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by The Grand Duchy of Laurenburg. . 33 reads.

Response to the Montealban Declaration of Independence

Representing the Kaiser, Reichstag, and government of KAISERREICH, I would like to apologize for the disparaging statements by certain members of our region that have led to Montealbaís decision to depart the Vedigothic Imperium and cut off relations with Kaiserreich. While a couple of individuals did act disrespectfully, slanderously, and unnecessarily hostile towards the Montealban nation, the government and the great majority of the region of Kaiserreich always strived to be friendly, trusting, and cooperative with our closely valued Montealban allies, within and outside of our home region. Maintaining this stance, we would like to continue to affirm the innocence of Trigori and any other associated members of Montealba of any charges of treason or conspiracy against our region, and assure those that the handful of individuals who slandered and disrespected the fine region of Montealba and its citizens will be harshly disciplined for their behavior, with ejection from the region being a very significant possibility for certain individuals. We encourage Montealba to deny a hostile, yet completely powerless fringe the ability to misrepresent the ethos of an entire region, and to continue to cooperate closely with our region. If Montealba does decide to carry on with its departure from the Imperium and cessation of relations with Kaiserriech, we will respect the regionís decision, and sincerely hope for mutual peace, and respect, and understanding between our two regions going forward.

-Laurenburg, Imperial Chancellor of KAISERREICH, on behalf of His Imperial Majesty Scansinia and the Reichstag.