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Gameplay Magazine - Featured Personality: Altmoras

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Featured Personality: Altmoras

Our guest today, is Altmoras, someone who I've VCed with and chatted with a lot and enjoyed getting to know. Altmoras, in addition to his many NS accolades (such as fasted defender, delegate of Lazarus) is also know as "the deepest voice on NationStates."

How did you learn about NationStates? How long have you been playing NS?

I saw a post about it with 7 upvotes on Reddit, about 7.5 years ago now.

Reddit is a community that many NSers are on and enjoy. What about it do you enjoy? What makes it similar to or different from NS?

Well, Reddit is generally better for discussion than the NS forums since there's a larger population and so you can find more people with similar interests.

Reddit isn't really a game though, the way we play at politics on NS is pretty unique to NS and other nationsims. Not that NS politics interest me much any longer, but they were fun for a while.

It might surprise some that Reddit has a higher social media market platform share than more "visible" networks like Instagram.

What is the significance or story behind your nation's name and flag?

Well I made my nation shortly after Skyrim came out, so I had that on my mind. Altmoras=Altmer+Atmora+The Letter S.

What is the story behind the Zoom nation puppets in addition to them being based on the character LinkHunter Zolomon from the Arroweverse?

When I unretired in mid-2017, I decided to pick a theme for my puppets. Around that time there was a lot of friendly competition among those who chased on who was the fastest. I was, and probably still am the fastest, so I chose the self-proclaimed "Fastest Man Alive" to theme my puppets after. I chose Zoom over Flash, because Flash is a jobber, and Blue+Black is a better-looking color palette than Red+Yellow in my opinion.

I completely agree about the color palette! And as far as I've observed in my defender days, there is no one faster :P Then, Skyrim is another NS fave. What do you enjoy about it? What character\class do you usually play?

Bethesda games like Skyrim scratch a unique itch in being fully open worlds you can do whatever you want to in. Most other RPGs lock you into a series of playable areas, and those that don't like The Witcher 3, and Grand Theft Auto force you into playing a premade character. Bethesda games certainly have their flaws, however no other RPG affords quite the same combination of worldbuilding and freedom.

As for classes, no matter what I start as in Skyrim I always end up as a guy in Light Armor with two swords by around level 15.

The open world quality, or escape into a detailed, visually astounding world draws so many from the mundane. Two swords are better than one...It's funny, I always imagined Altmoras as wielding one hefty weapon :P

Tell us about your early career in NationStates and the significant things you did to lead you to where you are today?

I refounded in 2016 in Lazarus and got a telegram about citizenship after I joined the WA, decided to go for that because why not. Ended up in the Speakership a month and change after that. Then I joined a bunch of places including TGW in May/June of 2016. I made constable in TGW three weeks after joining, and commander another monthish after that.

I gradually took on more and more responsibilities, eventually ending up as Sovereign of Lazarus and High Constable of TGW at the same time by the end of 2016. A few weeks into 2017 I caught a nasty flu that knocked me out for several days, all the while people related to both regions were whining in my DMs about stuff I wasnít in a position to deal with. At that point I came to the blessed realization that I neither wanted to or needed to deal with anybodyís sh** over a satirical browser game and I quit everything and moved to Hell.

Iíve made a few other forays into GP since my semi-unretirement a few months after I quit cold turkey, but for the most part my focus has been the same since February 2017, and thatís sitting on my ass in Hell doing as little as possible.

How did you get involved in Hell? What is the region most known for?
When I divested myself of all my positions and went into retirement in February 2017 Stalker invited me to plant my nation in Hell. I found the idea of my nation burning in Hell pretty funny, so I took him up on the offer.

Hell is probably most well known for remaining stable and growing despite being founderless and behind a password. Either that or Hell's Bells which is one of the longest running and most well-recieved newspapers in NS.

The region itself is also commended, and our king The Stalker is commended on his nation Forever Fields.

Oh and we achieved 2nd place in 2018's Nuke Day despite being a 60 nation region.

Nuke Day is such an awesome time! I feel like there was on year I stayed up way early into the morning with you trying to make things work, you were a great commander :)

What region are you currently a part of? What do you like best about this region?

