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Kane the Cybernetic Swashbuckler Pirate

Kane a cybernetic Human with 80%of his orginal body being made of cybernetic parts.
He has one human eye and most of his internal organs,
The rest being metal and prosthetics.
His body is made of the strongest metal you can find making him very durable.

Species: Human cyborg
Height: 7' 3"
Weight: 3000lbs

A Former member of the Honorgradian navy, Kane was 20 years old when his ship was hit by an enemy volley
Kane was injured resulting in over half his body being disintigrated and only his organs remaining
Left cripple the government didnt bother to help him as they had a war to fight
Betrayed Kane spent all the money he had left to get prosthetics so he could actually move and turned towards crime. After a while Kane noticed there was a surprising amount of veterans left behind after the war all over the place.
He created a pirate band where no government could betray them and the could do whatever they pleased.

Drain the Space Vampire

(First is what he looks like)
(Second is how he steals peoples life force)
Description: A suit of armour containing a being of dust Drain is a vampire-esque creature that drains the life force of others to sustain himself.

Species: [Redacted] (creature of the void)
Height: 9ft
Weight: 1800lbs

Backstory: An Unknown creature from the void, Drain woke up on a planet in Koperland
Not knowing his past he struggles to remember who he is.
But in the meantime he steals the life force of scum
Those who hurt others and burden society,
Cursed to kill others to sustian himself he looks for other an exit out of the prison he is contained in both litteraly and morally.

The Honogradian Kingdom of 1000 Stars