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Tech PMT | Year 2061 | Setting Post-Apocalyptic

What is Mauropolis?

Mauropolis, officially the Autarchate of Mauropolis, is a totalitarian city-state inspired by Oceania from Nineteen Eighty-Four, City 17 from Half Life 2 and general dystopian fiction. It is set in a post-apocalyptic world wherein an EMP caused by a particularly powerful solar flare fried Earth’s advanced technologies and caused global famine, unrest and heightened diplomatic tensions, followed by the emergence of a zombie-like virus and the appearance of mythical creatures like dragons, ghouls and other monstrosities. In this world, Mauropolis is one of the few remnants of human civilisation in the world, situated in and around the ruins of London.

What is life like in Mauropolis?

Life is, to be frank, rather crap in Mauropolis but hundreds of times better than being outside of the city. Food and water are rationed by the ever-present and controlling government, recreational drugs are completely illegal and alcohol is diluted to prevent easily accessible intoxication. Employment is usually rather dull and centred around manufacturing, construction, maintenance and bureaucratic administration. Employment in Civil Protection is particularly sought after due to the benefits and respect enjoyed by Civil Protection officers.
To keep the people entertained, the government allows resources to be used to maintain brothels, sports clubs, pubs and other forms of entertainment or leisure.

Who rules Mauropolis?

Mauropolis is ruled by a despotic autocrat through an autocratic one-party dictatorship. The power of the Autarch, Mauropolis’s head of state and commander in chief, is practically limitless save for some checks and balances held in place by Civil Protection itself. The Autarch is ultimately responsible for the city’s - and thus its inhabitants’ - survival in the harsh world it exists in. The current Autarch, Rhea, has a lot on her shoulders at all times, particularly issues regarding finite resources and possible civil disobedience. Can’t they see she’s trying her best? Her survival depends on their survival, and she does not want to die yet.

What are the civil rights and political freedoms like?

Mauropolis is, as one would expect, practically devoid of political liberties, and civil rights are limited. Freedom of speech, assembly, religion and so on do not exist in Mauropolis, and censorship is regularly in the eternal campaign against dissent. There is no democracy at all. People are forbidden from taking excessive amounts of alcohol, taking drugs, causing public disturbances and wasting resources amongst many other things. However, prostitution and similar vices are legal, as the Metropolitan Police have enough on their plate as is. Prostitutes must register themselves with the local Agency of Vices and Leisure.

What is the economy of Mauropolis like?

Mauropolis has a state capitalist economy. Private enterprise is very limited, and collective enterprise is nonexistent. Taxes are relatively fair, and the official currency are Stamps ($).

Who/what does Mauropolis oppose?

Mauropolis is a largely unideological state, more concerned with the survival of humanity as a species and its protection through totalitarian means than than ideological fanaticism. Mauropolis opposes any attempt at enslaving or killing off humanity, and is not afraid to conduct genocide, mass displacement or other heinous things to achieve its interests.