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(C.O.23) Court Verdict: Winston vs. Shmeckle

Aukumnia Imperium

Court Verdict - Aurantian Governance is GUILTYof Plotting of Petty Corruption, and Grand Corruption; Debated 8/7/2019, Ruling Issued 11/7/2019

Summary: Aurantian Governance is found GUILTY of the two major crimes despite being NOT GUILTY of the charge pressed against him by the plaintiff in accordance with his non-guilty plea

Presiding Magistrate: Gonadez, Associate Magistrate

Plaintiff: The Rosharan Shard

Defendant: Aurantian Governance

Defendant's Attorney: None

Witness: Libero, Gil Lodihr, Xadrya

Assent: Gonadez, Xencovia, Actobere

Dissent: None

Final Decision - GUILTY


Following the political turmoil after the inauguration of Supreme Chancellor Aurantian Governance and his controversial policies, the defendant is accused of High Treason by putting the region in danger of political instability. The prosecutor along with his witness, Gil Lodhir, try to persuade the Court that not only is the defendant attempting "to rig an election and change Aukumnia's way of life" and "overthrow of our people and our government" by "shipping people from a foreign entity for the express cause of overthrowing Aukumnia", but also "has planned this for a long period of time".

In order to prove the charge the prosecutor and the plaintiff's witness have pushed against the defendant, much evidence has been presented to the Court by the plaintiff, some of which is analyzed to be sentences, phrases, and words said by the defendant in his conversations during the stay in the defendant's discord server as well as in DM. Notable examples, as pointed out by the prosecutor and his witness, are:
-"enter (the) region with overwhelming numbers."
-"We will turn them communist, we will rule Aukumnia our way. Spread the message, men, the UCDS are expanding to make a new home."
-"Oh my friend, I've been trying to get my men in Aukumnia for a long time. If there is one thing the UCDS's men is good at, its outlasting everyone"
-"Aukumnia against the UCDS
-"but now my men are approaching, it's time for a new era for me and for Aukumnia
The prosecutor and his witness are firmly convinced that the evidence above is the ultimate proof of the defendant's high crime.

On the other hand, the defendant backfires by explaining the real purpose and meaning behind those sentences, phrases, and words. By showing the lower half of the evidence the prosecutor presented, which tells the members of his server to obey the Aukumnia's server rules, he affirms that neither the evidence given by the prosecutor and his witness, or the investigation they conducted is sufficient for a proper Court Case against him. Next, he continues to seek an alibi with the demonstration of facts about UCDS[**]. His region is mentioned to have a government structure and a way of life that revolve around the concept of "militarism", and thus, the citizens enjoy a sense of being soldiers, hence "the want to conquer and take over", which is considered the people's natural instinct. He also argues that integrating with other regions with respect to sovereignty, but also "to bring a slice of our culture with us" is also an eager expectation of his people, as evidenced by the fact that he previously ordered his members to do so. With the approval by Xadrya to become immigrants, he contends that the prosecutor "never once approached me to ask me any questions regarding this controversy and he clearly doesn't understand our foreign culture as shown by his arguments against me. He put little to no effort in attempting to gather information before making this accusation".

Upon further questioning by the Court, the defendant gives a description of his regional military's role, which is "to primarily shut down any groups we deem to be racist, harbor explicit content, such as child porn, animal abuse, etc.". Raiding is denied to be the primary method to achieve its purpose, but instead "nuke your server and have all your accounts banned". Once again, the defendant declares that "we want friendly relations and to join Aukumnia as friendly peoples".

The Court case does not end there due to the following evidence presented by the prosecutor and his witness, showing the defendant's region is in possession of a weapon of mass destruction, called the "Nuke bot", launched when, as they believe, "assuming Aukumnia doesn't all unite against me". At first, the defendant rejects such possession, but then after more compelling evidence arrives, he admitted the fact. Finally, the intense debate, the topic of which returns to the original charge pressed against the defendant, keeps going on until everyone is exhausted of convincing that neither of both sides is speaking the truth.


In consideration of the defendant's NON-guilty plea, the Imperial Court of Justices has come to the decision that the defendant is NOT guilty of High Treason and thus, the defendant is free of all charges previously pressed the prosecutor in this case. After thoroughly reviewing the Codex, the Court refused to assert the conviction of High Treason as none of the evidence in the trial has been successful in proving that the defendant has actually so far practiced:
- A hostile or illegal seizure of the government, discord server, or Founder account
- Regional property's destruction in solidarity with a foreign body
- Confidential information revealing to a foreign body

However, taking into account the firm arguments of the case and the strong evidence of the prosecution, as well as the fact that the defendant has failed to make counter-arguments with only plain and vague facts, the Court rules that the defendant is GUILTY of two other main crimes that need addressing: the Plotting of Petty Corruption, and Grand Corruption.

1. Plotting: Privately or publicly expressing or formulating plans to commit a High Crime, in a non-joking manner.
The defendant has publicly demonstrated his plan to "join Aukumnia" and "flood them with numbers and overwhelming communist support". The pool of evidence showing this announcement was made repetitively ("I have tried on multiple occasions to flip the region communist", said the defendant in one of the evidence) and publicly illustrates the non-joking manner of the defendant's willing of doing so. Therefore, the Court has come to a unanimous interpretation that this action's purpose is to interfere with the upcoming Aukumnian elections. To complicate the matter, interfering with elections itself is a higher crime, according to the Codex, which is Petty Corruption.

1.1. Petty Corruption: Rigging or otherwise dishonestly interfering with an election or public vote as a Citizens
As defined above and explained in the content of the first crime, the defendant has the intention of impeding the Aukumnia's approach to fair and transparent elections and the process of democracy, as evidenced by the proof presented by the prosecutor and his witness. Thus, the Court has reached a unanimous interpretation that the defendant is planning to commit petty corruption.

2. Grand Corruption: Any dishonest behavior by a high-ranking government official taken in the pursuit of personal benefit at the expense of the Citizenry of Aukumnia.
After reviewing the evidence and the arguments made by both sides, the Court has found that the defendant, as the Supreme Chancellor of Aukumnia, has performed the following practices:
- Plotting of Petty Corruption: (see above)
- Plotting of Petty Corruption in association with a foreign body, the UCDS: Of note, the plan of interfering with Aukumnian elections is related to the assistance of a foreign power. As 100% of the evidence presented shows, by recruiting a large number of UCDS members to enjoy Aukumnian citizen's right to vote freely and participate in all elections (Clause 3, Subsection II, Section III of the 3rd Aukumnian Constitution) and hence, "flood them with numbers and overwhelming communist support", the defendant is considered to be able to accomplish such thing by the Court.
- Perjury: Failure to admit the possession of the Nuke bot by UCDS and stating the opposite fact only after proper evidence of possession is shown. This is considered to be a serious offense made by a high-ranking governmental official after taking the Oath of Truth in front of the Court.

As a result, the Court of Magistrates has come to the unanimous interpretation that Aurantian Governance is GUILTY of the Plotting of Petty Corruption, and Grand Corruption. Given by the fact that the defendant holds the highest office in the Aukumnian government as well as that he fully acknowledges the consequences and the punishments he might possibly receive if ever enacted any wrongdoings when being a citizen of Aukumnia, the Court then condemns the defendant and impeaches him from ALL governmental positions he is currently holding and will hold for a permanent period of time.

Associate Magistrate
Kingdom of Aukumnia Imperium

Aukumnia Imperium

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