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Karma Alert Episode 1

"Hello everyone and welcome back to another episode of Karma Alert, this episode will be considered the FIRST OFFICIAL KARMA ALERT EPISODEEEEEEEE! I hope you all are having a fantastic day. We have a lot of news to cover today, so let's get righhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhht into the news!" says the host SteamStar which is overreacting and is bursting into tears of joy for no apparent reason...

"Our first story for today is about Karma's growth, in the last couple of days, Karma has seen HUGE GROWTH. New nations are joining left and right, Karma has never seen this kind of love and support before! These amazing accomplishments could've never happened without you, yes you! The reader! You are what made Karma what it is... cough cough With all of that out of the way now, let's take a look at Karma's new members!" cries Steam. "The nations that joined Karma recently are:
Yugoslavviaa (which relocated to another region sadly) - Mega Jorts - Gravity Fails - Pineapple Coconut Mango - Banana Lemon Smoothie - Kailukari - Rudalok - Arru"

"Our second story is about the population milestones some Karman nations have reached! Many nations have reached some huge milestones and we'll go over some of the most important ones because I don't have all day long here!

Zalidia Ah Zalidia what a great nation, let's see what've you achieved, oh wow, you've done it! 400 million population, that's amazing!

Whymattica Ah umm uh, yes this nation that I don't know how to pronounce yes umm, who wrote this nation on the list.
I'll just call it "Why", so apparently Why has recently reached a population of drum roll please 250 million, do you know what this means!? DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS?!?!!? They can now choose a capital city, and they chose the famous city of "Bambernich Metro - George Creek District" to be their capital! Well done Why to hope your nation grows even more and changes to the better. ( and change your name so people can pronounce it) cough cough

Doitschland ahh Doitschland what a great place! It's not very known, but it's still great! This milestone isn't as big as the others, however, it's still something worth mentioning. They've reached 10 million citizens, hope you grow even more!

Star Blouse and Kieve Wavus It's a plane! It's a rocket! It's Star Blouseeeeeeeeeeeee, and Kieve Wavus but who cares about those they're a good nation, but who cares! It's all about Star Blouse these days! These two nations have reached 300+ million citizens in their country! That is what I call HUGE.

Polamya And here we have Polamya which for some reason has a rose on their flag, and that always brings terrible problems (War of the Roses) *cough *, but anyways their nation has reached a population of 250 million, amazing, just amazing!

Redanglia Well that's a name. I am getting too tired trying to compliment these nations and add some description to their milestone so it's not just blatant text. Anywayyyyys, they've reached a population of 252 million wooooooo!

Takura Ahh, Takura, the nicest nation, the best nation to go to for a holiday, and also a nation with over 213 million citizens.

Dawcreek Also known as "Smaller Takura", looking for a place that's completely safe from any criminal activities? Well, Dawcreek is the nation for you to visit! No one could resist a free flight to Dawcreek, well except criminals... But that's not why I am here, Dawcreek has recently hit 118 million citizens, Well done Dawcreek!" says Steam loudly after he broke the world record for the loudest scream. (If your nation wasn't mentioned, it's because it didn't reach a milestone of importance or I didn't notice it :3)

"Our third story for today is about dispatches! There aren't that many important ones that have been written recently. Well, I've only seen one... and that dispatch is from Dawcreek It lists some of Karma's national animals, here have a read!

Owl: Altino, Brahmana, Ekyslia
Badger: Zen Karma
Itty Bitty Black Kitty: Bitty Kitty
Parakeet: Weknesia
Potato: Sanjikurisa
Hedgehog: Whymattica
Daihan Fox: Ghad
Falcon: Caelym
Lion: Pyo Karma
Cow: Krishna Rashtra
Lightning Turtle: Laniron, Lanironia, Soviet Laniron
Killer Whale: Zalidia, Watara
Beaver: Dawcreek, Kataane
Giant Eraqian Crimson Eagle: Eraqia
Corrupted Lion: Levont
Octopus: Kitherun
Noot Noot: Ooooooooooooooooooooooooo, Takura
Pidgeon: Republic of Markano
Narwhal: Spunia
B-1 Battle Droid: Plasma
Hooded Scavenger Hawk: Sircassia
Seahorse: The Vanguard Fleet
Swan: Ostann Hath and Seranalase
Daemon: Vican Polloshkia
Greater Turtle: Look island
Peecock: Robo Communism
Human: Union 42
Spuig: Da Luky Nobz
Squirrel: Kieve Wavus, Mega Jorts, Watkinsa
Penguin: Jurre, Japist
Deer: Greater Dearborn
Spider: Arachnargg
Turtle: Oristanza, Karma Chameleon, Pheno
Seagull: Zalidian Tanhauser
Capitalist: Soviet Nordis
Departed Friend: John Constantine
Banana Hamster: Doorkington
Butterfly: Ashidez
Kirby: United Auroran Empire
Lazsiris: Wymondham4
Pegasus: Chants
Giant Armadillo: Burastan
Raven: Kalostia
Goat: Crolea
Slug: Buried Coffins
Fox: Watington, Star Blouse
Polamyan Serpent: Polamya
Dog: Goobic
Snorkack: Fuzzbuckets
Racoon Dog: Almando
Camel: Demerian
Yak: Sudorenstan
Triangle: Gravity Fails
Oil Snake: HellaStacksia
Bat: The armed republic of Scots
Sparrow: Kiaraz, Eastines
Spork: Fork the Lovely Spork
Panther: Onethar
Axoloti: Japeta
Crocodile: Arru
Leopardo Ibéro: Nova Vestroia
Moose: Slaato
Two Headed Donkey: Free Salvatia
Leg Creature: Chevchellios
Tiger: Gamiersia
Arctic Fox: Runefalls
Dragon: New Azula
Angel: Rusceiiran
Alligator: Smoke Island
Yogulic Seal: Yogulia

This is all of the nations I have so far, send me a telegram if you want to have your nation on here.

Read dispatch


"Our fourth story for this episode comes from the Watania Pact. My sources have recently discovered that the Watania Pact is going to start a football(soccer) world cup! This is all the information we have for now, but MAN, a world cup, how did they even come up with this totally original idea! Jokes aside though, I am excited about this event, hopefully, everything goes well, and nothing terrible happens."

"And last but not least, our fifth story, which comes from Watania Pact member ZW( Zalidia ) However it's not the most exciting news we've had, it's actually the exact opposite of exciting... A hurricane named Joe is about to hit Watania, which is the capital city of ZW. Things aren't looking good, this is going to be disastrous, I hope no one got hurt..."

"Anyway guys that was our final story for the day, hope you enjoyed , and stay tuned for daily episodes of Karma Alert. Karma region is now over 250 nations!"

The Republic of Levont