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ImperFeudal Infantry info (now with Photos)

ImperFeudal Infantry

Assault Rifle FNMA 2 Modified
Sub Fusil IMT
Gun GT-L 6
Battle Knife
3 Fragmentation Grenades
3 Flash Grenades
1 Radio
Tier-4 helmet (blue)
Anti-bullet vest Tier-5 (blue)
Fabric mask (black)

Normal infantry: it's the default infantry of ImperFeudal, they are used in almost every battle,
they do not have any disadvantages in the field, they are the best to capture cities or towns, they are trained very hard to develop a strong and lasting discipline, in addition, it is said that some of the training camps are harder than some battlefields, What develops forces with good morals, are loyal to the National Leader and are very variable being able to do defense and attack, support and even guard work, their disadvantages are the same as any infantry, they are not very good against armored

when you see it, think that the robot parts are skin, and the jacket is armor,and also the face is a mask

Engineers: are responsible for the creation of basic fortifications, such as sandbags, these will also have controlled explosives, an IMT submachine gun and a pistols, sometimes they may be able to carry mine detectors, or flame launchers, these they will be trained with the infantry, so they will not be a division apart, they can also fix tanks, they have the SMG IT as normal weapon

National Guard Militia (NGM):less training and "armor", but they numbers can fix that, they are use only in the defense and they always are in "Light infantry mode", but they have the bentage of being 100% nationalist, they are nature fighters and they are fast, professionals in urban combat, they are easy and economic to recruit, they defend they home and work as national Guard, they are the enough disciplined to form in formation and receive orders and tactics,they are recruited civilians that want to defend the nation,voluntary, in war they number are increased by 25,000 (Example: 25.000, in war 50.000) not the best, but its way better than nothing, at least a division of them are in every city of the nation, big or tiny,or even in a town, they can be recruited in any city, and they are loyal to the nation, making them able to taste any order, no matter how deranged or genocidal this may be, but the problem continues, they are not so well trained to fight a battle outside the nation

Anti armored squadron: some soldiers will load Bazukas instead of his normal weapon, but in itself the difference is not much (strong against armored vehicles and light tanks),also this will be completely aleatory, so it will be taken as normal infantry

A new squad has been make it, the paratrooper squad, or "Men of Heaven"
Soldiers will be trained hard in each category: weapon handling, melee combat, discipline, teamwork, basic medicine (in addition to random medical soldiers) and heavy weapons management, making them the most versatile unit in the entire army

The infantry with the squads A.M. they were trained to make a new formation of attack and defense

Movable coverage: the shields will be in front of the soldiers protecting them and moving slowly, when they reach the battle point the soldiers will stop form a shield barrier in front of the soldiers, allowing the soldiers to shoot freely and have cover to the hand

New policies:
The soldiers will be trained hard until they develop a remarkable discipline, fighting all as one.
The recruitment will be mandatory when the population increases, the lucky soldiers will be exchanged when the population reaches another million.
The army will recruit both voluntary and mandatory soldiers (when the established limit is not reached) each time the population increases, taking 100,000 soldiers and will be distributed as such (taking into account their training capacity)
Poor Progress: Militia (expected soldiers: 50,000)
Acceptable Progress: Normal Soldier (expected soldiers: 50,000)
Notable Progress: F.S Squadron or DSS Squadron (Expected Soldiers: 25,000 of each one)
Excellent Progress: Children of the law, Men of Heaven (Expected Soldiers: 10,000)
after seeing their progress, they will be changed to the training of the divisions already said

Separate divisions

mostly the same, but with shields and the FN FAL'S will be changed to a SubFusil ImperThompson, little of a terrorist, but used for the good they have a axe where is guarded in the shield,to fight in melee combat, they are used for manifestations and defense

the same, but camouflaged and the FN FAL silenced, but 5 of the soldiers will have a AMR Sniper (a silenced sniper), only 20 soldiers per squad

