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by The Region of The United Nations of Earthlings. . 6 reads.

Constitution: GA #31 to GA #34

General Assembly Resolution #31

Proposed by: Leskya
Status: In Effect


  • (1a): The purpose of this bill is to provide a framework by which regional authorities can develop and implement clear and stable climate change policies to limit the global average temperature increase to 1.5° Celsius above pre-industrial levels.

  • (1b): The bill defines:

    • emissions budget as the quantity of emissions that will be permitted in each emissions budget period as a net amount of carbon dioxide equivalent;

    • emissions budget period as a 3-year period;

    • emissions reduction plan as a plan for achieving an emissions budget;

    • gross emissions as the region's total emissions from the agriculture, energy, industrial processes and product use, and waste sectors;

    • net emissions as the gross emissions combined with emissions and removals from land use, land use change, and the forestry sector.


  • (2a): A Climate Change Commission is established, under the authority of the Office of Central Planning.

  • (2b): The purposes of the Commission are:

    • (1): to provide independent, expert advice to the Regional Government on mitigating the effects of climate change (including through reducing emissions of greenhouse gases) and adapting to the effects of climate change as per the framework established in this bill;

    • (2): to monitor and review the Government’s progress towards its emissions reduction and adaptation goals as outlined in the framework of this bill;

    • (3): to propose an emissions reduction plan to the General Assembly.

  • (2c): The Commission is headed and governed by a Chairperson, and co-headed by a Deputy Chairperson;

    • (1): the Chairperson is appointed by the Office of the Prime Minister, and confirmed through a simple majority vote of the General Assembly;

    • (2): the vote of confirmation for the Chairperson does not have a specified quorum to begin;

    • (3): the Deputy Chairperson is selected by the Chairperson as an advisory position.

  • (2d): The General Assembly and national governments jointly declare a region-wide climate emergency and affirm their all-around commitment to battling climate change to limit the global average temperature increase to 1.5° Celsius above the pre-industrial level.


  • (3a): This bill hereby recommends and proposes:

    • (1): that General Assembly make immediate motions for the incentivisation of full economic employment to ensure economic stability during the transitional period;

    • (2): that this incentivisation be done through a regional Full Employment Program under the control of Central Planning and the cooperation of local and national political and economic bodies;

    • (3): that General Assembly members establish protective barriers to ensure full economic employment, such as full utility access, universal healthcare, fair taxation, unionisation, and worker rights;

    • (4): that the General Assembly institute a reform program aimed at stabilisation of the chaotic world economy and minimisation of period economic crashes.


  • (4a): All General Assembly member nations must determine and plan their contribution to battling climate change, with the expert advice from the Climate Change Commission.

  • (4b): All General Assembly member nations must regularly report their efforts to the Climate Change Commission.

  • (4c): The Office of Central Planning creates a Department of Emergency Funds and Employment, which will monopolise regional government's reserve funding to be used in cases of climate-related catastrophes and economic crashes.

  • (4d): The General Assembly will vote on the proposed emissions reduction plan as proposed by the Climate Change Commission.

  • (4e): The regional Criminal Court is tasked with the enforcement of both the self-admitted and the regional emissions reduction plans;

    • (1): the regional Criminal Court will prosecute all economic and political bodies which willingly and knowingly break either the self-admitted or the regional emissions reduction plan;

    • (2): economic and political bodies found guilty are to be punished with a mandatory minimum of full compensation to the national or regional government;

    • (3): additional punishments may be decided by the ruling Judge and/or the Jury.

  • (4f): The Office of Central Planning creates a Department of Green Technology, with the purpose of researching, funding, and incentivising the development of green energy technology, recycling technology, and other technologies which may aid the national and regional governments in meeting their emissions reduction plans.


  • (5a): This bill shall be implemented and enforced immediately following its passage and approval by the General Assembly.

  • (5b): New political bodies established by this bill shall be created as soon as possible following this bill's passage and approval by the General Assembly.

Written and drafted at the Office of the World Assembly Delegate for the United Nations of Earthlings.

For: 4
Against: 0
Abstained: 0

General Assembly Resolution #32

Proposed by: Argentinstan
Status: In Effect

Member nations of the United Nations of Earthlings, over the last week there have been disturbing events regarding a nation whom is no longer with us, for reasons unknown to the United Nations of Earthlings.

As such the Argentine delegation brings forth legislation to make appointments to serve out the remainder of said nation's term.

Appointing the nation of Allexandretta to the position of World Assembly Delegate.

Appointing the nation of Aressna to the position of Speaker of Parliament.

In addition, Argentine delegates bring forth a resolution in commendation of the work of Leskya and New leskya and their contributions to the region.

Commending the nations for their contributions to the region.

Recognizing their contributions and work to the region by renaming the UNOE World Assembly Offices Building within the Ashmont Complex in Argentinstan the Leskya World Assembly Offices Building, Ashmont.

All provisions effective immediately, upon the passage of this piece of legislation.

For: 5
Against: 0
Abstained: 0