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Montealban Declaration of Independence

On the 6th of July, 2019, our Prince himself, Trigori of Krumpelberg, was accused of treason by a mob of Kaiserreich citizens, led by certain individuals who had previously been justly punished for crimes by Montealban individuals. Despite the Kaiser himself declaring the Prince's innocence, the mob did not stop, and accused the entirety of our nation of conspiracy to ruin their's.

This is not the first abuse of our people by them. Throughout our time as vassals and bannermen to the Kaiser, we have repeatedly been slandered, mocked and accused. Discrimination against the Montealban people has been a constant in our time in the Empire, despite the many contributions our people have made. While the Kaiser himself has always been benevolent and kind to us, other men, of stature great and small within the Empire, have abused us and looked down upon us.

While most people of Kaiserreich are a fine people, there are certain men there who desperately cling to power, and are jealous of Montealbans holding any position in government. These are the individuals who have bullied, fought and accused us constantly and mercilessly.

And so, it is with heavy heart and hand that we declare Montealba a free and independent nation once more, loose from the shackles of Imperial servitude. Montealba will rise in glory and freedom and peace, free from those treacherous and petty individuals of Kaiserreich who tried to bully their way into power, against the will of the Kaiser and of the majority of their countrymen.

And so, on the 8th of July, 2019, we as Montealbans pledge to keep our land free from foreign domination, from this day to our nation's last.

Nova Hrodsk