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Species of the Galactic Republic of Alexzonya and the Northeast Gamma League

This will get fleshed out more later, but I've copy-pasted it from a Discord chat so I don't forget that this should be a factbook

Species of Alexzonya Proper:
Humans - Alexzonyan (technocratic xenophiles)
Altresh (Quadruped elephant-ish mammalians)
Humans - Various Other
Kinsari (Bunnies!)
Ghalen (Warrior culture forehead aliens, nearly all complete National Service in Starfleet)
Vishari (Mantis-like refugees, integration challenge)
Phoenixi (Any of the above or others who have gone through to a second-migration exocortex and thus are functionally synthetics in a biological "sleeve" body"

Species of the Northeast Gamma League:
Humans - Arcadian (diverse, democratic, mildly xenophobic)
Humans - Byzantine (imperialist warrior culture)
Humans - Thallian (resource-poor warrior culture)
Kinsari (Bunnies again!)
Myrr (Synthetics)
Leosians (Theocratic Avians)
Aquarians (Magical Amphibians)
Rengarians (Bipedal Murder-Tigers)