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Codex of Dv: Vodein Conscripts

Following the Great War and the rise of the PGDP, there was a need for two military forces across the planet; a police force and a patrol force. The police force, called the Baarsu Detachment, worked to help rebuild the Baarsu zones. The patrol force worked to man listening posts across the Himdahdevul, as well as work on reclamation operations. However, as time went by, an old enemy of the first government reappeared; the Cult of Girsyr. 

The Cult believed that after a "great cleansing" they would be destined to rule Dv Prime, so they started a minor attempt at a campaign against the ruling government. Due to the fact that there was no detachment in the desert capable of stopping the march, the government quickly formed a conscripted group of soldiers and gave them weapons and armor before throwing them into the desert. The conflict largely ended in a stalemate, with some of the government's fronts being able to push back against the cultists.

At present, the Vodein Detachment is responsible for maintaining order in the deserts as a de facto police force. In recent years, the cultists have slowly been falling back to their original positions as the war tips in favor of the government, though not without large casualties inflicted on the Vodein Detachment. To top it off, with the retreating cultists, people have begun to move into the deserts as nomads, further making the situation worse for the stationed soldiers as it becomes difficult to distinguish friend and foe.

The Vodein Detachment is currently deployed in the Expanse, Girsyr's Dune Sea, and the Northern Grains.

A Draconian Conscript drinking from a thermos in the Northern Grains

Image Credits to Isestrel