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Codex of Dv: Yolzoor

Yolzoor, named for the resource contained beneath its thick orange atmosphere, is the third planet in the Dv System and the furthest from the star. It is largely peppered with deep canyons and craters from its former moon, which according to ancient protodraconian texts crashed into the planet almost ten thousand orbits ago. The reddish sand that covers the landscape contains red phosphorus; an abundant mineral referred to yolzoorite by the locals. One kenlok is equivalent to about 900 dvsuls. 

Due to the usefulness of phosphorus in the production of weapons and as an essential nutrient for draconian biological processes, mines have cropped up over the surface of the planet. Thus, contingencies of draconian soldiers and galaxian mercenaries have also appeared on the surface, making the planet a deadly deathtrap to any travelers foolish enough to go there.

While the air is breathable, temperatures are incredibly high and particulates do cause problems with the lungs of most creatures. Draconians are often seen wearing respirators but will not wear any other protection, as they have a high resistance to said temperatures.

Sandstorms are incredibly common on the planet's surface and cause massive amounts of infrastructure damage every year. The PGDP has considered moving operations underground to save on costs for rebuilding.