Iím in Hell, and I like not having to do anything if I donít want to.

What are your thoughts on the various gameplay venues (forums, Discord, gameside\RMB)?

Forums are lame, the official forum is okay, but signing up for 10 million regional forums is a practice that needs to die.

Discord is interesting if the people youíre talking to are interesting.

The RMB is just Discord but with more natives.

What has been your favorite historical moment in NS?

When I found out that 3 of my 5 deputy Speakers from the Lazarus days were actually NPO infiltrators, that sh** actually made me laugh IRL.

Oh just to recap who were those players?

Feux as Adytus. AMOM as JC Helios. And Stujenske as Kowassati were the ones. The benefits are that it was hilarious and it created a lot of political movement in the game. The NPO took a pretty big PR hit, but that all seems to have blown over despite the NPO Delenda Esters pledging to fight forever.

What do you think of this practice of infiltration\spying? Are there any benefits? Cons? Is there an example of spying or infiltration actually really helping (idk turn the tide, win over something a region, etc?)

TBH captured The Black Riders through infiltration after Halcones got deleted. That's the only example I can think of right now.

If you were Max Barry for a day, what would you do?

Sell the game to Tencent. Tencent is a Chinese Megacorporation that owns a lot of popular video games, notably League of Legends and Fortnite.

What do you do for fun when you're not on Nation States?

Play other, better videogames, watch TV, work out, play guitar.

Since I've known you, you've been into a serious work out regime and it's a core part of your daily routine. Can you give some advice on people interested in fitness? Like doing Crossfit?

Crossfit is a class. Taking a fitness class is like taking the bus, you're going the same place as everyone else, and you're not the one driving. Miss me with that sh**. There are much cheaper and more efficient ways to destroy your joints and make no gains than doing Crossfit.

My fitness goals depend entirely on how fat I let myself get when I work in industry during the summer.

Altmoras recommends that everyone have a fitness regime for a healthy lifestyle.

If I let myself get too fat then I do mostly cardio with a bit of free weights and machines while carefully managing my diet until I can see all my abs again. Which is what I'm going to be doing this September since we're down to a 4-pack.

If I'm relatively lean I do almost exclusively free weight bodybuilding. With a small mix of weight machines for isolated muscle groups, and pretty much 0 cardio except for the rowing machine.

I strongly recommend bodybuilding to all the youngbloods out there playing NS. High School is the best time to start building a solid foundation for a healthy adult life. I started lifting at 17, and I regret not starting at 14 or 15. If you start early not only can you look good and stop getting clowned on in gym class, but you can probably dodge the Freshman 15 too. This advice applies to both men and women. And if you didn't start at 15 then the next best time to start is right now.

Also, because I'm a little in love with the guitar. What guitar do you play and what songs do you play?

I have a Stratocoustic and a Classic Guitar, but I mostly play Rock/Metal songs on my Electric.

I have a lot of fun playing songs with String Bending like LinkNatural Born Killer by Avenged Sevenfold, and LinkKilling in the Name of by Rage Against the Machine.

OMG so cool!

What is your favorite movie and\or TV and\or anime show(s)?

Dark Knight best movie. The Wire best TV. Dragon Ball Z best anime.

Favorite book?

A Storm of Swords by George RR Martin.

Like many, Altmoras was dissappointed with the way the TV adaptation of Game of Thrones ended but has hope for the book series. Also he likes those thicc books.

Favorite music?

Anything thatís a Linkbanger, and a few things that Linkarenít, but mostly bangers.

What is a game (outside of NS) that everyone should play?

Crusader Kings 2. It's pretty much Game of Thrones: The Game. You play as a Medieval Lord in control of a fiefdom, and you manage your relationships with your vassal lords, placate your religious head, and vie for power with your neighbors.

So you wake up one morning and receive the delegacy of any region you choose. Which would you choose? And what would you do as delegate?

TNP, and Iíd purge it. I donít have a problem with TNP in particular, but theyíre the biggest region and thus would be the most glorious to purge.

Thank you to Altmoras for the interview and his contributions to GP magazine <3 super love <3!