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UoJ Roleplay | New Nation's Dispatch & Roleplay Overview

Welcome to Union of Justice! If you are new, I, your IC Commissioner Saanangi would like to extend my heartiest welcome! This factbook is to welcome you specifically to the roleplay scene here in the UoJ - please look at the other factbooks if you are concerned with Regional Government, OOC rules, etc. If you are interested in roleplay, you will need to apply to get a space on the map. In order to get a space on the map, you will need to telegram the completed application (same goes for expansions) the Citizen's Committee on Cartography & The ICC. They will then process your claim, and once done they will put you on the map. Below is the UoJ Roleplay Application, the The Expansion Application, the Stats Index, and ICC Guidelines on War Roleplay. For old members - if you want to have an expansion, please follow the protocol as listed as below.

Union of Justice Roleplay Application
When finished please telegram this to the Citizen's Committe on Cartography: Saanangi, Inkopolitia, & Malumynumen | Your claim will be processed, estimated time can range between an hour to 48 hours. In addition to telegraming it to the CCC, please make a dispatch of the Application and put it in "Account" -> "Other"

Name of NS Nation:

Roleplay Nation Name:

Location Description &/or Map Link:

Type of Government:
Head of State:
Head of Government:

Population (Can Change):
Largest City:
Official Language(s):

Current Economic System (Can Change)

Current SA:

History (Optional, but Smiled Upon):

Have You Read the RP Rules (Y/N):

Have You Read the War RP Rules (Y/N):

Union of Justice EXPANSION Application
When finished please telegram this to the Citizen's Committe on Cartography: Saanangi, Inkopolitia, & Malumynumen | Your claim will be processed, estimated time can range between an hour to 48 hours. In addition to telegraming it to the CCC, please make a dispatch of the Expansion and put it in "Account" -> "Other" Expansions are significantly harder to evaluate, therefore, please specify everything.


Description of Expansion/Image Link:

Reason/Circumstances (ie - Did you invade someone, Land trade, etc):

Proof of Land Transfer (Picture, Get the Other nation to TG the CCC):

Proof of Treaty/Consent of Nation (If there was War):







0 SA

2000's military technology

2000's industrial technology

2000's medical technology

  • Chemical propulsion rockets

  • Satellites

  • Manned missions to close planetary bodies (e.g. moons)

  • Manned spacestations

100 SA

  • 3D Printing

  • Virtual Reality

  • Primitive automated mining posts

  • High-temperature superconductors

  • Early quantum computing

  • Primitive nanotechnology

  • Clonal transplantation

  • Implants

  • Genetic engineering

  • Primitive augmentations

  • Early cryogenic storage

200 SA

  • Railguns

  • Advanced military robots

  • Armor with applied nanotechnology

  • Virtual intelligences

  • Primitive artificial intelligences

  • Full hologram technology

  • Advanced nanotechnology

  • Nanomedicine

  • Brain-Machine Interfaces

  • Early mechanical augmentations

  • High-resolution telescope observation

300 SA

  • Near Ultraviolet-spectrum lasers

  • Functional plasma weaponry

  • Early combat augmentations

  • Visual-spectrum cloaking technology

  • Functioning artificial intelligences

  • Early nanoassemblers

  • Early nanites

  • LinkFusion energy

  • Early cloaking metamaterials

  • Medical nanobots

  • Functioning mechanical augmentations

  • Longevity therapy

  • Advanced cryogenic storage

  • Advanced Spaceflight

  • Third Generation Space Stations

350 SA

  • Advanced plasma weaponry

  • Early coilguns

  • Functioning combat augmentations

  • Powered exoskeletons

  • Primitive High Volume Sound Weaponry

  • 6G Communication

  • Early quantum networks

  • Room-temperature superconductors

  • Advanced automated mining installations

  • Early general energy weapon production

  • Advanced mechanical augmentation

  • Early nano-augmentation

  • Universal Vaccines

  • Synthetic genomes

  • Type I Faster-than-Light LinkAlcubierre/Warp drives

    1. Maximum speed of 807 ly/day

    2. Maintainable cap of 200 military vessels

    3. LinkVASIMR STL drives

450 SA

  • Advanced nanoassemblers

  • Advanced nanites

  • Advanced quantum computing

  • Perfected cloning technology

  • Extensive genetic manipulation

  • Perfected mechanical augmentation

  • Automated unmanned FTL probes

  • Maintainable cap of 400 military vessels

550 SA

  • Advanced coilguns

  • Advanced combat augmentations

  • Power Armor

  • Advanced kinetic shields

  • Advanced nano-augmentation

  • Perfected cryogenic storage

  • Large FTL Colonization Vessels

  • Maintainable cap of 600 military vessels


  • Advanced kinetic shields

  • Far Ultraviolet-spectrum lasers

  • Wide-spectrum cloaking technology

  • Perfected nano-augmentation

  • Advanced Brain-Machine Interfaces

  • Maintainable cap of 800 military vessels

  • Coloniazation of other planets

  • Space fleets - CAN NOT BE USED FOR WAR!



Rule Description


All RPs are to be conducted on the RMB, one-liners - unless in Character/Meeting RP, are discouraged


On nations who are on the map can roleplay, the process for getting on the map is detailed above.


No puppets on the map at all.


War rules are specified in this dispatch, please read them if you want to be able to go to war


If there is conflict in RP, the ICC will arbitrate the conflict.


Out of region players cannot make map claims. They can only acquire territory on the map through RP.


Bullying has a zero-tolerance policy.


I interpret all sexual harassment and inappropriate, unwanted behavior as criminal and will not only ban you, but will report you to the moderators.


. . . "If there are any forms of complaint within the war, or if any case is to briefed or considered god modding, the ICC has every right persuant to the Constitution of the UoJ to intervene and void the Roleplay. Furthermore, if the ICC labels actions as godmodding and there is significant pushback by A) the community or B) the persons involved, the ICC's internal organ - the Citizen's Committee on Cartography - will review the case and put out its final decision. In terms of war, the ICC has every right to use his/her powers of clarification to set standards within the preexisting regulations." . . . 

If any of these terms are not met, the roleplay will be classified as godmodding and will be voided:

All players must have 5 days to respond, if not, they have virtually surrendered unless intervention by the ICC pardons them

All players must engage in warfare sequentially - you can not make several war posts in one day and then expect the person to respond immediately. There must be turns involved.

All nations must have a valid casus belli, as there is a moratorium on land trades, expansions, etc - casus belli to get more land will no longer be tolerated. The ICC can and will void any and all RPs that are

  • Overt landgrabs

  • Based off of OOC/Metagame scenarios

  • Based off of unrealistic standards set.

All war rps are to be realistic, with troop movements published

Before engaging in any form of war, a nation must have a factbook which details

  • Number of Active troops

  • Number of reserve troops

  • Number of nava. vessels

  • Number of tanks

  • Number of planes

  • Tech level

  • If possible (optional) specify what are the types of planes, vessels, & ground arms

Lastly, land transfers must be consensual in all degrees - if it isn't land will not be handed over. Even if you win, your land can not directly be partitioned, annexed, etc without the home nation's permission. A nation can be made into a protectorate, be forced to give up some land in exchange for leaving him/her alone, but otherwise - land can not be excised.