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Union of Allied States - Region Guide

Union of Allied States
Guide to the Region

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Union of Allied States

Regional Government



Chairman (Founder)

South Waterford

President (Delegate)

East Meranopirus

Vice President

Handal Ands


United Osean Federation

Secretary of Regional Affairs


Attorney General

Il Corvonero



Prime Senator






Chief Justice


Circuit Court Judge

The Civitas Islands

Welcome to the Union of Allied States (UAS)!

If you're reading this guide, you're either considering joining our region, or you've just joined.
First, if you're new to NationStates, then you'd want to check out this Guide on NationStates first. Assuming you know what NationStates is about as a game, let us tell you more about what our region is about and how you can get involved.

Our region has a regional government - that means there's a structure to how our region is run, kind of like a real-life national government. The government is democratic, as established by our Constitution. First of all, like many regions, we don't automatically grant every right to every nation in our region. This is for security against people who want to infiltrate our region and seize power illegally (i.e. against the Constitution). Instead, full rights are only guaranteed members of the State Council, which automatically consists of all World Assembly (WA) members who have been in the region for 7 days, as well as select non-WA members registered under Decree Law #50.

Now, some further explanations on our three branches of government:

This branch essentially operates the region. The Chairman (officially Chairman of the State Council) is a permanent position held by South Waterford as the Founder of the region (Unified Waterford being his puppet). The Chairman has broad executive powers, including the ability to issue Decree Laws, as well as reserve powers such as the ability to veto Constitutional Amendments and ability to declare Martial Law, though they are rarely exercised. Instead, most executive power is exercised by the President, which along with the Vice President, is democratically elected by the State Council. The President must be a WA nation, as the office is tied to the WA Delegate, meaning all WA members are required to endorse the President. The President can appoint executive government officials to assist with the work, and currently there are two - the Secretary of Regional Affairs and the Attorney General.

The Senate is the primary legislative body. elected by the State Council. Its elections are based on political parties, which you can find a list of here. The number of seats are determined based on the number of endorsements for the President, and allocated proportionally to each party based on the election results. The Prime Senator handles all administrative affairs in the Senate, such as the voting order of bills. The Senate can create laws as long as they are Constitutional, but amendments to the Constitution must also be passed by the State Council.

There are two judges in this branch: the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and a Circuit Court Judge. All cases are handled by the Circuit Court Judge first, but can be appealed to the Chief Justice, except for Constitutional matters that are only decided by the Chief Justice.

So you know how the government works, now I'm sure you're asking how to get involved.

First, you should join the WA. As we said before, this will give you State Council membership and voting rights in elections. When you do, you should endorse our President, as it keeps our region secure from outside forces and increases both our collective and your own influence. Feel free to endorse other WA members and many of them will endorse you back.

Meanwhile, you should join in our conversations on the Regional Message Board (RMB) and our LinkDiscord server to get to know everyone better. You can also join a political party to increase your influence in regional politics and your chance of getting into the Senate. Or you can establish your own if you feel up to the challenge.

Alternatively, you can join the Department of Regional Affairs as a Staffer. Working in the Department will give you vital government experience and prepare you for a great career in government and contribute to the region's growth. The Department is flexible with plenty of opportunities, so you can play to your own strengths. We welcome anyone to apply.

You can also volunteer to join the UAS Armed Forces (UASAF). Now, you might be confused if you've heard before that war isn't possible in NationStates. Well, it kind of is, but it's not what you seem. Military gameplay in NationStates is typically called raiding/defending, or R/D for short. But it's not nations fighting each other, but instead multiple nations trying to occupy (raid) a region by gaining endorsements and seizing the WA Delegate position in the region. Thus, WA membership is a must for joining the UASAF. To join, contact Commander-in-Chief, United Osean Federation, or General The Civitas Islands. You can also read more about how military gameplay works here.

Lastly, if government, politics or military isn't really your thing, you can always join the Role Players Club, where you can tell brilliant stories of your nation and the world. You can view our Roleplay Map, based on a Modern-Tech Earth, and telegram our Roleplay Administrator, United Osean Federation, to join.

That's about it! We hope this gives you a good idea on how to get involved in our region. If so, please upvote this (click on up arrow on the top right of the page) so more people can see it. Be sure to also check out the links at the top for more information. If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the RMB, and we'll do our best to answer them!