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[tab=20][/tab][size=150][b]Introduction :: Mauropolis[/b][/size][hr]As one of the last true bastions of human civilisation, [b]Mauropolis[/b] is both famous and infamous across the entirety of the Isles and Continental Europe. It is situated in and around the capital city of the former [b]United Kingdom[/b], [b]London[/b]. In the mid 21st century CE, an electro-magnetic pulse caused by an incredibly powerful solar flare caused global connectivity and technology to collapse, leading to great civil unrest and a rise in diplomatic tensions as famine and political dissatisfaction became widespread throughout the world, with some countries even breaking up due to the sheer scale of unrest. To make matters far worse, the emergence of the "Z-Virus" and appearance of seemingly supernatural creatures caused mass panic, with events gradually leading up to the complete collapse of the globe-spanning human civilisation and the beginning of an apocalyptic world. Mauropolis was born out of these events roughly 11 years after the [b]Great Collapse[/b], and has since been ruled by a totalitarian autocracy, under the command of the [b]Thames[/b] family, so named after the river that passes through Mauropolis. Acting as the city-state’s sole political party, the [b]Polis State Party[/b] controls the legislature and judiciary, staffed by the Thames’s most loyal.

The modern city-state of Mauropolis is a definitively totalitarian polity. The government is entirely centralised and at the whim of the supreme leader, the [b]Autarch[/b]. Civil rights are not as low as one would expect, and it is possible for people to forge relatively comfortable and safe existences, enjoying recreational activities in the local pub, playing sports with one’s friends, and so on. However, political liberties are another matter entirely, with dissent strictly censored, dissidents "re-educated" and demonstrations forcibly ended through the use of largely non-lethal weaponry. So long one keeps their head down, works hard and doesn’t attempt to upset the status quo, they’re left to themselves, though lightly monitored according to  procedure.