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Account Change

Dear Nations of North Pacific,

I, as Gevork Harutyuyan, the creator of Dovracshivengen, Savresia and Paispolodotos in the past, decided to change my nation. Since i changed three different themes (Albanian, Latino-African and Danish) i got bored of Oxjler. Since it's name is culture-neutral we still have some problems. I want to continue to Strangereal and TNP roleplay as Kronica, which is a Hellenic nation at the moment.

I hope it is not against rules. I don't wanna leave SR forever, i hope i can apply with Kronica.

What am i gonna do with Oxjler? Well, probably change it's password to some random stuff like "jdrkjgkrjdherhyrltjyoşredıohıy5469759e86948598439583058" (an example, not the exact password by the way.) and forget it. That's what i did with Dovracc and Savresia.

Thank you,
Oxjler, a.k.a. Kronica.