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by The Community of Conservative Nations. . 1,332 reads.



Preamble: We, the member-states of the Federation of Conservative Nations, each State acting in its sovereign and independent character, in order to form a more perfect cooperative union, establish Justice, insure domestic tranquillity, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity invoking the favor and guidance of Almighty God do ordain and establish this Constitution for the Federation of Conservative Nations.

Article I: Rights of Residing Nations

The government and senate of the Federation of Conservative Nations may not, for any reason, infringe upon these rights as long as the constitution stands. The rights are as follows:

I. All nations, as long as they reside within the Federation, have their sovereign rights guaranteed and can make their own laws within their boundaries.

II. All nations are guaranteed the right to speak out against the government on the Discord, regional message board, or forum. All nations have the right to free speech on the RMB (within confines of NS rules), on the Discord; however, excessively abusive or offensive comments are not allowed and may be punished by the President or Secretary of Internal Affairs. Any objections to disciplinary action must be brought to the Judicial Branch, where it may be upheld or overturned.

III. No nation may be banned nor ejected from the region by a government official without reason stated on the RMB by said government official. No resident may be banned or kicked from the Discord server without reason stated on the RMB by the admin who performed the act.

IV. After seven days of residing within the Federation's discord, any nation, that is not a puppet, may apply for citizenship. Puppets where the main nation is outside of the region may ask the Secretary of Internal Affairs for an exception.

V. All nations are encouraged to be active within the Federation, and participate in regional activities.

VI. Any resident can bring an executive action before the court for a fair hearing if they define the executive action as violating the law.

VII. Any Citizen, Resident, or Government Official cannot be convicted or tried twice for the same offense.

Article II: Responsibilities of Residing Nations

Nations within the Federation of Conservative Nations are highly recommended to uphold these responsibilities as residents of the FCN. The responsibilities are as follows:

I. Be loyal to the Federation. Any form of treason or collaboration with foreign entities to tarnish the constitution or the government will be punished accordingly.

II. Be active within the Federation. Inactivity is highly frowned upon, and it is the responsibility of every resident to be reasonably active.

III. Be loyal to the government of the Federation. You may speak out against the government, but plotting to overthrow government officials or destroy the government is unacceptable.

Article III: The Legislative Branch

I. The Senate of the FCN shall consist of all World Assembly members that reside in the FCN and are Citizens on the FCN Discord. It shall be recognized as the highest body representing the will of the Citizens of the Region, and by doing do, as the highest body representing the will of the Region.

II. Senators are responsible for creating the laws that govern the region, for making amendments to the constitution when needed, and for express the will of the Region by motions.

III. Senators may be removed from the senate with a two thirds majority vote, by leaving the region for a non-region related raid or move, or by ceasing to exist. They may also be removed for withdrawing from the WA while not participating in a government-sanctioned raid or operation. Senators who are removed via vote may be temporarily banned for a period lasting no longer than three weeks. If a Senator has a history of repeated minor offenses or a major violation of regional law, they may be permanently banned from the Senate. Bans, be they temporary or permanent, may be appealed, and the Speaker may pardon a banned nation or the Senate as a whole may pardon a banned nation with a majority vote and may overturn a Speaker's pardon by a two thirds vote. Acting Speakers may not pardon, only elected Speakers shall have that power. Additionally, nations which have been banned from the region shall be automatically considered to be permanently banned without a need for a vote, so as long as they are on the regional ban list. As with impeachment, the Senator being removed may not vote on the motion for his removal.

IV. Senate bills have to be seconded by another senator before they can be brought upon the voting chamber.

V. Votes must be conducted via either a Thumbs Up reaction for Aye, Thumbs Down for Nay, or Raised Hand for Present. Regular bills of any sort and any motion require a simple majority of the vote, and amendments to this document two thirds of the vote. Voting Present shall not count toward the amount required for passage.

VI. Any senators that do not vote shall not count towards the voting count.

VII. Nations seeking to form new parties are required to gain approval from the Senate to have their party officially recognized. Parties with 8+ members will be considered as a Major party, 7 or less members will be considered as Minor. Parties with one member will be considered independent and unrecognized. The Senate must approve a new party with a 1/2+ vote and the Senate has the power to disband any political party with a 2/3 vote. Additionally, parties shall be considered disbanded when they have no members remaining, or when the party officially renders notice to the Secretary of Internal Affairs of their disbandment. All nations, that are not puppets, may join a political party. Puppets where the main nation is outside of the region may ask the Secretary of Internal Affairs for an exception.

VIII. All bills and amendments must be brought before the President to be approved or vetoed. Vetoes can be nullified by two thirds of the senate.

IX. Senate Speakers must be a voting member of the Senate ten (10) days before their election. Presidents do not have to be approved by the senate upon election. Both can be impeached with two thirds of the vote. Any President-appointed officer can be impeached with a simple majority Senate vote or removed by the President. Any officer that is the subject of an impeachment vote shall be able to present his defense case to the Senate, but shall not be able to vote on the impeachment motion.

