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Government Armaments Central Office

Traded as, LinkHX: GAC

Founded: Feb 20, 2015

Formerly: Armed Force Equipment Wing

Entity Type: Government Link Companies

Industry: Defense Equipment

Major Products
- Military land vehicle
- Military plane & helicopters
- Naval ship and craft
- Combat gears
- Electronic

Abram Cavalier Tower, Prime Minister Avenue,
Bledllyn, The Protectorate of Hundredstar

CHAIRMAN: General (ret.) Louise Forestguard
CEO: Mr. Warren Crosswick
COO: Dr. Erwin J. Pollston
CFO: Ms. Liz X. Bornewick
CTO: Dr. Paulus F. von Attis
CIO: Mr. James E. Wellguard

Number of Employees: 12,415

Parent Company: Hundredstar International Defense Corp.

- R&D Div.
- Testing Div.
- Manufacturing Div.
- Marketing Div.
- Special Project/ Training Div.
- Arms Precision/ Robotic Division
- International Affair Div.

- GACO Land System
- GACO Aviation & Missile System
- GACO Shipyard & Marine System


Government Armaments Central Office

Government Armaments Central Office [GACO] was created in 2015 as a joint venture company with equity participation between the Government of Hundredstar, SaltArms of Saltbridge, Excalibur Defense of Stevencousin and two local partners namely Kingdom Corporation and Hundredstar International. The Hundredstarian government later acquired all shares in 2016, making GACO a government-owned company via Hundredstar International subsidiary, Hundredstar International Defense Corp.

Ordering Form

[hr][/hr][b][u]Ordering Form[/u][/b]
[b]Contact Name[/b]:
[b]Customer, Business, or Government Agency Name[/b]:
[b]Total Cost[/b]:
[b]Discount(s) - [i]Tick one only[/i][/b]:
[]CROW Agreement Member - 3%
[]Melayu Archipelago region members - 3%
[]Nation Trading Development Agency Members - 3%
[]Returning client/ Frequent customers - 3%
[]Total Purchase exceeded $5 billion - 1%

All Ordering form must be posted to

Notable Products
Electronic & Sensors
GACO Triguard 3-D Multi-function Mobile Radar

Patrol Vessel
LinkAjax class 58m PV

Confident-class New Generation Mines Hunter Vessel

Shark-class 80m OPV

OPV-11 class

1800-class OPV

Jabaltariq-class guided-missile OPV

LinkArcher-class guided-missile corvette

Type C-1134 /Urix Bay-class Corvette

Bringhurst-class Corvette

Outerwolf class Frigate

STAMPS-Capable Frigate

LinkMcCooksten-class FFG

Rotterborg class Guided Missile Destroyer

The Astonguard class destroyers

Royalbrook class Destroyer

Sturmwelder class Destroyer (Air Defense)

