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A few things i need to say

I've noticed recently that a lot of brainwashed lefties from countries like cuba, vietnam, china, laos are a bit toxic. As you have expected, theyre all communist states. The people from these nation are overly patriotic (in a bad way) refusing to accept any sort of criticism toward their ideology, including criticism toward their leaders.

I'll take an example, Vietnam. I've been to vietnam before and got a chance to go through their history class. The stuff they teach kids are communism good, bla bla bla... This is an extremely negative way to teach children, telling lies about history. There are no right or wrong about history, only the truth. They praise their leader like Jesus Christ, its like their own little religion, and its not so little at all, despite the fact that they rule vietnam as dictators, make their people suffer to this day. And i won't blame them for not knowing, because the government hides all the details and block websites. In fact, to this day vietnam is still a dictatorship, a one-party dictatorship but most of them refuse to believe so. They say that their gov is good while still having to pay for their kids to go to school. The gov supress any "three-stripe" related kind of stuff. The gov kill them, silence them, kick them out of the country, anything to stay in power. And some say that "yeah right! dictatorship would just fall anyway, look at the ussr, it died. the rest would be soon". Im sorry it won't, because people like them still exist.

Let's go back to history, the Vietnam war. In school they teach kids that Northie good, Southie bad, Americans are dogs. Let's learn the "harsh" truth shall we. The Democratic Republic vietnam(north) destroyed the french in 1945, and them destroyed the Autonomous republic of cochinchina government somewhere in 1946. The country suffer from famine and starvation for half a decade. The french went back with help from the usa to destroy the north but failed. So now the country isnt truly communist yet as The State of Vietnam still exist with Diem as chancellor, Bao Dai as head of state. 1954, ngo dinh diem kick Bao Dai and form the Republic of vietnam(south). The geneva accord spilt the country in half, or should i say the Republic of vietnam got rid of the north to commies. Theres a treaty that would have unite the nation through a vote but diem didnt sign it bc he was sure that the north would win. Thats how the south live for 20 years. People from the north quickly fled the country to the south due to many reasons, mostly due to religious supression, many were killed or arrested by the north on their way to freedom, they were called traitors to the state. The south keep thriving bc of capitalism and the north kept going down but they know nothing. The south was recognised by more than 60 nation. The north only got recognised by almost 20, all countries from the eastern bloc and china, dprk. The south said that HCM is the bastard, the north said Dien is the bastard, so whos right, whos wrong? Lets skip to 1963, diem wanted to kick the us from south vn, the us didnt wanted that so kennedy with other south vn general coup and killed him. Instead of gaining political freedom, the south fell to civil disturbances. The north found this as a great chance to unite the country under their ideology. The us got in immediately, causing the vietnam war. 1973, the us had to sign the paris accord, meaning they had to withdraw all their troops from vietnam, making the south completely defendless from the north with the ussr and china still helping. 1975, the north capture the south, making millions fled to neighboring countries, some never make it away. After the war, le duan made a concentration camp to "re-educated" south vn soldiers and generals. Isolating the country from the rest of the world until 1986. Thats when vietnamese knows wtf a money is.

About money, the value of the vnd was ok only till the recent years due to hyperinflation and stuff because of poor regulations over the economy. It devalued several thousand times. Taxes are so hecking much including prices and policies. Stealing from the people right infront of you, but you do nothing. You either too scare to fight back(i can understand) or too blind to accept.

Also, just because people go against the government does NOT mean theyre "three-stripe" bastards. There are different rebels, dont be so empty-minded.

Look on the bright sides, vietnamese are starting to go to other countries like germany, us, canada,... and bring back their democratic values. I can surely say that this or the next generation communism will fall each and each countries thanks to globalism.

A country isn't really about a place. It's about it's people.
-Dude from a random movie i watched.

Well im tired. Thank you for coming to my TEDTalk.

The Kingdom of Wardency