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His Honourable Majesty King Alexander

King of the Provincial Union of the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans


Alexander, Son of Mary Magenes
Official Portrait of King Alexander

King of the Provincial Union
November 12, 2000 - present


Grace Niveaux


Alice Crawford
Joseph Neideringhart
Robert Freeman
Jen Hume

Preceded by

Jackson, Son of Julianne Polotosca


Princess Emily
Prince Thomas
Princess Mary
Prince Jackson

Personal Details

July 6, 1990
-Capital City, Capital Province

Height: 6' 2" (188.0 centimetres)
Weight: 183.7 pounds (83.3 kilograms)

Frontal View of the Grand Palace

Frontal View of the Royal Residence

Coronation of H.H.M. Alexander

Starboard View of the Royal Privateer

General Information

King Alexander (born July 6, 1990) is a Pacifican Royal who reigns as the current King of the Provincial Union of the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Oceans.

King Alexander was born on July 6, 1990 in the Capital City, the method of his conception and birth are currently under question as no official statement has ever been made, and likely never will be, regarding how biological complexities between the King and Queen were able to allow the birth of a child at their age.

Early Life

King Alexander was born on 6 July, 1990 in the Royal Hospital of the Grand Palace. King Alexander was born to the King and Queen as their second youngest, he became the heir apparent as he was the youngest male of the Royal Family. King Alexander is of primarily Pacifican ancestry with German-Anglican from his maternal side.

King Alexander was educated at a local boarding school in the Capital which was only referred to as the Capital Military Academy.

Personal Life

The King has had a very expansive personal life, outlined in self-given hardships to toughen up, King Alexander has worked himself to be a very influential, personable, and relatable person, he currently holds an extremely high approval rating due to his kindness to people. King Alexander has had many personal relationships throughout his years as Royalty, although the Royal Protection Agency has been attributed to be limiting his acquaintances to be people of high stature, power, and authority. King Alexander has many friends of power throughout the world, he is well known to many world leaders and is more well known to leaders of close alliances, his friendships with Donald Trump, Emmanuel Macron, and Boris Johnson are notorious as he had managed to connect the three into a personal alliance. King Alexander also has a very close connection to the Armenian and Italian governments, although he never spoke as to why, he has stated he believes the Armenian government to be stuck in a very difficult spot with no clear escape in sight. His relationship with Armenia has caused great confusion with Turkey as they had believe the Provincial Union to be distant allies until that point, he stated that he felt they were on a neutral, cooperative, agreement.

Another firm example of King Alexander's personability with foreign leaders is his friendship with the Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and Russian leaders, all of whom he has managed to coerce to cooperate. His constant work between the Western and Eastern 'worlds' has led much of the world to greatly appreciate his actions, he has often worked between them to try and keep peace even threatening violence on several occasions should 'either' nation defy his request of peace. This effort of 'interventionism' has caused some to dislike his policies, however he quickly regained the people's trust by immediately reversing his interventionist policies and reverting to isolationism as was prefered by the people. King Alexander once stated that one of his favourite movie quotes, in relation to politics, was one from the movie V for Vendetta, a very unconventional one for a government official, where the quote stated 'the government should fear the people' and the 'people should not fear the government', some officials opposed his statement regarding that, the officials were removed by him in executive moves which earned him much public respect.

King Alexander has been very fond of meeting people in person as he has stated he has a hard time communicating with people on the phone and online, he believes it to be more difficult as he cannot see how a person 'truly' reacts. King Alexander travels often within his 'sphere of influence' and prefers to visit nations which are English, or similar, speaking and often visits very close allies. King Alexander has never been known to visit nations unfriendly to the Provincial Union, and rarely even visits allies who may be in war or conflict. King Alexander is also known as the youngest King in the history of the Provincial Union, at time of coronation.

King of the Provincial Union

Domestic Policy

Economic Policy
King Alexander has been very fervid regarding his economic beliefs in Capitalism while avoiding Communism and Socialism at all costs, he has stated that while 'not totally against it' he does not believe the world is fit for even the idea of such a free labour ideology.

Education and health
King Alexander has prized education as the foremost need in terms of government expenditure and care, he has stated that he believes that schools can never have enough funding and when a school begins to lose funding it begins charging students which leads to selective learning as those who cannot afford education will simply not have it and the poor will remain poor and uneducated as the rich further increase their wealth.

King Alexander's opinion on health services has been extremely consistent in that since his younger years he has always believed that health needs to be prioritised in order to maintain the tranquility of common society, and the downfall of the health industry, and independent health services, results in the downfall of society. He has made it very evident that he believes healthcare should remain privatised as it is in most provinces, he has also stated he believes their can be some exceptions to that rule in certain unfortunate areas.

Social services
King Alexander has stated he believes social services essential, that if the people want to be healthy and safe they should be cared for by an unbiased service, he has stated that privatisation of social services could lead to catastrophe as people may receive biased services, and that he does not want someone to have 'the premium ambulance option'.

Environmental policies
King Alexander has openly stated he believes the term 'Global Warming' to be a 'hoax' as he knows and fully understands that the world often goes through cycles of warming and cooling. He has stated that he believes now to not be out of the cycle, but perfectly timed within it.

Energy policies
King Alexander has pushed for green energy and has stated that he does not desire to be faced with the threat of a smog covered atmosphere for the future. He has also stated that he believes green energy to be unlimited and 'nearly' neverending.

King Alexander has swayed his opinions on immigration often throughout his time as King, he once stated that he believed immigration should be banned outright and that repopulation should be the duty of the people of the Provincial Union. He has recently stated however that he believes immigration should have a set limit and should only be available to people of high esteem and ability.

Foreign Policy

War on Terror
King Alexander has stated he believes the War on Terror is much more dangerous than many believe as he has seen the damage it has caused and because there are many nations that are involved in this conflict, he refers to the major nations as 'puppeteers'.

Middle Eastern Conflicts
King Alexander has stated he aims to stay completely out of the Middle East and all affairs associated with it, he has stated he is a fervid believer in isolationism and wants 'no part' and foreign conflict.

King Alexander has moved to prevent bills and legislation that promote surveillance from passing and becoming effective as he believes 'every citizen has a right to privacy'.

United Nations
King Alexander has made it very clear that he does not fully support the United Nations' interventionism ways, but he believes the organisation necessary for international cooperation, he retracted that statement in 2018 after being attacked and insulted by multiple nations within the UN calling him 'illegitimate', his retaliation was to threaten war on the United Nations in its entirety, a difficult thing to accomplish.

King Alexander was not one to point out France specifically before 2010, however his marriage to the 'French maiden' caused him to 'warm up' to France try to make great diplomatic efforts with them. King Alexander is now very fond of France, its people, and its history.

United States
King Alexander is especially fond of the United States where he has made many efforts to promote diplomacy and cooperation between the two, he has made it very clear that his intentions are to 'keep the United States as close as possible'.

Recovery Projects
King Alexander had partnered with his cousin, the Duke of Oceania, to promote a project in India to protect 'Ethnic and Religious Minorities from Persecution', an action which gathered much support internationally and caused India to vow support to the Provincial Union.

Cultural and political image

King Alexander's youth has gathered much publicity and fame, however it also gathers some infamy as many find him young and under-experienced, a character trait which he has denied on many occasions.

Foreign perceptions
King Alexander is very welcome by most foreign nations, he is supported by the people of every European nation, although the German government is not very fond of him, and he is welcome in almost every country on Earth.

Public Appearances
King Alexander often appears publicly, although usually only to announce something, this is due to him being protected from most 'risks' as the Royal Protection Agency is very thorough and protective since the death of Queen Mary in 1997.