Stormfolks River - class Guided Missile Cruiser

Gravestaff-class LPD

Bridgewelders class LPD

Orenberg class SSK

LinkOverload-class SSK

Neptune-class SSK

Project Snowfish SS

others vessel

Antares-class support vessel

Robert de Saltwicks-class AOE

Kingfisher-class Littoral Mission Vessel

Type AO1226 Logistic Support Ship

LinkSpeelkeeper class Hospital Ship

LinkEagleworth-class Oiler

Future projects

H-1951 Woodpecker Aux Heli

H-1952 Pelican light heli

UH-1900 Wasp aux. heli

H-1300 Griffin heli

H-1911 Thunderhawk attack heli

H-1046 Silent Spear Attack heli

H1645 Boomerang Attack Heli

GACO UH-1840 Owl

GACO H-1853 Greywinds medium-transport Helicopter

Ravenworth Aerospace RAH-2106 Dagger Helicopter


GACO H-5 Hornet Attack Heli

GACO H4 Mosquito Light Attack/ Utilities Helicopter

GACO H-3 Dragonfly Heli

GACO H2 Heli

GACO H-1 Firefly Heli

UH-955 Glorywing Utility Heli

H-1454 Silvercrow cargo heli

IF-2307 Nightstar Maritime/ Carrier-borne Fighter

IF-1013 Greyhornet stealth fighter

IF-2032 Skycheetah Maritime strike aircraft

FGA-2105 Crusader Ground attack aircraft

FGA-607 Catfish Ground attack aircraft

FGA-535 Ironstorm Ground attack aircraft

FGA-2131 Eagletooth Ground attack aircraft

IF-2316 Spikerhawk Multipurpose Fighter

IF-2153 Stormer Fighter

IF-245 Mightyfalcon Fighter

AC-2118 Hornbill Aux. aircraft

UA-919 Paladin aux. aircraft

C-99A Caravan cargo plane

C-2011 Unicorn Cargo Aircraft

C300 Globeshifter Cargo Aircraft

C200A Provider Cargo Aircraft

SpecAvi-1 AWACS

LinkGACO AC-2139 MISAL Intel Aircraft

Execraft Utility Aircraft

Project HARP Recon plane

MPS-1854 Seabird MPA

UA-455 Workhorse Utility/ MPA

T-100 Sprinter LIFT

T-77B Snowbird basic trainer

FR-90 Freightliner Tanker

Aux. plane
Thronekeeper A-1015 Griffin utility aircraft

Land systems
Other Vehicle
Duke Altis 500 ambulance

Recon Vehicle
GACO Apollo RV

GACO RAV-1335 Lancer Mod. 0 wheeled Reconnaissance Antitank Vehicle

Excalibur Recon/ Anti Tank

Infantry Fighting Vehicle
IFV-1919A Hussar IFV, or Rattlesnake (Export version)

IFV-108 Ravensword 10x10 IFV

GACO IFV-1715 Fist

GACO IFV-518 Spectre

GACO IFV-933 Vanguard

Armoured Personnel Carrier
Thronekeeper APC-1933A1 ROBUST

LinkGACO APC-1406 Panther

LinkGACO APC-1499 Lion

GACO-GOLIATH armored personnel carrier

APC-608 Protector 6x6 APC

GACO APC-1842 Paladin

GACO APC-717 Tundra

Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicle
GACO AIFV-1136 Elk Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicle

AIFV 2118 Centurion

Main Battle Tank
MBT 626 Spearhead main battle tank

MBT-1957A Penetrator MBT

MBT-1706 Skorpion MBT

MBT-1500 Protector MBT

Medium Battle Tank

GACO MeBT-1957 Gambit

Light Battle Tank
GACO LBT-1252 Tigertooth

GACO LBT-1435 Clansman

Amp. Vehicle
LAPC-1911 Crocodile

Missile System
SAM-2106 Standguard SAM system


MRAP/ Tac Vehicle
Derek Auto Escort MRAP

GACO Loyal Tactical Vehicle

GACO M2220 Tempest Tactical Light Vehicle

GACO M1256 Ranger Long Range Special Operations Vehicle

GACO M1642 Trident ISV

M-1507 Ironfist MRAP

GACO M850 Patriot MRAP

GACO M-1910 Bearcat MRAP

Grey Spartan MRAP

GACO Ironfox Tactical Vehicle series

Artillery System
SPH-516 Bigfoot SPH

Spearhead MRLS

SPH-930 Landgrab SPH

SPH-1826 Steelcrab SPH


GACO CroMotor SPH-1546 Republican Self-propelled howitzer

GACO T20A 105mm Tow Howitzer

GACO T20B 105mm Tow Howitzer

KPA ART155B6 155mm Tow Howitzer

KPA ART 155B7 155mm Tow Howitzer

Derek Auto F-115HS Superior Tactical truck - medium

Duke Cobra 6x6 Light Truck

Duke Serpent 8x8 Truck

LinkTT832 Supporter 2.5 ton truck

T-2134 Militia Truck

Redimes Stronghold 6x6 Truck

Duke Trucks

Engineering Vehicle
Rhino AEV

FT-247 Rover Fire Truck

Panda ARV

Radimes Mechinery Military Cargo Lifter System (LinkCARLIS)

GACO LinkEV1200 Pioneer Engineering Truck

LinkMETra-1 Tractor

GDT-915A Bridge Laying Vehicle

GACO AEV-1958 Giant Armor Engineering Vehicle

Radimes WB Mk-1 Water Bowser truck

Small-arm systems
KPA Spartan 9mm pistol

Thronekeeper M292HS1 Rifle

LinkGACO-KPA SMG-211 Mk III assault gun

Spartan Defense AR-M911 "Titan" assault gun

Spartan Defense SR-H2109 Sniper Rifle gun

KPA-8 Venus 9mm auto pistol

LinkTriton-HT-1 Torpedo

Link- Tryget Tuna J-90 lightweight Torpedo

Taurus ATGMW

Longbow ATGMW

Fishhunter MALE UAV

DA Consular MK I 7.7l staff car

- Hundredstar International Defense Corp. [51%]
- PM Inc. [20%]
- Kingdom Corporation [15%]
- Staff Union [7%]
- Hornbeck Investment Ltd. [7%]