Better "armor", making the division slower, in addition to having Light machine guns instead of FNMA's, also they will have mask that protects them, the same design of the normal but in all the face ,like gas masks but a little different,they are the best of the best, and they will die for the country, they are heavily trained, more than every soldier, making them the elite of all the imperfeudal army, they also have a axe that can have apart of the normals weapons, they defend the capital and the important people of ImperFeudal

these are going to be equipped with a smt ImperThompson, and clearly they are going to be trained in the same way as all the soldiers, strongly and exhaustingly, but these are going to be treated like an elite, since they will be deployed behind the enemy ranks, attacking silently or strongly, being a combination between normal infantry and that of the Ambush squad, they will be responsible for weakening enemies by destroying and weakening enemy positions, or even destroying tanks before they are deployed, they will be trained almost as much as the COL, but without going over , they will be added 10,000 per recruitment, also, they will always be in the "light infantry behavior"
Equipment: Modified IT, CT-L 4 gun, 3 controlled explosives, whatever the mission is available

these soldiers are an elite specialized in light combat, they are the only ones that have no disadvantages in any terrain, they can reach their destination no matter if there are forests, swamps or even mountains, they always manage to pass these terrains, they are professionals in the tactics of light infantry and stealth, are a combination between the soldiers of the DSS and the normal ones, these soldiers carry light armor, making them fast, and being able to withstand some shots, not as much as the ILD, but they fulfill their objective, some say that these are the light version of the ILD, by how they are trained almost as hard, one thing about this squad is that they know how to operate any weapon, sniper, assault rifle, any weapon that is known, these are trained In that, these were so influential, that even the ILD have thought about having the same rule, they are the perfect soldiers for rugged combat, and nothing more.

Light infantry behavior: the division will be divided and each soldier will go on his own (maybe in groups of three), mostly this tactic will only be used in cities and combat against artillery bombardment.

Total charge: the division will charge firing its weapons against the enemy, trying to evade the shots, this tactic will try to use as little as possible, and will be used only when they have enough soldiers,like militia.

Cutting of scissors (only with normal infantry): The division will be divided into two groups and separated until the enemy is found, the divisions will attack the enemy at the same time.

Testudo (only with squad A.m): Using the Roman tactics, the soldiers will gather and show their shields to the enemies and avoid separating, this tactic works with almost everything, except heavy attacks

Silent Murder (only with ambush squad):The soldiers will try to attack important targets in enemy regiments (officers, etc), this tactic is dangerous, since the regiment, if the shot fails, will be discovered, but it is worth trying

Fight to death (only with Children of the law): The soldiers will not retreat and fight to the death, this makes them more dangerous and will cause more casualties to the enemy, without counting that their will to live will make them fight with all their might

Sabotage (only with Men of Heaven): the paratroopers will try to sabotage everything they can in order to reduce the defense or infrastructure of the enemies, this leads to capture bridges, destroy armor and weapons, as anti-aircraft, or even capture enemy equipment

Professional ambush (only with All Terrain Division): soldiers will hide and attack unsuspecting enemies, as these are professionals in all terrain, they can make the enemy suffer, this works much better in urban and forest terrain

Cost (in%): 17.7% of GDP

Currently Soldiers:
Militia: 350.000
Normal: 550.000
M.F Squad: 250.000
DS Squad: 150.000
Children of Law: 70.000
Men of Heaven: 50.000
All Terrain Division: 30.000
Total Soldiers: 1.450.000

Infantry per división
NGM : 5.000- 15.000
Normal: 5.000-15.000
DSS and FS squads: 1000-5000 (Ambush may have only 200)
Children of law: 500-1500 (1000 only in hard situations)
MoH and ATD:500-3000

(División <, Regiment >)
270.000.000 3% = 8.250.000
8.250.000= max
(in rp) 60.000.000 3%= 1.800.000
basically my max military is 1.800.000