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Week Three.

Hello, all! Welcome to the third edition of In My Honest Opinion, the confessional. We've got several confessions and opinions this week, and it's finally starting to heat up. As always, though, if I feel that something could prove to be harmful to another individual, I'll remove it at my discretion.

First off, we have a rather wholesome one.

You know, Yuno is the best NS celebrity I know.

Next up, though, we have one that goes rather in-depth on an issue that concerns the writer. While a bit controversial, perhaps, I feel that it is something that shouldn't be taken out.
Good evening,

I'm going to do this anonymously since my opinion isn't one I think too many people would agree with, and it could close my gameplay opportunities in the future if I revealed my identity. This is purely to ensure the safety of my status and reputation that I've built over the years. However, I am going to do my best to explain my opinion in as best and concisely as I can.

I understand that The Invaders' reputation is near irreparable due to not only the actions of former Field Marshal Drunken Conquerors and his false accusations against well established and highly admired players such as Yuno, but as well as their previous association with The Roman Empire, a region lead by Festavo who had been blacklisted across the board for the remarks he had made, as well as working a fascist region in a raid at least once (I don't remember the name, they're all pretty much the same.) I also understand that while under the leadership of Gest II, the region's activity has taken a massive hit within the last year, with Gest himself even going as far as to redirect newcomers to The Black Hawks or even become a defender.

The State of The Invaders is saddening to me. I once had been enlisted and raided alongside some of the best raiders in this game. The time that we had was one I've never forgotten, but also one I don't think I'll ever get back. I know that in the end, its the people that made The Invaders what it had once been, but I have some stupid shred of hope that one day the region will somehow magically clean itself up and become what it once was, but I know how far fetched that is.

I ask those of you reading, if someone were dedicated enough to cleaning up The Invaders and making it a place to be real proud of, do you think it would be possible? Probable? I've been flipping it around in my head for such a long time now, but the lack of any certainty has kept me away from trying.

Thank you in advance for your responses, regardless of your stance on this topic.

And finally, we have a rather short one. Whether it is a commentary on roleplaying or just a general statement can be left up to the individual readers.
A lot of people just use their factbooks to make their nation seem more important than it really is.


And that's all for this week, folks. Thanks for reading!

As always, feel free to submit a confession of your own here

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