  1. Jesperbrook, Greenbooker - specialized in the engineering of embedded electronic systems. Petrusberg Electronic & Radar Industries HQ located here

  2. Astonguard, Eastern Valley - engineering, maintenance and technical support for mechanical and hydraulic equipment in the context of equipment operational maintenance. GACO Land System HQ locate here

  3. Thunderbranch Creek, Sterlinghawk - specialist and one of the regional leaders in the field of optical equipment and protected vision for armored vehicles. It also HQ for GACO Aviation & Missile System and Tryget Missile Ltd HQ located

  4. Dupontshire, Eastern Valley - specializes in the manufacture of protection, detection, and decontamination equipment against chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) threats.

  5. Pieterwedger, Eastern Valley - an engineering, production and support facility, is present throughout all the product life cycle, from development to testing and track validation. It brings together 3 main areas of expertise: mechanized structures, systems integration, support and customer services.

  6. Simebridge, Greenbooker- weapons systems research department, contract management, and logistical support activities, as well as GACO R&D division, and Arms Precision/ Robotic Division. Also at this site is Kellogbearing Proving & Arsenal Ltd, Simebridge Plant which large and medium-caliber weapons production lines.

  7. Uberhamton, Bridgewelders - GAC0 Group’s General Management. The western part houses the Studies, Development and Engineering centers, along with logistical support, maintenance and operations support. Benefiting from special tracks and integration benches, the Uberhamton site is used to perform manufacturer tests. Also the base for GACO- Heliux Industries.

  8. Flaghurst, Lightmason- has built a worldwide reputation for its comprehensive range of ammunition. The company employs 307 highly qualified experts. Equipped with the latest research and production tools, KPA Flaghurst Munition Plant is able to meet the requirements of the fussiest customers. KPA Flaghurst Munition Plant manufactures land and naval ammunition. Founded in 1999, the company specializes in the production of large-caliber ammunition.

  9. Three shipyards on the Barwillow (Submarine Solutions Shipyard ), Cattickmoore which GACO Shipyard & Marine System-based, and Pickweather Cay all in Sandcutter

  10. Project management center at Princewalks, Bridgewelders, also HQ for Oversea Consortium Ltd.

  11. Inkwater House, Bledllyn - Special Project/ Training Div. Stormer Project Initiative HQ also located here

  12. GACO’s Pollingworth Island shipyard in Sterlinghawk for naval missiles and electronic manufacturing site

  13. Abram Cavalier Tower, Bledllyn - HIDEC HQ & Government Armaments Central Office main HQ

  14. Boomerstouds, Lightmason - GSMS Shipyard Ltd. HQ located

Corporate Governance
  1. Chairman: General (ret.) Louise Forestguard, CEO of HIDEC

  2. Non-Independent Director: Dr. Curtis Blackwood, CEO of DRDC

  3. Non-Independent Director: Dr. Alex Spearweather, CEO of Duke Trucks Mnfg. Ltd.

  4. Non-Independent Director: Mr. Lee M Stone – Eagles, Chief Investment Officer, Hundredstar International

  5. Non-Independent Director: General (ret.) Tommy Clarkwell, Army, President & Group CEO, PM Inc.

  6. Non-Independent Director: IGP (ret.) Amanda Gailheath, CEO of National Security HiTech Lab Corp.

  7. Non-Independent Director: Dr. Wayne K. Heronfoot, CEO/ Chair of Scientific Research Council

  8. Non-Independent Director: Major General (ret.) Stuart Cliffberger, Army, Chair, Kingdom Corporation

  9. Non-Independent Director: Dr. William R. Sunbloods, CEO of Kingdom Corporation

  10. Non-Independent Director: Ms. Lita R. Undergloves

  11. Non-Independent Director: James O. Hornbeck, CEO of Hornbeck Investment Ltd.

  12. Independent Director: Mr. Allen C Crownstein, President of Crownstein Group

  13. Non-Independent Exec. Director: Mr. Warren Crosswick, CEO