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The Vartrup Boarding School Sensha-Do Team

The Vartrup Boarding School Sensha-Do Team, commonly referred to as the Lisice (Serbian for 'Vixens', may also mean 'sly women'), is the LinkSensha-Do Team of the Vartrup Boarding School, located in Vartrup, State of Marrania. It is the second team of its sort in the Federation, founded in 2019 as a friendly rival of its role-model from Roisweiler. At the 2019 Midsummer Festival in Preetz (Rgsr.), it was presented the first time.

The founders were Britta Morgenthau and Joelle Charlot Engström, who are both leaders of the team.

The team is specialized on armored vehicles from the 1970s Civil War and the years after it:

  • "Rudvoss" ('red fox') Armored Scout Car, built from 1972 to 1988, used by the Marranian Free Republic.

  • "Vittulv" ('White Wolf') Armored Personnel Carrier, built from 1963 to 1981, used by the Republic of Visholm (later LFR).

  • "Huszár" ('hussar') Battle Tank, built from 1969 to 1986, used by the LFR.

The current roster

Britta Morgenthau, founder and leader.

Joelle Charlot Engström, co-founder and co-leader.

The six commanders of the I. Squadron. From left to right:
Shirin Lutfuliha Hamidi,
Annika Köhler,
Gesine Runge,
Sina Keller,
Miranda Perera Sanchez,
Mette Hennesholm.

Commanders of the III. Squadron:
Jana Kolarić,
Jette Tyrstrup,
Layla Akdemir Bey,
Victoria von Wanne,
Bente Nygaard.
(Leonie Frings missing.)

    Team Leaders: Britta Morgenthau & Joelle Charlot Engström.
    Head Mechanic: Sophie Rohn.
    Accountant: Ichiko Tanaka.

I. Squadron - "Rudvoss"

Vehicle 1:

    Commander: Sina Keller.
    Driver: Leonora Preuss.
    Gunner: Hannah Delling.

Vehicle 2:

    Commander: Miranda Perera Sanchez.
    Driver: Sandra Elmshorn.
    Gunner: Mareike van Laer.

Vehicle 3:

    Commander: Shirin Lutfuliha Hamidi.
    Driver: Saskia Krenz.
    Gunner: Laura Wittrop.

Vehicle 4:

    Commander: Mette Hennesholm.
    Driver: Liliane Benrath.
    Gunner: Milena Karadžić.

Vehicle 5:

    Commander: Gesine Runge.
    Driver: Ragnhild Lundström.
    Gunner: Sira Haller.

Vehicle 6:

    Commander: Annika Köhler
    Driver: Carlota de Toledo Martinez.
    Gunner: Mira Frings.

II. Squadron - "Vittulven"

Vehicle 1:

    Commander: Leilani Hilo.
    Driver: Julia Stolte.
    Gunner: Merle Engholm.

Vehicle 2:

    Commander: Carolin Hepp.
    Driver: Annette Chorweiler.
    Gunner: Ida Hönnscheid.

Vehicle 3:

    Commander: Maryam Silaoui.
    Driver: Janike Renner.
    Gunner: Nela Wachtendonk.

Vehicle 4:

    Commander: Carola Seliger.
    Driver: Luisa Juarez y Fortaleza.
    Gunner: Lina Wendt.

Vehicle 5:

    Commander: Jamila Khalidi Bashraoui.
    Driver: Sylvia Vagntrup.
    Gunner: Merle Klinger.

Vehicle 6:

    Commander: Milica Praljak.
    Driver: Hilde Endenich.
    Gunner: Hannah Dahlem.

III. Squadron - "Huszár"

Vehicle 1:

    Commander: Jana Kolarić.
    Driver: Mokulani Akano.
    Gunner: Irene Andresen.

Vehicle 2:

    Commander: Jette Tyrstrup.
    Driver: Sabrina Remscheid.
    Gunner: Paola Guerrero Valesquez.

Vehicle 3:

    Commander: Leonie Frings.
    Driver: Jaromira Jojić
    Gunner: Marisa Dünrath.

Vehicle 4:

    Commander: Victoria von Wanne.
    Driver: Shiko Fukuyama.
    Gunner: Lena Weisweiler.

Vehicle 5:

    Commander: Bente Nygaard.
    Driver: Sira Meschenich.
    Gunner: Annika Dorn.

Vehicle 6:

    Commander: Layla Akdemir Bey.
    Driver: Nora Witt.
    Gunner: Henriette Richrath.

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