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The Demochronikle: Ninth Issue

The Demochronikle: Ninth Issue, July 7, 2019 UTC-4
Editor-in-Chief: Candanadium

The Democratika: Immortal?

After another long hiatus, the Demochronikle has returned, alongside the Democratika's founding fathers: Union of Dimonian Socialist Republics, Nyvardia (Letskia), and Akarea. After a brief occupation by the raiders of Auralia, lead by none else than everyone's favourite racist Romanian, the Democratika has been reborn. We are only two days into the new administration, and the recruitment API is up and running, roleplay is on its way to be revived, embassies have been set up all around NationStates, much to everyone's annoyance, and the first court hearing in the history of the Democratika is scheduled to take place, at 11AM Eastern Standard Time on Monday, July 8, featuring former Chancellor and Auralian mercenary, Far Wilds Akori. No matter what is thrown at this region, it always seems to rebound and get back on its feet immediately. Truly, what is dead may never die, but rises again, harder and stronger.

Roleplay and Foreign Affairs Update

The new roleplay will be based on an earth map, much like the original roleplay. Signup is expected to start in the next few days. The Diplomatic Corps of the Democratika has also been created, and all Democratikans interested in becoming a diplomat are welcome to sign up by telegramming our Minister of Foreign Affairs, Splootan. Diplomats will need to join their posted region's Discord server or equivalent, and submit a report to the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Information regarding the happenings of said region once every fortnight.

Quotes of the Week

Akarea wrote:If your arsecrack was horizontal would your cheeks clap as you ran?

Splootan wrote:communism is good because it gives you plus 3 production in civ 6

Candanadium wrote:The problem with pissing on Amurria's grave is that you eventually run out of piss

Nyvardia wrote:Imma pee in ur ass tbh

Fun Fact

Did you know that it only takes 0.0125 seconds for a hummingbird to flap its wings once? That's even shorter than the Auralian occupation of the Democratika!

The Kingdom of Candanadium