop on Kemevsk is Kartofel. Kartofel is widely used as a staple food, making up a large portion of the diet of most Kemevskans.

Kartofel are starchy, tuberous crops, which are produced underground by Kartopaslen plant, a perrenial nightshade.

Kartofel have reddish-brown, smooth skin, and several 'fingers'. These fingers are large growths on the crop, and can number anywhere from two fingers to six, though most crops have three.

Raw kartofel are described as tasting juicy, and slightly bitter. Kartofel are extremely filling and nutritious, and, as such, are an integral part to most meals.

Kartofel are very easy to produce. Kartopaslen are extremely hardy and resilient to cold weather, and are able to last long periods without water or sunlight.

Kartofel are able to be served in a large variety of ways.

Kartofel are also distilled for use in Kartogol, an alcoholic beverage.