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Ancestor Veneration:
The main faith of the Armada. Likely inspired by the zravvisk’s genetic memory, they believe that their ancestors’ spirits influence the world around them. Showing reverence to your decreased ancestors and maintaining a relationship with them may get them to advise you though showing you memories they had or adjust the odds in the background so you succeed. However, if disrespect is shown the spirts may become vengeful.

When the zravvisk practice this religion, they visit the shrine every ship has. There they will mediate or pray in front of a statue of a very generic zravvisk so they imagine the features of their ancestor over it. Shrines also have the names of every crewmember that ever lived on died on the ship carved into the walls so that they may be remembered as long as the shrine exists. The shrine keepers spend most of their time making sure these names stay legible and to remember the new ones so they can report them to the Shrine Keepers of Dragua so the names can be forever added to the shrines of the home world.

The zravvisk see every other religion though the lens of this religion seeing them as different interpretations of this, making it easy for them to add traditions from other religions but hard to convert. They also assume any other species’ ancestors act the same, so destroying any memorials is not only very taboo, but seen as inviting bad luck.


A typical statue one might find in a shrine

Dragon Cults:
A board group of religions that only share one thing; the worship of dragons. While very uncommon in the Armada, unless you count worshiping your ancestors that were known to the galaxy as “space dragons” to count as worshiping dragons, they are heavily associated with the zravvisk. They typically come about when the Armada visits a primitive world and interact with the locals because they lack a Prime Directive. The shock of seeing a species with such incomprehensible technology and nearly as incomprehensible technology convinces many that the zravvisk are divine. The fact that the zravvisk leave almost as quickly as they arrive, usually spending only a week on planets, provides no answers to what they are and leave the primitive people to come up with their own conclusions reinforcing the zravvisk’s divinity.

Cults, myths, and legends will spring up around the zravvisk. Eventually the cults will often be replaced by a more unified faith of dragons or an entirely new religion which will incorporate the dragon myths, but not the worship. As time goes on the importance of dragons in the faith will diminish until they’ve lost most religious significance. Most dragon cults do not last by the time a civilization has reached space flight, the religion either reforming away from being one or being replaced by a non-dragon cult religion. But if a dragon cult passes the test of time so that it makes it to the space age, it will face its toughest test; meeting the zravvisk that inspired it in the first place. Anytime a religion meets its gods is interesting and finding out that the beings they worship are people. Most zravvisk find dragon cults creepy, as while they know they will be worshipped after their death by their descendants, they aren’t ready for it while they’re alive.

The vast majority of dragon cults weren’t indented to have been started by the zravvisk. They were accidents caused by the consequences of showing people what they have no hope to understand. That said there have been a few dragon cults started by members of the zravvisk. Some zravvisk convinced others that they were gods as a version of a prank. Others for more darker reasons. Some zravvisk that have been exiled from the Armada and find a primitive planet sometimes think that it would be nice to be the new warlord of the planet and not only its conqueror but god.


Dragon cultists revering their god-queen

With the large amount of auxiliaries in the Armada, many come from different religious backgrounds. So many that it would be futile to describe them all here. They may vary from the Abrahamic religions of Terra to no belief in religion at all. The zravvisk recognize how personal religion is and accept all faiths.

The Armada of The Zravvisk