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NWE Political Compass


This idea started all when some people had the strange urge to further the New Western Empire from the politics of the globe. While they are more well known, they prevent parties from getting their message across, and end up following a strange path of trying to be in NationStates while acting like a party from the real world. Led by United Soviet States Of Russian Empire, and with major contributions from Communaccord, Sainoland, Ventus Prime, Ravennog, and MNI, we have developed a system for not only those that do not match the global system, but for parties to better express themselves, to better inform the general public, and most of all, to make sure the people are in the party they feel is best for them.


This new political system is based off of the parties' and people's views on issues pertaining to NationStates. These issues include strong versus weak government and absolutism versus democracy. We have found that people in the region argue over how much the government can regulate in extreme terms of rights of citizens down to the lesser extremes of Roleplay government control. People were also found to support an extreme version of the Monarchy down to just a Constitutional Monarchy, and over to a full US democracy to accompany the wide range of people in the Empire.


Strong v Weak

This is basically how much the government actually does, what they are responsible for. Strong government positions would be things like supporting a state media outlet, government ownership of the Roleplay, or government run games.

Absolutism v Democracy

Absolutists are more in favor of unelected authority, while Republicans are in favor of elected authority. Absolutist positions would include support for the monarch and appointed directors, while Republican position would include direct democracy and abolishing or limiting the monarchy.

Civil Liberty v Authority (Weak vs Strong)

This is essentially personal freedom against law and order. Authority positions could include harsh punishments and strict moderation, while civil liberty would want lax punishments and moderation.