X. If the court finds the Executive acted unlawfully but the executive refuses to follow the order of the court, the Senate can bring an impeachment hearing and vote.

XI. With two thirds of the vote, martial law may be enacted upon the region, allowing for the founder to be temporary leader of the region and armed forces, and for all officers to be dismissed until martial law ends. The senate shall not be dismissed, but no bills shall pass in times of martial law, though the senate can come together and vote to end martial law.

XII. The Senate, by two thirds majority, may amend the Senate's Rules of Operation. The President, or any Executive, does not need to sign a bill amending the Senate's rules

XIII. The Senate may not pass any Ex Post Facto law.

Article IV: The Executive Branch

I. Our region shall function as a democracy, with World Assembly members actively debating and proposing laws that govern the region, and the people directly electing the President and Senate Speaker to represent them in the government and senate, respectively.

II-I. The President shall have the ability to appoint the Secretary of Internal Affairs, Secretary of War, and Head Diplomat. These officers shall be approved by the Senate with a simple majority majority vote. The President shall be given the power to coordinate these officers, and dismiss them if needed. Members of the cabinet may also be removed by the Senate with a simple majority majority vote. The President shall be able to create polls for proposals and for the people to express their opinions on any topic. The President can also suppress rule breaking posts, and shall possess admin on the discord server of the Federation. The President is allotted 3 Executive Orders in his 3 month Presidential Term. The President's Executive Orders may be overturned by the Senate with a two thirds vote. The President shall have the power to pardon nations that would normally have been banned under the Communist Condemning Act and Fascist Condemning Act, but the Senate may overturn a pardon with a simple majority majority vote. The President shall be granted control over Appearance, Border Control, Communications, Polls, and Embassies. The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, and shall be elected directly by the people.

II-II. The Vice President shall run alongside the President, but does not have to be approved by the senate. The Vice President shall be President of the Senate, and shall be granted control over Communications and Polls.

II-III. In case of dispute in the interpretation of the aforementioned rules, the highest office of each branch, for the Executive the President, for the Legislative the Senate Speaker, and for the Judiciary the Chief Justice, and each shall be entitled to set the interpretation, their word being final. However if there exists proof of the decision being guided by the officer seeking a personal benefit, the officer’s decision can be challenged by proceeding through the proper channels for a case of corrupt practices.

III. The Secretary of War shall be Commander of the Armed Forces, with his only superior being the President. The Secretary of War shall be able to declare wars with a simple majority approval from the Senate, organize and enlist nations into the Armed Forces, lead operations, and appoint military officers at his will. He shall be appointed by the President, and shall be granted control over Appearance, Border Control, and Communications. He shall also be able to change the RAS level.

IV. The Secretary of Internal Affairs shall manage internal affairs of the Federation, and be able to conduct polls, manage regional activities, and manage the roleplay. He shall be able to assist the Founder in elections, and shall de facto be made head of the Election Committee. He shall be appointed by the President, and shall be granted control over Appearance, Border Control, Communications, and Polls, and shall be given admin on the discord server of the Federation.

V. The Head Diplomat shall also be our World Assembly delegate. He is tasked with representing us to other regions, being able to organize meetings and talks, express the region's will in the World Assembly, and set foreign policy not dictated by the Senate or President. In addition shall be de facto regional attorney, tasked with resolution of foreign disputes concerning other regions, and cooperate with foreign officers to reach a resolution. However, the Senate, as the highest body representing the will of the Region, shall be able to, by voting motion with a simple majority, interfere in the foreign politics. The WA Delegate is expected to follow the will of the majority and the Senate on any resolution or matter of foreign affairs, as a matter of formality. Should the WA Delegate ever break with the majority of Senators or regional WA voting members, the Delegate is expected to publicly submit a justification of his or her views. The Senate reserves the right to remove WA Delegates, via impeachment, should said appointed cabinet officials continue to unjustifiably break with the majority. The President also reserves the right to sack the WA Delegate and appoint a new Delegate, with Senate approval, at any time. The Head Diplomat shall be appointed by the President, and shall be granted control over Appearance, Embassies, and Communications.

VI. The Senate Speaker shall be a Senator, and shall be elected directly by the senators. He is an Officer tasked with serving as a connection between the people and the senate, keeping the non-senators of the Federation updated on senate bills, senate movements, and more. While being a member of the Cabinet, the Senate Speaker may not be removed by the President as it is an elected position.

VII. No officer may hold more than his officer position in the Federation, nor may he run for more than one position during an election season.

VIII. The Founder of the Region shall organize elections along with the Secretary of Internal Affairs. He shall have no powers, unless Martial Law be enacted upon the region.

IX. All officers are able to employ 'staff' in their various departments, and create non-officer roles related to that position with consent from the President. The departments include: Department of Foreign Affairs (Head Diplomat), the Department of Internal Affairs (Sec. of Internal Affairs), the Department of War (Sec of War), and the Office of the Senate (Senate Speaker).

