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Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides our Kingdom with a basis of diplomacy in order to preserve our standing in our world, information over foreign nations and cultures, and maintain cooperative relationships.

His Majesty's Minister of Foreign Affairs - The New World Regime of Puetavisa


Tier 1: The regions ranked in this tier must meet these qualifications:

1) Must have an embassy with The Wolf Clan
2) Must have more than 40 member nations
3) Must not have an embassy with a region seen as "detestable"
4) Must follow a similar ideology according to The Wolf Clan

Diplomats to this tier are to communicate the prolonged interest that The Wolf Clan has in their relationship. These regions are decent-sized and carry a significant amount of power. Our continued cooperation must be upheld by the diplomats, so that we can diplomatically strengthen these regions and the safety of our great and everlasting Kingdom.

Tier 2: The regions ranked in this tier must meet these qualifications:

1) Must have an embassy with The Wolf Clan
2) Must have fewer than 40 member nations
3) Must follow a similar ideology according to The Wolf Clan

Nations in this tier are generally Colonies, Protectorates, FENDA Organizations, or friendly with our Kingdom. These smaller regions normally find The Wolf Clan superior in size and strength, so they seek to maintain good relations. Diplomats are to communicate the prolonged interest that The Wolf Clan has in their relationship and maintain this to the best ability of the diplomat.

Tier 3: The regions ranked in this tier must meet these qualifications:

1) Must have an embassy with The Wolf Clan
2) Must have had contact with a member of The Wolf Clan
3) Must be at peace with The Wolf Clan

Nations in this tier are on the fringes of public importance to The Wolf Clan. However, their knowledge and relation to this region are of great importance. Regions here can be anywhere from friendly to unfriendly, which is why diplomats to this tier are to closely assist prominent members of these regions. The ultimate goal is to create or maintain a relationship.


All Diplomats:

Manners and kindness are important for every diplomat to have. Any foreign interaction must be courteous if it is in the name of The Wolf Clan. Others may test your resolve, but diplomats must not falter. Do not curse in any form until the situation is properly analyzed, use proper language, no emoticons unless the tone of your telegram could be misconstrued, and report all questionable interactions to His Majesty's Foreign Affairs Minister.

If you are contacted by a member of a region wishing to open a dialogue, contact the HM's Foreign Affairs Minister before proceeding.

Some regions may be unfriendly, so it is imperative that the relationship must be mended or restored in any way within the sanction of the Minister. If any questions are had over how to proceed, then consult with the Minister over the next option.

Every assignment will be given personally by the Minister in a standard format. There will be an objective, an estimated completion, the name of their leader, their title, and background over this region. These will be available on request. A diplomat may take as many as they feel comfortable with, however if they shirk other duties for another without strict consent from the Minister, then there will be consequences.

During every mission, all new and vital information must be presented to the Foreign Affairs Minister. This is an importance to national security. At the end of every mission, a basic report must be filed that addresses all of these issues:

- Start Date
- Completion Date
- Mission Summary (three or four sentences)
- (OPTIONAL) Reason for extending over completion date

These are to be submitted via telegram to the Minister once finished. If they are adequate, then the mission is complete.

Mission failures result in the situation reaching beyond the abilities of the diplomat. The Minister then personally deals with these situations, then deems whether or not it was a true failure. No punishment is given for failure. However, diplomats will be passed over for promotions and honors for too many failures.

Again, if any region that diplomats to this tier come into contact with has never before contacted any official of The Wolf Clan, the Minister is to be informed immediately. All regions new to The Wolf Clan must pass through the Minister for initial welcoming and strategy development before their assignment to a tier.

Basic Criteria for Maintaining and Establishing Embassies
  1. A region wanting to construct an embassy with the The Wolf Clan must have a minimum of 10 nations at any given point of time.

  2. Must not have been condemned by the Security Council of the World Assembly nor by any of our regional allies and alliances.

  3. Must not be associated or have foreign relations with the ideologies that The Wolf Clan finds to contain degeneracy.

  4. Must not have embassies with regions who have been openly declared as a "Nuisance" or as "Condemned" by the region, its monarchcratic nature, and government structure. The generous application of either term shall be interpreted by the government.

  5. Must not be an "Embassy Collector" Region- An embassy collector region can be defined as any region whose regional policy is to obtain huge numbers of embassies without having any prior and direct relations with the region. The classification of a region as "Embassy Collector" is upto the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Government

  6. Has an embassy or a friendly relationship with any regions in "The Black Book."

  7. Must condemn hatred of any kind, including Discrimination- Discrimination is defined as “the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people or things, especially on the grounds of race, age, or sex.”

  8. Must continuously promote a foreign policy and maintain foreign relations with the region- This entails having continuous relations with the region and appointing an ambassador or diplomat representing your region to ours and also sending monthly reports to the Foreign Affairs Minister of The Wolf Clan.

  9. Must not have the below mentioned tags-
    A. Communist
    B. Anti-World Assembly

Policy Exemptions

Any region can be exempted from these requirements (excluding Rules 2, 3, and 6) if it-

  1. It is a headquarter region of any alliance of which we are a part of.

  2. We have a joint-cooperation, a mutual agreement, a non-aggression pact, etc., between us and the region concerned.

  3. We are a part of an meta-regional alliance/government where that region is a part of.

  4. Has been exempted by the Regional Government on having special links or close ties with the region. The generous application of “special or close ties” shall be interpreted by the Government.

Embassy Closure

An Embassy can be closed through the following methods-

  1. It falls under any of the exemptions mentioned in Chapter Two of these royal guidelines. A list of such regions must be maintained meticulously by the Ministry.

  2. By the Minister of Foreign Affairs- The MoFA may close embassies with a particular region if it violates any of the regulations in Chapter One and is not a part of the List of Exemptions, referred in Article 1 of Chapter 3 of these guidelines. A Record of Closures and the reasoning of closure must be meticulously maintained by the Ministry.

  3. By His Majesty's Officers- The Regional Officers may present a motion declaring the closure of embassies with any region provided the reason is valid according to this act and has sufficient evidence to prove their claim. Such a motion would require a simple majority to pass. This motion will have 5 hours debate time and 5 hours voting time.


His Most Supreme and Omnipotent Excellency,


Hannibal Augustus Phillipe Soto