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The People's Front Solidarity Papers

NOTE: If you wish to join The People's Front Join the Discord Linkhere and ping @High Command with your request


The People's Front is an inter-regional military alliance that is to be established for the common goal of helping member regions as well as smaller regions fight against raiders. This includes defensive, counteroffensive, and preemptive strike measures to deter raiders from continuing their behaviour. Each of the aforementioned measures will be dealt by different branches of the People's Front, so that if any member region does not wish to participate in a certain activity they can opt out of being part of a certain branch.


Each member region will choose two officers to be part of the People's Front high command -the highest rank- which entitles them to the same permissions as any other member regions on the Discord. High command officers are encouraged to help establish new branches of the People's Front so long as any nation from any member region is allowed to join and the work is manageable. Military volunteering is not specific to a single member region, with each member region being encouraged to post about opportunities in the military.

Signatories: The Democratika, The Socialist Syndicalist Union, The Revolutionary Communist Alliance, Soviet Union, Skyreach

Editions to this document pending