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Freedom to Build Act of 2004 [USST Law]

Freedom to Build Act
3rd Revolutionary Council of the United Socialist States of Tulov
Date Proposed: March 20th, 2004
Date of Vote: March 25th, 2004
Workers' Assembly: 183-11
State Assembly: 51-7
Signed by: Tatiana Tulonovna
Signed on: March 26th, 2004
Date of Effect: March 27th, 2004
Status: Active

No law shall be passed which attempts to restrict the right of the workers, or of the people, to build as they see fit on land designated for construction or is privately owned.

No permits nor licenses shall be required for the construction of any building, and while state approval may be sought for designs, layouts, or integrity, such approval shall in no way be needed nor required.

All people of the United Socialist States of Tulov shall be free to build as they see fit, and full liability for any faulty buildings established shall lie with the builders.

Any laws currently in effect which require the permitting or licensing of builders or structures are hereby overturned and rendered null effective immediately.