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Rhea Wereald, Autarch :: Mauropolis Departement of Information

Rhea Wereald

Autarch of Mauropolis

2058 - Current (2061)

Appointment: 1 Jan 2058

Personal Details

DoB 7 August 2023 CE
Age 37
Nationality Mauropolisian
Gender Female
Ethnicity Mixed
Orientation Asexual
Spouse N/A
Alma Mater University of Aesculapius
Religion N/A

Rhea Wereald (born 7 August 2023) is a Mauropolisian doctor, military veteran and politician currently ruling as the Autarch of Mauropolis.

Rhea was born from an incubation tank in 2023, deep in the bowels of a Mauropolisian research facility. Since her birth, Rhea had been subject to experimentation and modification by the facility’s scientists, who acted as her guardians and educators. She was rigorously educated and trained by the facility’s staff, eventually growing into a very promising citizen.

She was released from the facility when she turned 18, and was placed in the care of the Department of Security. She was placed in a Civil Protection unit for two years before specialising as a paramedic and rifle support in an expeditionary force scouting the outermost ruins of Old London in search of supplies, resources and knowledge. She remained in the unit for three years, being placed in the Metropolitan Civil Protection again as a paramedic. During her years in the MCP, she studied in her free time and developed a political mind. This was later noticed by her superiors, who reported her to the DoS. Instead of being taken into custody, due to her value as a citizen, soldier and potential for cloning Rhea was taken into the Central Department and placed in an administrative position for six years, working her way up until she was appointed Autarch and welcomed into the Thames family.

Politically, Rhea is a Mauropolisian patriot and firm believer in the city-state’s ideology. Her rule has seen little if any change from the previous regime, aside from a minor increase in living standards and the discovery of multiversal gateways in the form of Anomalies. She has since instructed that these gateways be used in the pursuit of more material, knowledge, technology and salvage for the city-state.
Rhea isn’t the fondest of hostile or belligerent civilisations, and in fact abhors European imperialism. She is very much a a situational authoritarian, but doesn’t particularly like liberalism and “weakness”, as she believes is often shown by liberal leaders.

Miscellaneous Information:

  • Rhea is an artificially-created individual, born from an incubation tank. Her potential relatives are unknown.

  • Her surname, "Wereald", was created from Old English and means Age of Man.

  • Rhea is genetically superior to all other humans.