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[hr][size=200]Organisation of Strategically and Economically Aligned Nations[/size]
[colour=grey][size=140][i]Together in Unity, We Shall Endure[/i][/font][/size][/colour][/centre][hr][/box]

[box][centre][font=arial black][size=150]Our Mission Statement[/size][/font][/centre]
[size=101]The [/size][size=102][b]O[/b][/size][size=101]rganization of [/size][size=102][b]S[/b][/size][size=101]trategically and [/size][size=102][b]E[/b][/size][size=101]conomically [/size][size=102][b]A[/b][/size][size=101]ligned [/size][size=102][b]N[/b][/size][size=101]ations [/size][size=102]([b]OSEAN[/b])[/size][size=101] is a global alliance that serves as [url=]Strangereal’s[/url] bulwark of virtue and freedom. 

From its inception in July 2018, OSEAN has sought to bring nations together to resolve tensions, build trust, and in the long run, prevent conflict. Above all, the alliance was established around—and indeed, continues to tirelessly strive to uphold today—the core values of cooperation, mutual prosperity, peace and justice, and the respect of national sovereignty.

No matter one's reputation or past, we welcome all nations with open arms. We take those of any government type; and bind them not by indoctrination, nor ideology, nor sentimental friendship, but by the faith that if you join us, we shall serve you as we would any of our other members. We are strength via unity. The unity that independently, we may each be incapable of defending that which we hold dear, but together, we will never forfeit the security that is key to our well-being. Therefore, regardless of a member's individual creed, all share a common cause and a common duty. To hold our own as equal to each of ourselves, and advance their goals as we would our own. To turn the dreams of our brothers and sisters from possibility into reality. No matter how difficult the cause or what storms and strifes stand in our way, OSEAN shall remain united as one, and it is by this that we shall ultimately succeed and triumph. 

[b][i]Together in Unity, We Shall Endure.[/i][/b]

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