X. The Head Journalist shall create factbooks telling the history of the FCN, current events in the FCN, and other articles relating to the FCN. He shall be appointed by the Secretary of Internal Affairs, with approval of the President, and shall be granted control over Appearance and Polls. The Head Journalist shall be a staff officer of the Department of Internal Affairs and as such shall not be subject to the Limitations Act. The Head Journalist shall be given control over The FCN Times to update the region on news, politics, and other matters of journalism. Ownership of the FCN Times ends at the end of the Head Journalist's term.

XI. Whenever the President transmits to the Speaker of the Senate his written declaration that he is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, and until he transmits to them a written declaration to the contrary, such powers and duties shall be discharged by the Vice President as Acting President.

XII. In the event of a vacancy in office between elections, seats may be filled for the duration of the term in this manner: for President, by VP assumption of the presidency; for Vice President, by presidential appointment; for Senate Speaker, by Senate election; for any other Cabinet office, by presidential appointment with Senate approval.

XIII. The Executive can remove citizens from the region for consistently violating the Constitution, the law, and/or posing a threat to the region. Before removal, the Executive must post the reason behind the removal in the RMB and tag the citizen being banned. The Executive must provide a 24 hour period for a challenge in court before removal.

XIV. Terms of office for President, Vice President, and Senate Speaker shall extend from the day after the quarterly election to the day after the next quarterly election. The term of office for all Executive Branch officers requiring Senate approval shall extend from their Senate confirmation to the Senate confirmation of the next term for their office.

XV. In the case of infiltration by an enemy spy/puppet nation, the Executive can remove said spy/puppet from the region for espionage against the FCN and tag the spy/puppet being banned. After removal, the Executive must post in the RMB that said nation was an enemy spy/puppet. The Executive must bring the banning to court to officially review the banning of the spy/puppet. The Executive may also request the founder to do the ban, though all legal responsibility still rests on the Executive.

XVI. Spam nations will be defined as nations created to disrupt regional activity, including but not limited to, filling up regional happenings, sending a large amount of messages on the RMB within a short timespan, and voting on the poll with the intention of messing up results. Spam nations may be ejected and banned by the Executive, which must immediately post on the RMB that the nations banned were spam nations, and it must be reviewed by the court. The Executive may also request the founder to do the ban, though all legal responsibility still rests on the Executive.

Article V: Independent Judicial Branch

I. Up to three Justices can be appointed by the President based on their merit and will not hold mental reservations during a sentencing,

II. Justices shall serve from their Senate approval until Senate approval of the succeeding Presidential nomination in the next term of office. There is no limit to how many terms a Justice can serve.

III. Justices nominated for office by the President must be approved by the Senate with a simple majority majority vote.

IV. Justices shall exercise power within the confines of the Constitution and shall not seek to expand their influence beyond it’s limitation

V. Justices shall interpret the Common Law without having ideological or philosophical mental reservations (Judicial Activism)

VI. If Justices are found engaging in the one of the pervious restricted behaviors, the Justice will be removed immediately from the bench with a two thirds vote of the senate.

VII. The Justices can hear a case brought by any resident, decide on the legality of executive actions and order a reversal of the executive action.

VIII. Justices can not be voting members of the senate during a vote to remove a Justice.

Article VI: Governmental Procedures and Elections

I. The Senate, the Presidency, and the Judiciary shall all be separate and coequal branches of government, fulfilling the duties and powers outlined to each entity in the previous articles.

II. As separate and coequal branches of government, the Senate, the Presidency, and the Judiciary shall be allowed to make their own internal rules and procedures for debate without requiring permission from the other branches. Each branch may only affect its own internal rules of debate.

III. An election committee shall be created 24 hours before any vote to closely observe any regional election. The committee will made up of one appointed member from each official political party that will be able to challenge or report any suspicious or unlawful action made during elections to the founder, who will decide whether the nation in question has done any wrong, and if so their punishment.

IV. Puppets may not vote in the elections, nor may nations residing in the region for less than seven days prior to the vote.

V. Races with three or more candidates are to be executed by a two-round voting system where if one candidate doesn't receive over 50% of the vote, a second round will be needed to decide the winner between the top two candidates. The only elections that shall occur are for President and Senate Speaker.

VI. Elections shall be held between the 12th day and 17th day of the months of January, April, July, and October. The election for Senate Speaker shall be held before the election for President.

VII: A Snap election may be called at anytime with the consent of both the officer who's position would be elected, and 2/3rds of the Senate.

Article VII: The Regional Alert System

I. The Regional Alert System (RAS) shall be on display on the nation's WFE. It shall be maintained by the Secretary of War. The RAS is defined as follows:
• Delta: There are no threats to the Region. Business as usual
• Gamma: Possible Threat. Secretary of War contacts important allies of our threat if necessary. Business as usual
• Beta: Confirmed Threat. Secretary of War can create a password. All officers are contacted. Cautionary
• Alpha: Catastrophe. Password is changed. Martial Law. Public At Risk
• OMEGA Destruction. Region natives are evacuated to ally region. Martial Law. Evacuation