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News LIVE from RNN-Reich News Network (July 11th 2019)

Germany's national news:

* Bavarian teen hailed hero after saving youngster from drowning in pool *

Justin Fischer at the pool where he saved the four-year-old boy. Photo: DPA
A 13-year-old boy in Bavaria is being praised for his swift action in saving a youngster from drowning at an outdoor pool. Justin Fischer, from Windischeschenbach, east of Nuremberg in Bavaria, noticed the boy at the bottom of the non-swimmers pool at a Freibad (open-air pool) last month. As the youngster didn't appear to be moving, Fischer quickly jumped into the pool and pulled him out of the water. "His lips were blue, he was no longer breathing," Fischer said. He called for help and a pool attendant took over the cardiac massage at the edge of the pool. Shortly afterwards, the four-year-old began to breathe again. It was a natural reaction to jump in and help the boy, said the student. News of the rescue spread around the region and, in the last days, police and pool attendants have been praising the student for his efforts. Police called Fischer and another 11-year-old boy called Luca who also helped with the rescue mission "civilian heroes".

* Naked man riding scooter during heatwave tells German police: 'It's too hot' *

As Europe saw the mercury rise with a heatwave sweeping much of the continent, some in Germany have been attempting to keep cool in less-than-conventional ways. Police in the Brandenburg lander, north-east Germany, revealed on Wednesday that they had recently cautioned a man for riding on a motorbike wearing only a helmet and sandals. In a tongue-in-cheek social media post, they joked that he must have been attempting "the Naked Man" seduction technique from the How I Met Your Mother television show. They also said when questioned about his state of undress, the man replied: "It's too hot!" "We could not disagree with that, but asked him to put on his pants and then let him continue his ride," the Brandenburg police explained. "In principle, naked driving is not forbidden. But if other people feel disturbed by this, there may be a complaint," they added. They then proceeded to ask their followers to caption the pictures, using the hashtags #speechless, #heat, #safetyfirst and #livingontheedge. Temperatures are expected to exceed 40 Celsius in many parts of the continent on Wednesday and Thursday. The German meteorology agency also announced that the 1947 heat record for June had been broken in Coschen, near the border with Poland, where 38.6 C was recorded.

International news:

* Cytadela *

For weeks, Europe has been experiencing the hottest weather of all time. And according to Cytadela government, a temporarily drought has been going on at Cytadela and had cause many people bathing only with bottled mineral water. The government said that they will soon solve the problem and there will be no more water shortage.

* Miharr *

Today, following new legislation in Miharr, the government has officially clarified that "wee on your hands to save time" does not count as proper hygiene.

According to a research about Job That Miharr Citizens Want To Do, it is stated that artists are pillars of Miharr society.

* South St Maarten *

For weeks, there has been dispute for king of Sverigesriket between South St Maarten and Germany222. ( This is a news that based on a telegram request of South St Maarten, if anyone has question ask South, not me)
Prince John Of South St Maarten

Prince John Of South St Maarten in Stockholm This Week
Prince John Of South St Maarten Attempts To Take The Throne Of Sverigesriket
Maartenian Government Offers Support
The Government of Sverigesriket, following a national disaster, inquired about whether Prince John of South St Maarten would be able to become King of Sverigesriket. After much deliberation, the Maartenian Government allowed it as long as certain procedures were followed. However, Sverigesriket replied that they had already found a King in Wilhelm von Hohenzollern of Germany! By this point, Prince John and his two children, Princess Emily & Prince Winston, had already arrived in Sverigesriket's capital, Stockholm. Following his arrival, half of Sverigesriket's Grand Council chose to declare Prince John the new king. Prince John has declared himself King Christopher II of Sverigesriket. Hence, the nation now has a dispute over who is the new king. The Maartenian government has responded by saying they full back all of Prince John's claim to the throne and will provide him with military backing if necessary. Additionally, 4 Maartenian Aircraft Carriers were spotted this morning off the coast of Newfoundland. This suggests the Government of South St Maarten, while trying to promote peace in the nation, are preparing to evacuate or support their prince with fully military support.

* Yahlia *

After yesterday meeting with Yahlia's leader Kjeila Pentrăscu, Dolfy Der Fuhrer had described leader Kjeila Pentrăscu as an everyday person with normal tastes and the usual interests.

Today, following new legislation in Yahlia, the nation has opened its arms to an influx of refugees.

* The Great Tea Empire *

The Great Tea Empire speech of war declaration on The Galactic Socialist Imperium of Grossvietnam at July 10th, 2019:
Today... July 10th, 2019... a day which will live in infamy... The Constitutional Monarchy of The Great Tea Empire... was suddenly and deliberately attacked... by naval and air forces of The Galactic Socialist Imperium of Grossvietnam. It is obvious... that planning the attack began many weeks ago. During the intervention time... the Grossvietnamese government... has deliberately sought to deceive The Great Tea Empire... by false statements... and expressions of hope for continued peace. The attack yesterday on the Tea Producing Factory... has caused severe damage to The Great Tea Empire military forces. I regret to tell you... that over 2000 British lives have been lost. No matter how long it may take us... to overcome this premeditated invasion... the British people, in their rightous might... will win through to absolute victory. Because of this unprovoked, dastardly attack by Grossvietnam... I ask that the Congress declare a state of war.

* Grossvietnam *

Grossvietnam continues its military conquest throughout the border of The Great Tea Empire. But, back home... milions of British workers band together... bringing factories to life to revenge The Tea Producing Factory.