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News - Prince John Of South St Maarten

Prince John Of South St Maarten in Stockholm This Week

Prince John Of South St Maarten Attempts To Take The Throne Of Sverigesriket
Maartenian Government Offers Support

The Government of x, following a national disaster, inquired about whether Prince John of South St Maarten would be able to become King of Sverigesriket. After much deliberation, the Maartenian Government allowed it as long as certain procedures were followed. However, Sverigesriket replied that they had already found a King in Wilhelm von Hohenzollern of Germany! By this point, Prince John and his two children, Princess Emily & Prince Winston, had already arrived in Sverigesriket's capital, Stockholm. Following his arrival, half of Sverigesriket's Grand Council chose to declare Prince John the new king. Prince John has declared himself King Christopher II of Sverigesriket. Hence, the nation now has a dispute over who is the new king. The Maartenian government has responded by saying they full back all of Prince John's claim to the throne and will provide him with military backing if necessary. Additionally, 4 Maartenian Aircraft Carriers were spotted this morning off the coast of Newfoundland. This suggests the Government of South St Maarten, while trying to promote peace in the nation, are preparing to evacuate or support their prince with fully military support.


The South St Maartenian military has decided to send 5 battleships, 2 submarines and 5,000 soldiers to Sverigesriket to help Prince John in taking the throne.