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Circular Number : OWAD/2019/July/001

Office of the WA Delegate & Vice President, Region India
Circular No : OWAD/2019/July/001

SUBJECT : Appointment of new Speaker subsequent to Bengal as Speaker of India

●The Office of the WA Delegate wishes to thank Bengal for his services to India in various capacities and roles over the years. He has resigned due to personal reasons but Government of India continues to hold him in high regard.
●Just like Fiedel Castro was to Cuba, guiding and showing the right path to the nation's government even after stepping down from his office, Comrade Bengal is to India. Comrade Bengal shall continue to be India's Fiedel Castro and the Office of The WA Delegate shall always look upto him for guidance in future as well.
●Subsequent to Bengal's resignation, it is hereby notified that Prime Minister Awell Islands shall discharge duties of the Speaker of India in addition to his own duties till alternative arrangements are put in place.

With regards,
Yours sincerely,
Hindu Puri
Vice President & W.A.Delegate, India

1. Nirupama, Founder
2. Indusse, Minister for Home Affairs
3. Hindu Mahasabha, Foreign Affairs Minister of India